Weekly Forex Review – 12th to the 16th of September

Welcome back everyone to this week’s edition of the Weekly Forex Outlook and Review, this edition this week for the 12th to the 16th of September Forex Market. Analysing and highlighting many important zones in the market this week including potential opportunity zones, areas to look for evidence and moves in the market, management points and targets.

Pairs and Markets Analysed this Week: EURUSD ( 4 Hour ), GBPUSD ( Daily ), AUDUSD ( Daily ), NZDUSD ( 4 Hour ), GBPAUD ( 4 Hour ), EURCAD ( Daily ), CADCHF ( Daily ), USDCAD ( Daily ) and USDCHF ( Daily ).

Some great performers last week from the important zones were EURUSD, GBPUSD, CADJPY and EURGBP.

Most of the important zones highlighted this week in the review are trend continuation type zones.

Above Video – Weekly Forex Outlook and Review for the 12th to the 16th of September

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eurusd 4 hour

Above –  Highlighting on EURUSD a potential retest of the 1.1130 to 1.1140 zone, a great area on this market to look for bullish evidence and a potential move to the upside from this important area once again.

EURUSD was a great performer again last week, testing the 1.1130 zone once again ( area I highlighted last week in the review as a potential bullish evidence zone on this market ) and giving a strong move higher from this important area in the market.

gbpusd daily

Above – Highlighting on GBPUSD this week two potential bullish evidence zones to the downside on this market.

GBPUSD tested deeply the 1.3360 zone last week before moving lower, the 1.3360 was a bearish evidence zone that I highlighted last week on this market in the review.

gbpusd 4 hour

Above – GBPUSD on the 4 hour chart.

audusd daily

Above – Highlighting on AUDUSD this week the 0.7450 zone as a great area on this market to the downside to look for bullish evidence and a potential move to the upside from this area.

Last week AUDUSD tested deeply the 0.7670 resistance zone on this market, before the bears took control and gave a strong move lower from this important area.

nzdusd daily

Above – Highlighting on NZDUSD this week a potential pullback area on this market, that area is the 0.7290 zone, a great area on this market to look for bullish evidence and a potential move to the upside from this area.

Last week NZDUSD broke above the important 0.7290 zone ( 0.73 zone ) on this market and closed above this important area.

usdcad daily

Above – Highlighting on USDCAD this week the 1.3120 zone as a great area to the upside on this market to look for bearish evidence and a potential move to the downside from this area.

Midweek Forex Reviews

Come back and check this space for potential upcoming Midweek Reviews in the week ahead. They will be added here.
Have a great trading week everyone and Happy Trading.

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  1. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Sir, what you think about gold..?

    • Hey Pankaj,
      Gold recently tested that previous high which was a management point / target area to the upside on this market from the 1313 zone and now this market is potentially pulling back to retest the 1313 zone again, a potential bullish evidence area on this market.

      Below is my chart view of this market: ( Gold Daily and Gold 4 Hour )

      gold daily

      Above – Gold Daily – Click chart screenshot for larger view

      gold 4 hour

      Above – Gold 4 Hour – Click chart screenshot for larger view


  2. Great analysis, glad to always listen to your analysis. Thanks Timon, you are doing a great job.

  3. Thank you Timon, honestly my trading skills are improving. Very successful.

  4. Geoff Mason says:

    Hi Timon. Thank you for sending out the reviews on Sundays. I am able to get prepared for the week before Monday comes around. I have gone from the lower time frames to the Daily and 4 hourly following your suggestions and have been much more successful. Your insight is most helpful.
    Geoff. Coffs Harbour.

  5. Hi Timon,
    One small request regarding nzdcad…whts ur opinion about this pair actually it reaches the highest resistance level could u plz c that one if u r free then plzz….

  6. Hey Mr T,
    Thanks for the review . very much appreciated as always.

    chris from england

  7. Some great zones from the previous weeks analysis. This week looks to be just as great. Thanks

  8. Great work! Appreciated!

  9. Thanks sir

  10. What do you think about USD/JPY ?
    Thank you.

  11. Christopher says:

    Hi Timon, I second Geoff’s sentiment. I have adjusted to the higher time frames and I am more patient with entering trades and can relax about open trades while they run. I have however not reaching the 60/40 win/loss ratio and don’t know where I am going wrong or what I’m doing wrong. My money management is sound I believe because I have not blown my account, which I guess is a positive thing. But it seems I make two or three good trades but then I loose a two or three and I am back where I started.
    I will keep on trying.
    Have a great week, enjoy the spring weather.

  12. Thank you again TImon for this detailed review!

  13. Thanks Timon, great ideas.

  14. Thank You! Timon

  15. Hi Timon,
    Love your reviews, have you looked at usdzar?

  16. Did you get a new camera? Quality looks very nice!

  17. thank you sir u r really awesome

  18. Hey Timon

    Firstly great analysis as always. You do not complicate the charts which other videos do….!!!
    Looking forward to next weeks Forex review

    Awesome stuff

    Martin … UK

  19. Great job sir, i want to ask how to follow your analysis, how to enter in a trade or what is tp and sl.

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