What is Price Action In Forex?

Such a common question of many people is what exactly is Price Action? This is a great question and often many people confuse the concept of Price Action as just the concept of using candlesticks or similar. This is actually a misconception. The real definition of Price Action is trading from the charts in a myriad of ways, it may be support or resistance, it may be candlesticks, it may be break outs or it may even be trend lines. Whatever method it is however it is the defined reaction that you take action from what the chart is saying that defines price action exactly.

The concept overall therefore is really simple when pondering on its meaning, deriving action from what you see on the charts and how then you take that concept of what you interpret in order to take action with your trading habits. Mostly of course keeping it simple and then keeping it profitable as well.

In the above Video I cover What Price Action is Exactly defining its meaning other than just Candlesticks which are an important part.


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  1. David Allen says:

    I continue to read your articles here and watch your tube videos. Trying to understand and apply these principles. Which series is best to begin with, the five day or the engulfing trader? I will of course do candlesticks and Fibonacci also in the near future. My goal is to learn so I can grow a small account to eventually be a full time trader.
    Thanks. David Allen USA. Ps do you also trade the retracements along with letting your trade ride through a swing or trend day over a few days up to several weeks?

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