titlefibWelcome to The Fibonacci Retracement Training Series. A Training series devoted to uncovering the arts of using Fibonacci Retracement tool combined with the understanding of Trends in the overall market. The Training series covers a Simple to follow, Highly Profitable method of using Fibonacci Retracement as a extra confluence in an existing Trend. This then offers a trader a higher probability trend based trade when it lines up with other confluences in the existing market. Come join Timon Weller as he explains the details of how exactly to use this powerful tool in your trading in a step by step process and how you too can harness the power of Fibonacci as well.

Series correlates with other training learned here at Forex Reviews such as The Engulfing Trader, The 5 Day Trend Training Series and The Candlestick Training Series.
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Lessons Learned and Covered  in this Training Series Include:fibonacci retracement training series

  1. How to Identify the Right Market for using The Fibonacci Retracement Tool.
  2. Learn Why This Tool is Effective in Trading.
  3. Learn How to Use the Fibonacci Retracement Tool.
  4. Learn How to Line Up with Multiple Confluences increasing the Probability of Your Trading with this Tool.
  5. Learn to trade the Fib 5618 Trade
  6. Learn What Sort of Candle Stick Price Action for Entries.
  7. Learn Where to Place Stop Losses.
  8. Learn Where to consider taking partial Profits and when to hold.
  9. Learn To Use on Multiple Time Frames ranging from 1 Hour to Daily Charts.
  10. And much, much more..

Series will include a easy to follow Video Series combined with a PDF question and answer that follows along with the learning.

Training Itinerary: 3 hours of Video Training in 8 Video Parts plus a follow along PDF question and answer sheet.

Access Price – An affordable $59.95
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What Others Are Saying About The Training

Brilliant training, got access a couple of months ago and been applying in my trading and the results have been amazing. Would recommend this training to anyone, easy to follow showing many examples of how to use this tool effectively in trading. Well worth the investment.

– Cameron

Love the concept of how to take the 5618 Trade in the training, exactly what I looking for taking trades with this tool. Thanks.

– Luciah, Canada

Wanted to share that I have been applying the concepts taught in the training series for over 2 months now and it has been going great, I cannot thank you enough, this training plus the other training at the website has really changed how I think as a trader. I am much more confident and profitable trader since finding this valuable website.

– Sandra

Great Forex Training, Highly Recommended and Great Value. I have been trying to use the Fibonacci Retracement tool for a long time and this training simplified the whole process of effective use in trends.

– Joseph

I receive many positive testimonies and feedback on the training at the website on a regular basis to my email ( often everyday ) and in numerous comments throughout this website. To check out some more of the comments people are leaving on The Fibonacci Retracement Training Series Click Here.

Product Disclaimer – Trading in general is risky for many investors and because of this is not suitable for all investors. Also because of this reason your results may vary and just because you have a successful or high probability strategy cannot guarantee your success in trading. All it does is a give a method of trading that if applied right can create great reward. Because of all these reasons, I myself or The Fibonacci Retracement Series product cannot guarantee even with extensive training that you will be successful in this business. Also Timon Weller or The Fibonacci Retracement Training Series is not responsible for any losses you may occur during your trading and any advise from Timon should be seen as trading advice only.