What is the Best Type of Forex Broker?

There are many brokers available, however what broker is the best type? This is an important question as it affects traders. There are two main types of Forex Brokers available to traders, dealing desk or non dealing desk brokers. Both of which are completely different to each other.

In this video below I go over which type of broker a trader should use ( best type ) in answer to a recent question by a guy named Jamie. Also, I go over what other important aspects to look for in a broker such as is it regulated, does it have a good reputation and low spreads / commission costs.

It is important when considering a broker that they are reliable and that they offer low costs to a trader as they are a business partner in a trading business.

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Above Video – Video answering the question: What is the best type of Forex Broker?

best broker type

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    Dear Timon,
    Thank you for this most valuable service! Your weekly reviews are positively marvelous. This service is an invaluable service to new traders like me. I have been practicing on a demo account for about six months now and am getting ready to pull the trigger. I will have a very small amount to begin with (about $500) and would like to grow the account to a size that will provide a suitable monthly income.
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    Tim Farrington

  2. Are the following two sentences from your article contradictory and confusing?

    “Why You Should Always Choose a No Dealing Desk Broker?”
    “Most people know why they should avoid no dealing desk brokers”

    Or am I wrong?

  3. Hi Timon
    Is it good to go with hotforex broker?? I am in India.

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