The Fibonacci Retracement Training Series Has Launched

For more information on the Series or to get access click here.

fibonacci retracement training series

Well good news, The Fibonacci Retracement Training Series is available and has launched. A Forex Training Series focused on how to use the Fibonacci Retracement tool in trends while combining the Fibonacci Retracement Tool with multiple confluences in order to find extremely high probability trades. Aspects covered and learned in the series include how to use the tool in a uptrend, how to use in a downtrend, how to combine with other confluences to increase your probability, how to identify the Fibonacci market and how to know when to hold or exit on positions entered. Other aspects learned include reinforcing a traders understanding of trends, candlestick price action and building confidence while holding positions and using good risk to reward type targets with the methodology.

Basic Rundown of what is Included in Training:

Series Duration –  3 hours.
Series Activities – Questionnaire and Answer Sheet to follow along in the Series Training.
Suitable for – All traders wanting to know more about this powerful tool and for those wanting to reinforce trend principles. Overall, suitable for many types of traders.
Video Parts – 8 Video Parts including the two Main Series Training Videos.

For more information on the Series or to get access click here.

About Timon Weller

Timon Weller is the professional Writer and Trader behind the blog Forex Reviews. Timon Weller is also a professional Teacher of Price Action Trading and creator of the popular Training Series teaching people how to trade Price Action effectively called The Engulfing Trader. For other Forex Training available here at Forex Reviews click here.

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  1. Another great Training Series, thanks Timon. I appreciate all the quality training.

  2. Jamie James says:

    Hi Timon,

    I don’t normally comment on any trading course I have bought, and I have bought a lot, been trying to find my style of trading Forex for about 3 years, then I found your concept on Price Action last year.

    At first it was totally alien to think all I needed to trade was candlesticks and not all the indicators that the so called guru’s say we need, but I persisted with trying to re educate myself in this new concept.

    Then you brought out the Engulfing trader which simplified everything about this new concept, with the Trend trader to follow, which was equally invaluable, and now to top it all off the fibonacci retracement course really does give you the complete package.

    I just wanted to say that I really love everything your doing, I look forward every week to receiving your market analyses and especially when you have a new course to bring to market at such great prices.

    Thanks Timon keep up the great work
    Jamie, south Wales UK

  3. Really happy about getting access to this training, showed me aspects about this tool I had never thought of for building a case to take a good Fibonacci trade.

  4. Great to hear there is more training, thanks Timon. Both The Engulfing Trader and 5 Day Trend Training were great, will be getting access to this one on the weekend.

  5. Love the concept of how to take the 5618 Trade in the training, exactly what I looking for taking trades with this tool. Thanks.
    Luciah, Canada

  6. Thanks Timon, appreciate all the Training, always explained in an easy to follow manner.

  7. Highly recommended Forex Training Series, I have been using Fibonacci for a while now however Timon really puts the use of this tool into perspective with how he aligns the confluences to find effective high probability trades. Highly recommended for those that want to apply Fibonacci to there trading.

    Kwan, U.S. California

  8. Great job on this series Timon……as usual, another well taught series…..side note, I also appreciate how you focus on one particular aspect of Fibonacci and don’t go over board as some other instructors like to do. I found your series to be very easy to understand and extremely useful in giving price action points of interest…….Sal

  9. Another great training series Timon, just starting to apply the concepts gone over in training, however have already seen how effective it is in Back Testing.

  10. Minh Quoc says:

    Thanks you very much!I love all of your teaching products!I am so happy after i learn and practice all of your trainning! Easy to understand and it’s a very good education!

  11. Great Forex Training, Highly Recommended and Great Value. I have been trying to use the Fibonacci Retracement tool for a long time and this training simplified the whole process of effective use in trends.

    Best Regards,
    Joseph, London

    • Thanks for getting access to the Forex Training and sharing the feedback Joseph. 🙂

      • Your welcome Timon, got access to all your Forex Training at the website and I cannot recommend your training and teaching enough, you have changed my trading completely and since finding you and applying what you teach I have been seeing more profit days than ever before. So thank you for everything.

  12. Loved the free fibonacci video. I backtested a little and it’s a bewdy. I will be purchasing the fib training vid along with the engulfing trader next pay day! I also appreciate and get a lot out of your weekly video analysis. Very informative. I reckon i can learn a thing or two from you Timon. Thanks mate.

    Warm regard’s, Greg.

  13. Anyone wanting to learn how to Trade with the Fibonacci Retracement tool, then this Fib Series is highly recommended. Great Training, I loved every minute of the series.

    Frank ( Francis )

  14. Great Strategy, I have been looking for a easy to follow trend based strategy for using the Fibonacci Tool for a while.

  15. Great training once again Timon, highly recommended to all traders.

  16. Wanted to share that I have been applying the concepts taught in the training series for over 2 months now and it has been going great, I cannot thank you enough, this training plus the other training at the website has really changed how I think as a trader. I am much more confident and profitable trader since finding this valuable website.


  17. Thanks Timon for another great training series, this training series really putting in perspective how to use the Fibonacci Retracement tool with trends. I appreciate all the training you provide and I wanted to share that am getting great results applying what is taught. Thanks again.

  18. Just wanted to come back and share that I am getting great results with the Strategy which has changed how I trade completely. Thanks for providing such great training.

  19. Brilliant training, got access a couple of months ago and been applying in my trading and the results have been amazing. Would recommend this training to anyone, easy to follow showing many examples of how to use this tool effectively in trading. Well worth the investment.

  20. Great Forex Education, you go through the process in a easy to follow manner.
    Thanks for helping me in so many ways be a better trader.

  21. Thank you so much for everything you do helping me and other traders to be a great traders. It is really exciting, your training really helps clear the confusion on how to trade the market.
    As an example, I made over 300 pips this week using this methodology with the Fibonacci Retracement tool and the trend.
    Best Regards,

  22. Kyle here, as promised after emailing you, I wanted to come back and share my thoughts on the Fibonacci Retracement Training Series. Firstly, I am very happy with getting access. Timon explains the process very well including many examples of how to use the tool, how to identify the right trending market for using it and also showing many trade set-ups to get familiar with the process.
    Overall, fantastic strategy and methodology.

  23. Thanks. I am looking forward to applying all these aspects in my trading.

  24. Awesome training, thanks Timon.

  25. Truly grateful, I am halfway through the training lessons and I already feel more confident about trading the market.

  26. My trading has improved immensely over the last 3 months and I owe all of that to Forex Reviews and the Training.

  27. Thanks Timon. The Fibonacci Retracement Tool is a powerful tool in trading for increasing probability.
    I now use this tool in nearly all of my trading.

  28. Thank you so much Timon. The Fibonacci Retracement teaching, backed up by so many examples, is another excellent and well put together tutorial. Your teaching is second to none; there is nothing complicated to understand, the examples are very easy to follow and hopefully with all of the knowledge gained from the other teaching materials, I will be able to put it all together and eventually become a good trader – that is my aim!

  29. Siddharth says:

    I’ve bought The Fibonacci Series & I must say the way you explained it in different time frames is awesome.
    Very easy to understand… How to set up the trade… where to put SL, where to exit.. How to trail the SL..
    I’m new to Forex trading & presently i’m just learning.
    I did some paper trades. I used your techniques and its shows me amazing returns. I trade in 2 currencies EURUSD & CADUSD
    I’m gaining confidence & I’m 100% sure that I’ll become a successful trader with the help of a Mentor like “U”.
    Keep doing your awesome work & I’m really satisfied with the training.
    Thank you once again!

  30. Thanks Timon, awesome strategy.

  31. Great trading method, thanks.

  32. First week with your training, up over 800 pips.
    Thank you indeed.

  33. Thanks Timon, I am quite new to price action trading and your training has been very helpful.

  34. Fib retrace course is fantastic!

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