Weekly Forex Review – 27th to the 31st of March

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Weekly Forex Outlook and Review, this edition this week for the 27th to the 31st of March Forex Market. Aspects covered in the review include highlighting a number of important technical points in the market including high probability opportunity areas in the market, management points and targets.

Pairs and Markets Analysed this Week: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF, Gold, EURAUD, GBPAUD, GBPNZD, USDJPY, AUDNZD and Silver.

Both trend continuation zones and counter trend zones highlighted this week in the review.

Above Video – Weekly Forex Outlook and Review for the 27th to the 31st of March Forex Market

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audusd daily trade areas

Above – Highlighting on AUDUSD this week a potential long term target area to the downside ( 0.7490 zone area ) for those holding sell trades on this market as well as an area to look for bullish evidence and a potential move to the upside from this area.

Last week AUDUSD was a great performer testing the 0.7717 zone area and moving lower from this area, this was a potential bearish evidence area that I highlighted last week in the review.

usdchf daily trade areas

Above – Highlighting on USDCHF this week that where the market is testing right now is a great area on this market to look for bullish evidence and potential bullish opportunities on this market.

gbpnzd daily trade areas

Above – Highlighting on GBPNZD a great area on this market to look for bearish evidence and a potential move to the downside from this area. That area is the 1.7928 zone area.

Midweek Forex Reviews

Come back and check below for potential upcoming Midweek Reviews in the week ahead. They will be added below.
Have a great trading week everyone and Happy Trading.

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  1. Thank you Timon for an excellent weekly review. Grateful for highlighting profitable trades last week for AUDUSD and GBPNZD as it is moving up to a probable line of resistance. Stopped out of a USDCAD trade. Cheers mate. JohnR

  2. Can i subscribe to ur signals

  3. Tony Gardiner says:

    Timon, great reviews. You make it sound so simple as others make it sound so complex. Being a beginner I have found your explanations clear and easy to understand. I have been trading only for about three months and work off 1 min chart, sort of scalping so to speak and have been doing exceptionally well on the demos and can’t believe the results I am getting. Starting to think the demos are rigged. I purchased your training courses and have to say they are excellent. Wondering if you have any training on pattern trading?

    • Thanks for the feedback Tony. Main difference between demo and live trading accounts is the emotional change when trading live money. Also, traders tend to use different demo size accounts to live accounts. What I suggest is when trading on a demo account treat it like a live account and trade with a demo account size that you would also use when going live.

  4. Thanks Timon
    Have a good week.


  5. Thank you Timon for this weeks market review.

  6. Vincent Foo says:

    timon, again thank u for for weekly review…always happy to have a coach guide me to trade well…appreciate.

  7. Patrick Richer says:

    Hi Timon, thanks again for everything. Regarding this week, a couple of GBP pairs are looking good to trade, but there is a big brexit news this week which scares me a bit, should we stay out of that market on that particular day and do you think the spreads will be very wide on that day?


    • You’re welcome Patrick. Yes it is always good to be prepared for speculative news events that may effect certain trades ( such as Brexit updates ) and if concerned to stay out or manage accordingly any long term held positions on this market.

  8. Dennis Jones says:

    Hi Timon,
    I just want you to know how much I appreciate your weekly reviews; they certainly help me, as a new trader, to have areas of focus to do my own analysis. I truly enjoyed your “Engulfing Candle” course, and plan to obtain your others in the future. Thanks for being so willing to share your expertise, it’s such a help. I notice my charts don’t marry up to yours exactly recently, hoping that European daylight savings time corrects that this week. It’s a little disconcerting when the candle formations are a bit different… 🙂

    Thanks again,


  9. Hi Timon, thanks for the review. It is appreciated. Have a great trading week.

  10. Peter harris says:

    Hi Timon, thanks for another great review. I took the short trade on Aud/Usd last week have took profit on position one and waiting to see how position two gets on. What’s you view on Chf/Jpy? There was an daily engulfing candle at the recent resistance zone.
    Best regards,

  11. Hi Timon, thanks for the review.

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