Weekly Forex Review – 31st of October to the 4th of November

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Weekly Forex Outlook and Review, this edition this week for the 31st of October to the 4th of November Forex Market. Multiple markets and zones highlighted this week in the review including analyzing potential opportunity area in the markets, areas to look for evidence and potential moves in the market, management points and targets.

Pairs and Markets Analysed this Week: EURUSD, GBPUSD ( 4 Hour ), AUDUSD ( 4 Hour ), USDCHF, EURCAD, AUDNZD, USDJPY, EURAUD and GBPJPY ( 4 Hour ).

Some of the markets that performed well from the important zones highlighted last week in the review include AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURCAD, EURNZD and USDCHF.

Expecting a great week in the market with plenty of potential opportunities. Main zones highlighted this week in the review are high probability trend continuation type zones.

Above Video – Weekly Forex Outlook and Review for the 31st of October to the 4th of November Forex Market

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usdchf daily trading structure

Above – Highlighting on USDCHF this week the 0.9830 zone as a potential target to the downside for those holding sell trades on this market and a great area to the downside on this market to look for bullish evidence and a potential move to the upside from this area.

audnzd daily trading structure

Above – Highlighting on AUDNZD this week two important zones:

  1. The 1.05 zone as a potential area to look for bullish evidence area on this market and a potential move to the upside from this area.
  2. The 1.0730 zone as a potential area to look for bearish evidence area on this market and a potential move to the downside from this area.

euraud daily trading structure

Above – Highlighting on EURAUD this week the 1.4480 zone as a great pullback area on this market to look for bearish evidence and a potential move to the downside from this area.

Midweek Forex Reviews

Come back and check this space for potential upcoming Midweek Reviews in the week ahead. They will be added here.
Have a great trading week everyone and Happy Trading.

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  1. Thanks Timon, you doing a great job and you are appreciated. What is your take on aud/jpy? Looking at the 80.400 to take a sell and was hoping you would do a review on that since it is so close to the strong resistance, anyways thanks so much.

    • You’re welcome Fred, thanks for the feedback. With AUDJPY, the 80.40 zone is a great area to look for bearish evidence and potential bearish opportunities on this market.

      Above – AUDJPY Daily – click for larger view

      Have a great trading week!

  2. annkristin lindskog says:

    Thanks, I look forward every Sunday for this!

  3. Thanks Timon for the weekly review.
    Could you analyse crude oil?

    • You’re welcome Shahin.
      Yeah sure, two important areas to be aware of on that market at the moment, the 46.65 zone as a potential bullish evidence area on this market and the 51.50 zone as a potential bearish evidence area. At the moment this market is in a uptrend so the 46.65 zone is a more preferred trading area next on this market.

      Above – Oil Daily – click for larger view


  4. Hey Timon,
    Cheers for the review fella. It’s good to see that some pairs that are close to a strong zone are highlighted and can include them on our charts… Thanks buddy..

  5. João Alves says:

    Hi Timon,
    I am reading and studying a lot about trading…and guess what? I prefer your simple way of teaching things. I enjoy your weekly reviews and other training videos. They are inspiring. Thank you.

  6. Vlad Dedovic says:

    Looks like I am not the only one waiting on Sunday just for this 20 minutes. I am glad I am not alone. Great work Timon.

  7. Frank Nilson says:

    Hi Timon, thanks for the review. It is appreciated. Have a lovely week.

  8. Kent Forex Beginner says:

    Thanks Mr. Timon, really great review….If you dont mind, I also like to request if you can update for AUD/CAD also. Really love how you interpreted the trend and that why I want to request the update of the mention pair above so that I can have a clear understanding of this pair trend. Hope you can help.

    • You’re welcome Kent, thanks.
      Yeah sure, that market is in a uptrend at the moment, the 1.00 zone is a great pullback area on this market to the downside on tests of this important area to look for bullish evidence and potential moves to the upside from this area. This is also an area that acted as strong support on a pullback test of this area recently in the past after that recent break above and close above of this important area.

      Above – AUDCAD Daily showing potential pullback area on this market – click for larger view


  9. Hey Timon,

    Thanks for another great review. Great trading!!

  10. thanks timon for another good review bro

  11. Thanks Timon for another great weekly analysis. What is your bias on AUDJPY daily chart?

  12. Johnfaith says:

    This is perfect, Timon, great work. Traders should find it of great significant to review your commentary before entering the market.What I do is this, I first analyse the market before going to your page to confirm, perfect after all, thanks Timon once again.

  13. abram potts says:

    Thank you Timon for these sunday videos and your simple trading method, it was rough at first but now i’m seeing its about patience and now my trading is getting better from doing the back testing and the training videos. Thanks a lot and keep coming with these videos.

  14. Thank you!

  15. Thank you Timon, Wonderful work. Many thanks, Robin.

  16. Thank Timon for another great review.
    USDCAD currently testing uptrend resistance line on daily, what do you say, can we sell?

  17. Ulugbek Mamatkulov says:

    Hi, Timon! Are you trading in GBP pairs nowadays? What do you recommend.

  18. US elections 2016

    Forex Update: Hey Everyone, Reason for no review for the 7th to the 11th of November was due to the US election this week.
    Trade safe this week during the US election, during this time the market can be more volatile than usual causing some unpredictable moves. To reduce risk during this period I recommend either not trading during this period or trading lighter than usual.

    For questions of comments on this update, reply below.


    • Dylan Clark says:

      Great advise as always, thank you Timon.

    • Thanks Tim

    • Yes mate totally understandable. Big plunge in gold this morning on market opening for one example. Need to be very cautious with trading this week. But I should imagine some good gains to be made on the rebound back up as the markets recovers.

    • Michael G says:

      Totally agree, had already decided not to trade this week, instead, using time to review my strategies and journal, plus, my broker has ramped up the spreads and margins.

    • Thanks Sensei 🙂

    • Kim Andrews says:

      Gold is tipped to rise strongly if Trump wins, and a smaller rise if Clinton wins. I don’t usually trade gold, however what is your take on that Timon?

      • Kim Andrews says:

        Well gold did spike as several were suggesting it would. In fact at one point I was up 110% on my account (not a huge account, but
        a fairly decent size).
        I did not take the trades off (two as per the training), as my take profit (the suggested level that gold may go to) was not reached. However my stop loss was moved well into profit.
        Then having stayed up all night …. horror …. I fell asleep!
        I woke up in time to see gold on the way back down, and took the trades off for a 60% profit of my account.
        My wife was furious with me, and gave me a couple of good whacks around the head before hugging me and congratulating me (60% of my account after all!!). What a night …. the election was exciting to watch. Now normal service is resumed, and the training from Timon to be implemented.

        • Nice trades and profit Kim, that was a strong move that one on Gold so great to hear you caught a good amount of the move. Like a lot of the markets moves during the election event this week, they retraced back on either half or most or all of the election move.
          Yes I agree, very exciting election.

    • Simon the POM says:

      Hey Timon,I was waiting for your weekly review, but I think i will take your advise this week and spectate instead of trying to predict what’s going to happen and speculate.
      Many thanks as always.Great advise as usual.
      Regards Simon

  19. Godfrey Gitonga says:

    Thank you Timon for the caution. My question is, when the presidential results are out,will that make it clear how to trade?

  20. Fully agree!

  21. Thanks Timon, Your trading videos are the best thing i have ever bought for my trading career!.. also the sunday vids are so helpful
    please keep them up we all appreciate the work you do and help you give…thanks again cheers

  22. TIM HUTCHINSON says:

    Hey Timon…..thanks for looking out for us……does this concern include long-range train trading is well?

  23. Hey T, Thank you so much for your videos, just a pity that I stumbled on your video late in life since I started trading, I discovered your video last Wednesday when I was looking for strategy to trade on 5 minutes, have watched all your videos on you tube they are amazing, now I can trade any time frame now. T. You might not understand you’ve changed my life, I just want to say thank you, your engulfing and support and resistance strategy are superb, keep it up.

  24. derrick chong says:

    Thanks sifu very grateful for your advise and also the broker explanations.

  25. Kim Andrews says:

    Gold is tipped to rise strongly if Trump wins, and a smaller rise if Clinton wins. Any thoughts on this Timon?

  26. Judith Boucher says:

    Thank you for your advise.

  27. Hi Timon,

    Thanks for all your excellent training, both in the courses and weekly reviews.
    During these kinds of events, I prefer not to trade. Very good advice. Thanks again!!

  28. Thanks Tim

  29. Anthony Boissiere says:

    Thanks for the heads up Timon

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