Top No Rollover Fee Forex Brokers of 2011 to 2012

Looking for a broker that provides good spreads and no roll over fees whatsoever ( sometimes called a swap fee ), well then this can be a very hard find. In fact to many new Forex traders the rollover fee can be part of what eats up the profits so it is always a good idea to look for a broker when new to trading that offers either a low fee on this or no fee. For me the no fee option is always the best, to me and almost anyone that trades Forex we all know a trade does not always go our way, by having a no rollover fee we can the hold onto for longer with no costs and then close once it is profit then.

Why No Roll Over Fee?

Having no rollover fees is a simple answer to many traders, it means more money from your long trades.

To me i have held onto one Trade for over 3 weeks before it closed the profit line, this would of been a massive cost to me if there was a rollover fee especially if when it crosses the profit line finally all you manage to get is 10 or so pips before it goes against you again.

This is the major benefit of avoiding rollover fees, they cost it can be avoided with the right broker, as an example say you had a lot one on a trade for five days, the trade went against you for five days then on Friday it went into profit 20 pips. With a no rollover fee broker you would make 20 pips at the end of the week minus the spread, however with a rollover fee broker you would of made basically nothing out of the transaction because of the daily fee when the trade is at a loss.

List Of 2011 to 2012 No Roll Over Fee Brokers – The Winners

  1. Etoro

At the moment I know there is only a few, in time I will add more, if you know of any no rollover fee Forex brokers as well, just comment below your list for me to add to the list.

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