What Is High Probability Forex Trading?

One of the most key questions a trader should ask themselves before taking on the world of Trading, is what is High Probability Trading? This is probably one of the most important questions anyone can ask themselves. Not only does asking the question help a trader look at themselves more deeply, but it also helps a trader assess what they may possibly be doing wrong in their trading.

In this video post, I will go through the meaning of this topic in detail and also go over how a high probability trader should be looking at the market overall. Aspects covered in the video include looking at risk to reward which is a very important topic, looking at major confluences that actually effect the overall market and also deeper look at how all these components come together.

In a way, a deeper look into what it means to tackle the process of High Probability Trading as a trader and what sort of skill process a trader should be looking at in order to improve their overall probability.

Above Video – What Is High Probability Forex Trading and Why it is such an Important Topic for all Traders?

What Makes Up High Probability Trading?

Like mentioned in good Trading Strategies ( Forex Training ) such as The Engulfing Trader Series or The 5 Day Trend Training Series ( two examples ), there are a number of key components that put all these methodologies into consistency. Those methodologies in Trading include such aspects as:

  1. Major Structure
  2. Chart Trend
  3. Assessing Better potential Reward than Risk
  4. Lining up Confluences
  5. Price Action
  6. Positive Expectancy and Discipline
  7. Understanding where counter trend traders place their stop losses around midway trend structures or lower grade patterns with little confluence.

Each key component working along side each other developing the right mindset and frame work that goes along with any form of good trading.


Other Important Aspects as well to Consider:engulfing trader package

  1. Keeping it Simple and Focusing on what is proven to work in Trading ( like the above 7 points )
  2. Avoiding fundamental belief systems that go against the Technical Trend, if aligning with existing trend and technical’s that is fine however avoid trading against the trend based on some Fed Release expectation or NFP prediction. These are gambling tactics and are not a base in High Probability Trading unless of course that evidence aligns with the Technical Trend or Price action of a pair. In that case positive fundamentals can be good in a uptrend, however positive fundamentals are not effective in a downtrend. For those wondering about this topic on fundamentals and their effectiveness against technicals then I want to let you all know that I have personally tested this aspect extensively multiple times on multiple pairs.
  3. Avoid making trade decisions alone based off indicators like Stochastic, MACD, RSI ( all oscillators ), volume ( does not exist in Forex ) or any other form of lagging indicator. The reason being is they follow price and so indicate what the price has done after the fact. Instead focus on more clearer Price Action which is current.

Overall, like mentioned in the Video Above, it is the key consistency of many elements combined together that makes up High Probability Trading, plus the key Understanding of Risk to Reward that puts it all together into a nice bundle of what we can use as traders to effectively take consistently profitable trades.

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  1. Hi there Timon,

    Thank you for priceless information about high probability trading, Again It has been a verry helpfull video.
    I have written down the 6 check box elements of HPT and wil implement it in my trading plan.

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  5. Hi Timon,

    i was using Stochastic, MACD, and RSI and the 200 SMA for a while and finally got rid of my last indicator, RSI last week. A lot of the problem with them is that they seem to flatline on the top or bottom when you expect them to go in the opposite direction. I think your methodology is much better, and like you say, lets you sleep at night. And that is with me being new to your strategy and just starting to trade in this fashion.

    Thanks for the video, Phil.

  6. thank you very very much for this lesson…..it kicks the confusion out of trading and teaches to think like professionals……

    thanks again……zak

  7. Hi Timon,
    Just wanted drop you a line to thank you for trading courses ( have purchased all three of your courses). They were so refreshing and so easy to understand, the simple Engulfing strategy (especially on the 1 day time frame) for a 60year old guy like me just makes sound common sense.

    I have been looking around for a couple of years at courses with a view to starting my Forex trading career. And was in the process of enrolling on a 2 day seminar (at a cost of over £2500 )? When trolling through U tube videos on the subject I came across your site. I am so pleased I did as you have saved me a fortune that I would have spent on as other course!

    Anyone who is serious about their trading career and wants to become proficient and professional should look no further (at a fraction of the cost of the course I was about to take) . The 5 day, Engulfing and Fibonacci course
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    Keep up the good work Timom

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    Thank you again. I learned something new today. Now I do know where I went wrong.
    Chasing the trade was my biggest mistakes.
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    Hi Timon! it’s Lee from the U.K… I wanted to say what a great job your doing helping us newbies learn Forex. I watch all of your videos and saw one of your older videos called “How to trade daily alert candles in forex” it seems a good method to me, but is it still effective in todays markets? Many thanks Bud

    Lee Mitchell

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  16. Ron Johnson says:

    Hi Timon,
    More good stuff from you. I have been of the same opinion as you except I have to confess that I rely heavily on Lines of resistance and Support, trend lines and history and knowledge of the pair I am trading. i seem to get better each day I trade.
    Big problem is tending to scalp more than swing trade.
    I need more knowledge in that category.

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    I’m new to trading. I’m very glad i found your trading style as it’s the easiest style to follow. I love the whole KEEP IT SIMPLE approach. Makes perfect sense to me. Its the same approach style i use at playing golf. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.
    The more we over complicate things as humans the more we get in our own way to just let things flow easier. Anyway, keep up the good work mate. I will be referring all my friends to your style of trading.

    • Hey Anthony,
      Welcome to the website and to trading. Also thanks for the feedback.
      Yes, I completely agree with you on keeping it simple, often when traders make trading complex it unfortunately leads to losses.
      Thanks for letting others know about the website, have a great week.

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