Trading Point Forex Review

If you are looking for an all round good Forex Broker then Trading Point maybe a good answer to that one. Trading point is a good all round middle of the road Trading platform that allows multiple platforms of trading ranging from MT4 all the way to the online webtrader platforms like Etoro. They are a great mediumĀ  grade Trader for beginners all the way to professionals. They are also very competitive broker as well. Below is there breakdown of benefits and if they are right for you.

Easy To Use Forex Tools At Trading Point

trading point bannerThe first aspect that many Traders will find attractive about this broker is they have all the many tools needed, i mean there is no mucking around, signing up is easy, setting up an account is easy and getting to the real trading features is quick and easy as well.

Another aspect that i saw and quite attracted me and would i assume so many others do as well is they have no fees for depositing or withdrawing money, that is a great bonus so even if you decide you do not want to continue trading there is no exit fees at all. While most good brokers do not charge much for exit fees, the no withdrawal fees is very inviting and makes it even more rewarding on small wins for those micro account holders.

Another aspect that is very inviting is the the ability to use mt4 and place orders, many brokers can make this one difficult even if they have great spreads or other features Mt4 to me is one of the best Forex platforms to use so being able to with Trading Point is great.

Benefits Overall of Trading Point

  1. Easy deposit and withdrawal – No Fees
  2. Account Bonuses on Signup
  3. Mt4 compatible
  4. Web Trader and even more..
  5. Easy signup
  6. Very fast buy executions – Low slippage
  7. Easy to use
  8. Human friendly
  9. Easy Support
  10. For Beginners to Advance Traders
  11. Low pip spreads – Good for EUR / USD Pair as low as 1 pip

Trading Point Overview

Overall from my assessment Trading Point is a great all round Forex Broker for anyone wanting to get into the market with lot’s of tools at there door step on entering. The website is set up well as well as they provide a great demo account feature that shows how the market works in there network. I highly recommend them and give them a good all round thumbs up as a competitive low priced high value Forex broker that can be as good tool to make some good money from the Forex Market. I will give this broker a good 8 out of 10 because I have tried them and feel confident they provide a great service at a great price.

Visit Trading Point.

If you have used this Forex Broker before please comment your assessment on there platform, ranging from speed to spread to tools they provide. Let me know what you thought of them as well.

Update – This brokers website used to be named Trading Point, however is now known as XM ( operated by Trading Point of Financial Instruments ).

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  1. Andrew Close says:

    Nicely said review on Trading Point, I have been with them for quite a while and no complaints so far.. A had a really good week last week trading so I give a good thumbs up there.

    Oh I wanted to add that I love your website, very easy to use.

  2. Sarah Marshall says:

    One of the best Brokers online period, fast trades and low slippage, that is all that is needed to say.

  3. This is one of the best low price and easy access platforms to use, quite happy with the demo account and live action.. Also buy executions are so quick..

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