What is a Management Point Area?

A management area is an area on the chart where a trader can manage a position they are holding by either taking partial profits or locking in trade at break even on the way to a long term target area. In other words, it is a area where a trader can reduce or remove risk of a trade held on the way to a long term target area.

A trader benefits from using these areas as areas to manage a position by reducing or removing risk while holding for a longer target.

In the video below I answer what the terminology means when I mention it in the reviews, the basic concepts of use as a management option, as well as an example on EURJPY. While the example in the video is shown on EURJPY, the same process can be applied to other markets.

Above Video – Video explaining what is a management point area in the market

eurjpy 4 hour management point area example

Above – EURJPY 4 Hour – click chart screenshot for larger view of this market

Side Note: How to evaluate risk to reward in relation to management point areas and target areas is an aspect that I go over in detail in The Candlestick Training Series.

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