Weekly Forex Review – 30th of January to the 3rd of February

Welcome back traders to another edition of the Weekly Forex Outlook and Review, this edition this week for the 30th of January to the 3rd of February Forex Market 2017. Aspects highlighted include highlighting potential opportunity zones in the market ( areas to look for aligning evidence and potential moves ), management points and targets.

Pairs and Markets Analysed this Week Include: EURUSD ( 4 Hour ), AUDUSD ( 4 Hour ), GBPUSD, AUDNZD, USDCHF, Gold, Silver ( 4 Hour ), EURCAD, USDJPY ( 4 Hour ), USDCAD ( 4 Hour ) and GBPJPY ( 4 Hour ).

Expecting a great week in the market with plenty of potential opportunities. Both high probability trend continuation zones and counter trend zones highlighted this week in the review.

Above Video – Weekly Forex Outlook and Review for the 30th of January to the 3rd of February Forex Market

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eurusd 4 hour opp zones

Above – Highlighting on EURUSD this week in the review two potential areas:

  1. The 1.0862 zone as a potential area to look for bearish evidence on this market and a potential move to the downside from this area.
  2. The 1.0545 zone as a potential area to look for bullish evidence on this market and a potential move to the upside from this area.

audnzd daily opp zones

Above – Highlighting on AUDNZD this week where the market is testing right now as a great area on this market to look for bullish evidence ( and potential bullish opportunities ) and a potential move to the upside on this market.

eurcad daily opp zones

Above – Highlighting on EURCAD this week in the review two potential areas:

  1. The 1.3885 zone as a potential area to look for bullish evidence on this market and a potential move to the upside from this area.
  2. The 1.4295 zone as a potential area to look for bearish evidence on this market and a potential move to the downside from this area.

gbpjpy 4 hour opp zones

Above – Highlighting on GBPJPY this week the 142.60 zone area as a great pullback area on this market to look for bullish evidence and a potential move to the upside from this area.

Midweek Forex Reviews

Come back and check this space for potential upcoming Midweek Reviews in the week ahead. They will be added here.
Have a great trading week everyone and Happy Trading.

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  1. Thank you for an excellent weekly review. It has been very difficult finding good risk to reward and staying in profitable trades. Market seems to be oversensitive to political news coming out of the UK and USA. Grateful for previously highlighting EURCAD Although I have had a couple of small profitable trades, the pair typifies the sudden price movements making profitable trading difficult. I noticed this week you have focused on lower 4 hour timeframe for most pairs. Is this because of the difficult trading conditions using daily charts? Cheers mate. JOhnR

    • You’re welcome John, thanks. Hope you are well..
      Yeah I agree, the first few weeks on this year were not good market conditions leading up to the inauguration event. Lot’s of unpredictable unusual moves in the market during those first few weeks. I am expecting that market conditions are back to normal now that this event is over though. Last week as an example was quite a normal week with plenty of good moves in the market from the important zones.
      As for your question on why multiple 4 hour chart examples this week in the review, not because of the market conditions, just because the important daily zones can be traded on the 4 hour chart as well ( or lower time frames ).

    • Hi Timon, thanks again for the weekly update. I have a question. When you review the 4 Hrs pairs and you have your resistance and support lines, are those the same resistance and support lines you use on the Daily charts for the same pair? In other words do you use the same support and resistance lines on both the 4hr and Daily charts? The reason I ask is that I typically trade only on the Daily charts at this point and often when I watch and listen to your weekly updates my support and resistance lines on my Daily charts are sometimes vastly different than what you have on the 4 hrs charts.

  2. thanks for the review

  3. Thanks for your great job, I’ve just watched the video and drawn your zones on my charts. I wonder how will they compare with those of mine.

    But Timon, may I ask you something? I’m surely not the only one non-english native speaker who is listening to your voice. For me it is not always easy to understand you, because you’re speaking as there were only Australian listening to you. A little bit slower and more distincly audio would be very, very helpful, wouldn’t be? Thanks in advance an have a great weekt!

  4. Thanks again for your review! I look out for it in my inbox all week to see what great stuff you’ll clue us in for the week to come!! It really helps me out and gives me the direction to play right!
    What is your advice regarding the Nzd/USD pair? I’m in on a sell trade. What is your feeling, will it continue going down or is it making a turn for the upside?

    Waiting to hear from you soon.


  6. Hi Timon, thanks very much for the review. It is appreciated.

  7. Thanks Timon for the review.
    When you draw in your support/resistance levels do you use the daily chart and move to the 4 hour or are you drawing them on the chart time frame your using, so if analysing the 4 hour you draw them using the 4 hour chart?
    I have used your training programmes where you use the daily chart and then go to a lower time frame but on this lasr review the support and resistance lined up better with the 4 hour chart.
    So my next question is if you use the timeframe you are analysing to draw in the support and resistance, then how do you determine which time frame to analyse?
    I hope this makes sense!!

    • You’re welcome Simon.
      Yeah, good question, they are drawn on the daily first before the drop down, then when I drop down to the 4 hour I make any slight adjustments based off tests of this area looking left at the price action.

  8. hi Tim,
    tks for the update – not sure if u picked it up but the gbp/jpy 4hr is also potentially a inverse head/shoulder pattern forming. i will be watching this one closely.

  9. Hey Timon
    Another Great weekly review! – Thanks much
    have a great trading week!

  10. Thambirajah Yogarajah says:

    Thanks Timon.Excellent analysis. Have a good week.


  11. Forex Update: EURNZD is testing a potential counter trend zone on this market which is the 1.4730 zone area. This is potentially a great area on this market to look for bullish evidence and a potential move to the upside from this area.

    Above – EURNZD Daily testing a potential bullish evidence area on this market. Click chart for larger chart view.

    *Baring in mind that this is a counter trend zone on this market.

  12. Hi Timon, thank you for this review. Your video on engulfing candle – which I saw last week – is a very fresh approach to price action and I subscribed to your page to find these comments helpful. I am in South America where I live and try to trade seriously.

  13. Thanks again Timon for a great review this week and happy trading

  14. muhammad ashraf says:

    hi, dear Timon
    thanks your time for other person you are the great teacher in the world GOD bless you and your sweet family, last week your top trend secret videos is the best for me

  15. Hans Driezen says:

    Hi Timon,
    As a long time follower, I don’t watch your reviews every week anymore, but every now and then I come back to see if I’m still on the right track/in the right zone :-).
    Thanks for keeping up the good work!


  16. Thanks for the value Timon,
    my question is what do you do when you miss trade setup? by just 1 day or 4 hour period for example, do you enter in the middle of the trade and catch some profits? or wait for a new trade setup to appear and enter it safe? thanks

    • and by bullish/bearish evidence, do you mean the candle has to close higher than the previous high or lower than the previous low?
      or any candle size as long as it’s bullish or bearish bouncing from the support/resistance zones? thanks

  17. Which time are you using in your chart for daily set up videos newsletter, GMT ?

    Thanks in advance

  18. James Prouty says:

    Hi Timon, As usual great review. Clearly stated and direct without any confusing jargon. I’ve found the Engulfing Trader to be the the simplest straight forward no nonsense way to trade the Forex market. Thanks for your no non sense , straightforward presentations. J.S.P.

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