The Secret to Long Term Trading

Are you wondering how in trading a trader can hold a trade long term trade? If so, that is great, this is exactly what I go over in this posts topic and video. You see, this has been a question I have been asked multiple times at the website and a good question as well.

The answer to this question and topic comes down to trend trading and looking at trend evidence in the market and how a trader evaluates trends long term or short term.

Also, this is a topic that depends also on what time frame a trader often trades as well. You see, the market is always giving trend evidence over and over since the market began it keeps repeating these same trend patterns, these patterns include three main concepts: a uptrend, a downtrend or a sideways range. Each pattern trade-able of course, however each trend pattern needs to be evaluated properly in order to trade effectively for a trader.

Above Video – What is the Secret to Long Term Trading? In the video above I give my opinion and answer on this very important topic in trading.

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  1. Vincent foo says:

    Thank you again for your explanation. I normally take profits after a specific target and than watch the trend n momentum before I trade i again.
    I do go for 4 hours time flame and decide after that if the pairs signals breaking new high to enter trade again.
    Thank you again as I am learning.


  2. Clive Stevens says:

    Hi Timon

    What are the best trend trading pairs that one should consider? I have noticed that the AUDUSD, EURUSD, CADYEN and EURCAD seem to have good trend trading options.
    Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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