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The official release of The Engulfing Trader was on the 4th to 5th of December 2013, to find out more about its release or to purchase click here.

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( Above – The Engulfing Trading Strategy is the same core strategy Timon teaches his students step by step when he is doing professional coaching. A simple easy to follow three step process that works time and time again. )

The Engulfing Trader is not just another trading strategy out there on the market, it is also a video series that goes over how the market moves in general and looking at market dynamics. Timon approaches the subject from the stand point that all traders will benefit, from the novice beginner trader all the way to the advanced trader.  His approach has lessons for all and is focused solely on how the market moves and reacting to that alone. It is a simple strategy that once applied and repeated and if one sticks to the process is highly profitable. This is also Timon Weller’s core strategy that he now has been using for over 2 years and in which he has helped others in coaching as well.

As for positive feedback from people that I have trained in this Strategy so far, it has been mentioned as life changing, simple to follow, visionary, amazing and a progression in trading excellence beyond measure.. It has also been mentioned that Timon simply is not just looking at basic technical’s. He is looking beyond the technical’s, making it simple for people, showing an easy to follow step by step relaxed approach, wrapping it in a nice package and showing with simple lessons to his students how the market really moves.

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And these are not just every now and then feedback, I receive positive feedback daily all the time in my simple to follow trading advice. Whether through my free teachings by subscribing here at Forex Reviews or from coaching I have done in the past.

That is where The Engulfing Trader Comes In..

My final long awaited product that I have been creating for over a year now and finally put a deadline on… It goes over in detail how to look at the market, find high probability trade areas and then and only then look for price action to signal high probability trade entries and therefore high probability trading.. The deadline has made me completely re haul the product entirely and so I am working hard on its release next month.

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The deadline has been announced and I am working hard putting the final touches together.. Many bonuses will be included as well. Bonus rule set video  and sheet being one.. Bonus separate extra videos showing the popular time frames and how to trade on each one..


Included in The Engulfing Trader Pack And What You Will Learn in the Series:Videos:

  • Looking at Structure – Video Part Oneengulfing trader package
  • Looking for the Signal – Video Part Two
  • Taking The Trade and Trade Management – Video Part 3 ( Includes How to Trade the Daily and Weekly Charts )
  • How to Trade the 15 minute Buy Example
  • How to Trade the 15 minute Sell Example
  • How to Trade the 1 hour Sell Example
  • How to Trade the 1 hour Buy Example
  • How to Trade the 4 hour Sell Example
  • How to Trade the 4 Hour Buy Example

Bonus Videos:

  • Understanding the Engulfing Candle
  • Advanced Entering Option Video

( 11 Videos in Total giving over 3 hours of lessons and step by step action )

Book ( Digital ):

  • The Engulfing Trader Book

( Detailing the Strategy step by step in which you can use to follow along in the Video Series )

Download the complete package in a digital folder to watch on your computer whenever you want. This is also in high quality MP4 video format. The package including the Book in digital Adobe Acrobat reader format and over 3 hours of easy to follow training and how to trade the strategy. Of course divided into three main easy parts to follow. This digital complete download package is available for $49.95 Downloading is quick, easy and has no delivery time or costs.

Get the complete package in high quality 1080P HD digital MP4 format on DVD which includes the complete package on one DVD going over 3 hours worth of lessons and teaching in the arts of trading this strategy. In the DVD will also include the book which will be in easy to use Adobe Acrobat reader format to allow high quality printing from any computer device. Those that purchase the DVD hard copy will also as a bonus have access to download as well as like in option one. Those that are wondering delivery will be included in the cost of this purchase. In other words delivery is free and included in the $79.95 price in option 2.

option buy Recent Changes – Was going to make in DVD video format however MP4 Html 5 is of much higher standards than DVD format and so I passed on that decision going for quality in this case.

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