The Engulfing Trader Training Series Has Launched

Well, here it is people, The Engulfing Trader is now available and also a lot earlier than expected. I seriously put my running shoes on with this one and made sure to get it available by Christmas for all of you as I know this can be a distracting time for us all and so releasing before then only made sense.

Okay, so to find out more about this strategy and training series click here.

For those that are only new here and first timers, firstly I wanted to say welcome, I hope you return often and subscribe. You maybe wondering exactly what The Engulfing Trader strategy exactly is, well let me give a quick rundown, however you can also find out everything simply by visiting this link.

engulfing trader package

Available Now..!

The Engulfing Trader is the core trading strategy I use on a regular basis, however it is not just that, it also is a method for taking exceedingly high probability trades at important potential turning point areas ( high probability trading areas ) in the market. Also, it is a trading method that offers exceedingly high reward potential as it has a way of predicting where the major banks and institutions moves are next.

Training includes over 3 hours of video, contains a book ( digital book guide ), plus bonus print sheets..

Not to mention, this is the same strategy that I teach in professional coaching as well. Anyways, enough said for more information on this series click here.

Overall it is an all in one revealing of my core trading strategy, plus over 3 hours of core priceless training rolled into one product.

About Timon Weller

Timon Weller is the professional Trader behind the blog Forex Reviews as well as a Teacher of Price Action Trading and creator of the popular Training Series teaching people how to trade Price Action effectively called The Engulfing Trader. For other Forex Training available here at Forex Reviews click here.

For more on Timon Weller Click Here. To Learn more about How to Trade the Market and get updates Click Here.


  1. Hi Timon
    Is there any template or indicator that comes along, which would alert formation of engulfing bar? I find inside bar equally interesting. Do you have any products related to that?
    All the best

    • Hey Sridhar,
      Thanks for the comment.. No indicators included in the premium series friend, the series helps one identify these candle signals ( engulfing ) themselves with training at particular high probability trading zones. Points on the chart. Like a training series. It is the same process I go over in the series that I teach in professional coaching as well teaching people to be more profitable traders…

      You have given me some ideas though and will consider looking into something like that in the future.

      Like an indicator that identifies engulfing candles only.. I will look into it in future.. πŸ˜‰

      Happy Trading..

  2. Hi Timon,

    I love your weekly review and have watched most of you videos in youtube. I will probably buy the Engulfing Trader but just want to know if it includes any material that you have not previously made videos on.

    Thanks and keep up the good work,


    • Hey Richard,
      There is lots of new stuff in The Engulfing Trader that I could not go over in my free videos. As like I say it is also a training type premium coaching series focused on a core strategy I use in professional coaching. Over 3 hours of core training.


  3. Its unbelievable that you already got finished this but this is awesome! I have been reviewing alot your price action traders mindset series and many other vids you have launched in the past and I was already missing new pricea ction vids from you.. they are just so easy going and beats reading ebooks or doing backtesting with forex tester2 on my free time. πŸ˜‰

  4. Have you heard of anyone else having problems purchasing the engulfing trader? Ive tried a few times and there seems to be a tech issue.

    • Yeah Charles,
      Paypal did a random security check last night due to a large amount of orders and I fixed this morning.
      Sorry about, you will be able to order now..


  5. Hi Timon

    Paypal says that you cant receive payments. Can you fix this problem?


    • Hey Daniel,
      Yeah, Paypal did a random security check last night due to the large amount of orders which was fixed this morning, sorry about that guys. You can order now.


  6. Hi Timon

    This is great news, i was expecting it on the 10th . I will be buying a copy in couple days. :).
    Really luv what you are doing here .


  7. hey timon,
    love your blog. i seem to understand you perfectly.maybe we speak the same lingo.[queenslander] its great.
    am learning heaps from you. i purchased the dvd set from you this morning but me patience to wait for it is going to kill me.
    can i down load it as well and how or do i die.
    thanks a mill Enrico.

    • Hey Enrico,
      Thanks for your positive feedback. Yeah a Queenslander.. πŸ˜‰ I just sent the details to your big pond email address. Thanks for the purchase.

      Happy Trading and enjoy the series.
      Timon Weller

  8. Excellent stuff Timon, at last a genuine guy selling a genuine product, i am very happy with the purchase

  9. Hey Timon, i already reviewed the engulfing trader and have to say its best forex strategy or product that i have buyed from anyone. I laugh at myself when i first bought lots of these “superscalper and trendforecaster” kind of indicators from guy named Karl dittmann and just lost all my money hahah.. πŸ˜€

    I especially liked the part on taking entries on intraday charts and advanced entering part 2. I now can understand why you place alerts to those S/R areas.. and this made me realize that i should abandon most of my longterm holds and just take the money when its there. I only hold trades only when it goes with weekly trend and i got a good entry at deep pullback near to weekly trendline..

    I have done some backtesting with engulfing candles and made partial exit plan with 1:1 RR and second 1:2 RR it made well profit on gbp/usd, how ever i can see how your strategy is lot more flexible with opposing candle exit than fixed target.

    I have had lots of trouble with all jpy pairs on countless of false signals.

    I still need to do lot more backtesting with your exact strategy rules and i hold only trades of clear weekly bias. Vladimirs Lst Trading strategy looks very hot too and i might get more into it later on but i am more priceaction kind of person so i now going to just stick to mastering pure priceaction and chart reading first.. only take on good confluence areas with railroad, pinbar and engulfing signals… i just love trading short term but also hold to long term leveraged positions and take big chunks out is what is my ultimate goal πŸ™‚

    • Hey Joni,
      Love your comment and thanks for the awesome feedback on The Engulfing Trader. Glad you enjoyed the series, many more awesome things planned with you all through Forex Reviews for 2014.. Thanks for keeping up with everything and happy trading yeah.. πŸ˜‰

      • Hey Timon,
        Nicely made dvd (The Engulfing Trader) mate, well set out and easy to understand, a simple strategy that can result in big gains, also a price that everyone can afford unlike many others that are out there on the market,
        Thanks for all your help and also all the info that your website has to offer

  10. Hey Timon

    Just a quick question, If there is an engulfing candle that is in between s&r zones of a down trend or up trend, can it still be used as a high probability trade or would you wait until it hits s&r zone before trading?


    • Hey Big AL,
      Always best to wait for it to hit the high probability zone first as then it gives you a good place to put stop with less risk. Otherwise stop loss judgement can be tricky.. πŸ˜‰

  11. Thank you Timon, I just purchased the engulfing training. Great value for money and just wanted to say thank you. I can really see this is going improve what i do at moment. As you might remember from recent comments im break even trader at moment. I think i got real chance turning into profitable one by taking on board your methods.


  12. Mohammed Jamal says:

    I have just seen the first part and its really great , thank you and keep it up

  13. Hi Timon, i purchased the Engulfing Trader the other day and i wanted to drop you a message to say thanks and well done on the product, it’s a great strategy and one that will bring me plenty of profit in the future.

    I have been following and watching your videos on here and on Youtube and just want to say keep up the good work and many thanks again and i look forward to to you future material.

    John B

  14. Hi Timon,
    Excellent tutorial.Highly recommended for any price action trader out there. Great value for money. You are too generous mate! Just to add you did put a lot of effort to produce these qualities teachings.Every bit is great.I am back testing on demo account currently,amazing results from recent trades.I work 9-5,so the daily is perfect for me. During the weekends I spend hours on practising structures right,I know that is the holy grail.Thanks a lot Timon.

  15. Hey Timon great videos. One question thou. When a new top has been reached and this is followed by a bearish engulfing candle would you take that sell trade or do we wait for that resistance zone to be tested a second time in the future.
    Cheers Jason

    • Hey Jason,
      Thanks for the Purchase and feedback. The initial test of zone if it presents a good signal then you can take on first test. Like i said though, wait for signal first to close ( candle ). Second test is also fine as long as another signal presents itself. Sometimes even a third test, however this also depends on which time frame. On daily one test is common. Below 1 hour multiple tests is common before fall at resistance. So time frame can mean multiple tests and therefore multiple trading situations.


  16. Hi Timon, Just purchased your Engulfing Trader Strategy. I have seen many of your previous videos and this series is excellent too. So easy to understand and follow. Well Done. Well worth the money. I do have a few questions. Is there a place for people who have purchased it to go for questions? A group? Forum? etc? Or should i talk to you via email?

    Once again thanks.

    • Hey Hayden,
      Thanks for the positive feedback and Thanks for the Purchase as well. Many new things planned next year, however you can email me with any general questions as well. So, no forums or membership areas just yet, but next year I am looking at a number of options to suit us all and to take this site further as well. Things such as membership areas for premium training being one on the list and also possible webinars starting in late January. Will keep you all posted though.

      Have a nice day πŸ˜‰

  17. Hi Timon, Your link sorted the vid issue I had last week so thank you very much for that.

    Just one question. Somewhere in one of the later videos you mention that we wouldn’t have entered on that candle as it was too big for us. But I don’t recall you having mentioned that previously or subsequently. What are the ‘rules’ on that so to speak. ie. if it’s a truly massive engulfing candle, how big is too big? Would it simply be a RR thing or any other criteria as well there that I’ve missed?

    Very impressed by the way. Loving the simplicity, presentation, repetition of the key aspects, and the lack of an ego in there which seems to be a common theme amongst forex guys…

    • Thanks Paul, I like to keep it as simple as possible which I believe is the key in training as well as trading, so thanks for the positive feedback on that.

      Yeah, with those ones, assess risk to reward. In some circumstances there maybe an awesome signal but the risk maybe massive. Eg say risking 200 pips or more as an example or more. That is where sometimes we need to either lower leverage to maintain 2% on those ones still or step aside if it does not suit our equity. Like i said though, one can just use lower leverage and thus risk less per pip on massive risk to keep under the 2% rule so there are workarounds in this situation. However I emphasized this as a possible no trade due to some people having a very small Forex account to work with, so it is also about using ratios that suit that size as well..

      Eg. An over 5000 dollar account can take all trades, just keep all trades under 2% using leverage to adjust to risk size, to cover proper risk management.

      Regards and Happy Trading.
      Timon πŸ˜‰

  18. Hi Timon, just like to say that I promptly received your Engulfing Trader product (if I can call it that) but only 2 days ago and I’m completely inpressed by it all. The strategy is crystal clear, the method and principles are sound, one can have a firm belief in something that produces results. I have taken 2 trades after completely reviewing your course and both have turned out to be winners. The approach I believe is adaptable to most instruments also. I have traded for the last 4 years with mixed results and your course and approach is very much suited to my trading style. (Price Action!) Many thanks for sharing your insights into the FX market and your wise application of what could originally be called simple and universal methods.
    Your web site which I am trawling through is full of additonal items that people would have greater clarity and understanding in applying to their trading should they purchase your “Engulfing Trader” as their core method.
    Best wishes.
    London United Kingdom

    • Thanks Chris for the awesome feedback on the Series,

      Yeah all those that purchase The Engulfing Trader will have a much clearer idea of the trading process and teachings that I go through on a regular basis on Forex Reviews. It will also help give a clear cut view to those learning the art and process of price action which is essential to being a profitable trader.

      Happy Trading.. πŸ˜‰

      • Just as an update, I have just managed to take 120 pips out of the GBP JPY in less than 2 hours. This was over 2 positions, 40 pips and then a second target of 80 pips. A third postition is currently 110 pips to the better, and currently waiting for your signal to retire from the position. Many many thanks I have not had a trading day quite like this before.
        I hope this will add a testimony to your site as to how clear and effective your methods are! If I can understand and utilise your process then just about anyone would be able to.
        Have a great weekend and once again many thanks for your invaluable “Engulfing Trader” It has truly opened my eyes to chart reading and how I wish to interact with the market. I eagerly await any additions or future announcements from your site and communications.
        Best wishes Timon
        London United Kingdom

        • Hey Chris, thanks for the awesome feedback mate.. πŸ™‚ Yeah many plans for next year and will keep you all updated. Here’s to a great 2013 and an even better 2014 yeah coming up..


  19. Hi Timon just finished my first week trading using engulfing patterns at market structure and your methods for managing a trade. I made aprofit, im up clear 80 pips. This is the most i have ever won on a week and i left well over 100 pips on table due to missing the entries not been at screen,

    I think after all these years of breakeven trading im heading in the right direction now.
    I luv you Timon.


  20. I totally agree with Chris B and the other James…You have both said it well. Happy Trading to us all. Thanks Timon.

  21. Hello Timon
    First I want to say that your presentation on your site and u tube caught my attention because u are there speaking in your little square (smile) which makes it personal and everything is so crisp and clear and like one of your other members said u are not teaching with an ego. I have watched all your videos….and looking forward to more..I can see that no one is displeased with the engulfing trader..

    Even though i said i would not purchase anyone*s products because there is so much junk out there and being in a trading room.. that had people losing money from left to right. Makes your trust in people in the forex market low especially when u are a newbie… So after 4 years of trying to trade on my own i have picked out 3 that I trust and u are one of them even though I have been listening to u for about 4 months or so you keep things simple and fun so that makes me want to tell my friends that trade and those I would like to bring into the market. Your product would be a great 1st time experience and would give them a good foundation which i didn’t have in the beginning. But if u love trading u have to love the journey because it pays off by meeting people like u…..
    Thank u Timmon

    PS..I was going to put the engulfing trader on my Christmas list but after reading James comments i think i will head over there now and purchase it. Also the price is reasonable which is a great motivating factor to purchase it.

  22. Miguel Edwards says:

    When i purchase the $49.95 engulfing trader package how do i receive it?

  23. Hey Timon,
    I recently finished your recent premium series and wanted to give some feedback on it.

    Firstly this is well and truly the best Forex Series I have ever purchased or watched. Not only that, you presented it in a way that is simple, entertaining and understandable. You could easily charge more than $200 as another trader here in the comments mentioned above. I was so impressed that I am going to get a DVD copy for some friends as well. At first I assumed the series would be quite small, however after watching more than 3 hours I realized I was wrong there. You cover all the bases and guess what, I do not even have any questions on how to trade the way you suggest. You explain it well and I can already see how effective it is just by looking at the common repeatable moves of the market.

    Overall simple, effective and aligns with high reward to risk, a 5 out of 5 from me mate and I have also subscribed.

    Forex Jake

  24. Hey All,
    I wanted to share my results from last weeks trading history with the strategy so far.

    EURAUD Sell H4

    2 Trades

    + 80 Pips
    Second Trade locked in break even and still running over 50 pips profit

    EURUSD Buy 1 Hour

    + 38 Pips
    Second Trade locked in 30 Pips profit and letting run.

    AUDUSD Buy 1 Hour ( break back into support structure zone )

    + 40 Pips
    Second trade locked in 10 pips and letting run.

    GBPUSD Buy 1 Hour

    + 60 Pips profit
    + 120 Pips profit

    Last One – Sell USDJPY 1 Hour

    – 50 Pips
    – 50 Pips

    My fault on that last trade as I got in before candle close so would not of been a proper trade with the strategy.

    Also ,we cannot win them all.


    Profit Made and closed – Around 338 pips closed.
    Open profit positions pending – Over 40 pips profit locked in so far and much more potential on way.

    Profit Lost is 100 pips mainly due to me being impatient on that one.

    Overall up over 278 pips with no drawdown now which is something I have never seen before in my trading.
    I wanted to share because I have never had such a good week before either.

    This strategy is amazing. πŸ˜‰

    • Awesome, you are doing great Melanie and good to see you getting results. Thanks for sharing it with others. You also had much better results than me last week.
      Have a nice day and Merry Christmas as well.. πŸ™‚

  25. Hi Melanie,
    Thanks for sharing your results very encouraging and reassuring that engulfing strategy is great!. My result is not as great as that last week but still better than my old strategy. Well done Timon,you are doing a great job. Looking forward to January plans. Also are considering any tutorial on Inside bar?. how and when to trade Inside bar?. Please think about a forum where we can post a chart for your advise and correction.
    Thanks for all Timon. merry Christmas!

    • Thanks Rufus,
      Sticking to the process is the key here as like any other profitable strategy.
      Yeah many plans on the way, I have jotted down your request on inside bars price action as well..

      Merry Christmas Friend.. πŸ™‚

  26. Hey I just purchased the engulfing trader,how to I register myself for the Jan webinar.

    • Hey Sanj,
      Thanks for the purchase.. πŸ˜‰ I will let you all know the details of the Bonus Webinar event by sending an email to your Paypal Payment email you used on purchase around the 10th of January. The live event bonus will most likely be scheduled for either the 25th or 26th ( Saturday or Sunday ) of January..

      By the way, Happy New Year.

  27. Ravi Kumar says:

    This Strategy is very impressive and simple …. grabbed +60 pips on AUD/USD up trend….

  28. Just finished watching the weekly review. Love this regular review by the way. I also wanted to come back and share that I had another good week last week even though the market was quite quiet. Got over 250+ pips profit using the strategy last week.

    I will try and do a short video testimonial for you this week as well, as a way of saying thank you for sharing this strategy with us all.

  29. Just bought the product. I must say it’s well worth every dollars.I looking forward to see your premium membership service in the near future.You are genuine one and the strategy is great.

    I have observed the engulfing candle for sometime with H1 timeframe and see it is very powerful. However, I always wait for the retracement to squeeze the stop loss to minimum as possible as a result I missed a lot of trade opportunities when the price just exploded and never retraced.

    Now I know from your course, just be patient and widen the stop loss, trade only Daily and Weekly timeframe. I believe to see massive profit ahead.

    Thank you for put everything together.

  30. Hello Timon from the UK

    I am your greatest fan. I discovered in late 2012 after many years of using all the indicators out there that the simplest is the most effective. I use simple Support and Resistance without indicators. When I stumbled across your YouTube video Forex Hedge Strategy I was ecstatic. It was confirmation that my method was proven to be good.

    Although I make between 800 to 2100 pips per month I am always looking to learn how to be better especially in the ever changing market which is Forex. The Weekly Engulfing Candles video refined my approach to trading. I am glad you have created The Engulfing Trader Training which is brilliant. I shall definitely be introducing the method into my trading.

    Ladies and gentleman. There is no such thing as the Holy Grail for Forex but this is as good as it gets. Remember, what ever system or trading method you use the two essential elements you must develop, is patience and discipline. You must wait for the market to come to you and your losses are merely passports to your success.

    Thank you Timon

  31. Hi Timon

    I just wanted share a experience i had today

    I been trading for about 3-4 week now using your method you suggested to me to move me from breakeven into profit. ie @ 1:1 move to breakeven etc. Its working great, i cant thank you enough for that Timon

    But recently i thought i would be smartass and start closing off one of my positions if market was showing signs of weakness before it had hit the 1:1 mark. I know Timon, i can hear you now telling me thats a really bad idea on my part. Of course the growth on my trade capital slowed to a crawl during this.

    My big revelation for me, is that yea i save myself from a full stoploss now and then, BUT the big thing , its also costing me profits when the trade finially moves away hits 1:1 then 2:1 and beyond.

    I can see it clear as day now , as you say Timon. Trying to avoid a small loss you end up losing profits as well. Just take the small loss and move on and trust your risk to reward ratios and high probability setups. Tough lesson for me today but i really glad i learnt from it , i think the main thing is this realisation tied back to experience real makes its a powerful point. One im not going forget. I will stick to the rules, no more trying to be clever and trying to bend the rules.

    Timon thank you. Im making progress and learning so much from you. Thought you might like to read my experience today and how your methods are having a positive effect on me. How you are helping me to overcome these difficulties.


  32. Nick Hopkins says:

    Hi Timon,

    Great product, thanks for showing me where I was going wrong.

    Indicators ruined my (trading) life…Now banned. Look forward to the year ahead.

  33. Hi Timon,
    I have been watching you tube videos for couple of months and bought Engulfing Trader two weeks back. It is an amazing product to keep the trading simple & sweet. I have taken many seminars from gurus spending lot of money for last two years and no one taught a simple strategy like this one and I was not able to make any money using their system.
    This an incredible simple strategy and I am really really enjoying your product. Last two weeks I was able to make total of 400pips using your strategy. Hope to see more products & strategy from you.

  34. Hey Timon, Not sure where I heard it … but you have mentioned that you can set up alarms to come to your phone when you are not at your computer for whatever reason. What is the software or broker you use to set up these alarms. Is it text messages or actual ringing/alarm type sounds. Thanks in advance. James.

    • Hey James,
      You can do both, MT4 is available as access on android based phones, also you can hook up your home computer to your android based phone by going into options in your MT4 and then select notifications. This can connect your phone to your MT4 and does not cost for access as long as you have data access on your phone or android device. Other than connecting to your base computer there is plenty of android alert programs for free out there as well as well as MT4 itself on these devices. Here is one example.


  35. Hey Timon,
    Sullivan here, had a great week trading The Engulfing Trader Strategy this week and wanted to drop by and give a big thanks for sharing the excellent strategy and making it available for everyone. My account is up over 500 pips this week which is the best week I have had in Forex in a long time.

    Looking forward to more future training as well.

    • Hey Sullivan,
      Thanks for the awesome feedback mate on the Series, much appreciated and great results.

      Can I ask what time frame are you trading mostly..?

      Yeah, more training coming up soon as well, working on a Trend Based Series to help people see micro and major trends in a more detailed approach overall. 5 Part Series. Suitable for people that have difficulty with seeing trends and knowing when they form or change on a micro or major level and helping people trade them in a trend based direction plus showing where to get tighter and better entries overall in the market in those trends as they form or change. Overall an eye opener series for those that want to improve there trading by knowing what is happening in a micro and major trend level as well. An edge with using any strategy overall.

      Have a nice day..

  36. Christian Jones says:

    Hello Timon.

    I watched a few of your videos last week and decided to buy The Engulfing Trader over the weekend.

    I watched the first video last night and I’m loving it so far. It’s got so much information in it but it’s never overwhelming; it’s always clear and easy to understand.

    I started trading with a demo account in October 2013 and switched to a live account a few weeks ago. In the past I’ve been in permanent and ever-increasing drawdown since I started. Recently I’ve felt like I might have to stop trading because I just can’t sustain the equity loss that I’ve had.

    The Engulfing Trader has renewed my determination in trading and I can’t wait to start trading the strategy as soon as I’ve watched the rest of the series. πŸ™‚

    Thanks again,

  37. Been Trading The Engulfing Trader Strategy for a bit over 2 weeks now and made more gain on my account than any other strategy I have ever used in the past. Highly recommended to all traders.

    Just about to get access to your Trend Training series as well.

  38. Very recommended and worth it to buy Engulfing series πŸ™‚

  39. Hi Timon,

    I just wanted to add to all of the great comments above. I am new to Forex having opened accounts in February 2014. I have done a lot of reading online and I think I had come to the point of information overload and confusion. I then saw a few of your youtube videos and really like the way you teach (you have a great way about you) which makes the videos interesting and insightful.

    I purchased the engulfing trader strategy a few days ago and have watched all of the videos and read the pdf’s. It is such a simple strategy that a newbie like me can understand what to do. I initially made a little but then lost about 10% of a micro account (about Β£10). I reviewed what I had done and saw that I wasnt taking trades at key levels, or taking buy trades approaching resistance rather than looking for sell signals.

    Having gone back to the videos and starting again I made over 400 pips today on 4 pairs. I took all of my trades at daily levels in line with the strategy and Im so pleased. I know that if I keep doing what I did today then it should be a fun ride. I have even found myself saying to myself “ooh look at that one” referring to an engulfing candle and getting excited. Thank you for this great series and I’m looking at buying your 5 day trend series.

    I also wanted to know what else you have planned for 2014 as I cant wait!



    • Thanks Chris for sharing your experience with us all, great feedback and you went over some common mistakes traders make as well in trading and how you overcame them which is great.. πŸ™‚

      Yeah lot’s of aspects planned coming up, more addons coming up throughout the year as an example. Also working on a book called The Price Action Traders Handbook which will be a collection of over 300 High Probability screenshots with Price Action and Analysis on Price Action on each page. I have been working on that one for a while now, a collection of many years put into it of setups as a Price Action Trader and Analysis. What will set it apart from many other Price Action books however in the trading arena however is that each analysis on each page will be from the perspective of high reward potential trading rather than just any setup. This will help train a trader to seeing similar setups in the market and feeling more confident to take trades based on a good risk to reward factor as well.

      Have a great rest of the day and Happy Trading.

  40. Hi Timon ,
    I purchased the engulfing trading strategy on Tuesday A.M watched all parts & by 1.30 P.M placed My first winning trade of 57 pips , second half 93 pips & still running .
    It is very easy to understand & put into practice 10 out of 10 .

  41. Hi Timon,
    Firstly, I would like to say Thank You for your work that you’ve been doing for us.
    Secondly, The Engulfing Trader is amazing. I’ve been trading for 4 months now and lost about 80% of my money πŸ™‚ . Everyone can check my profits now after I’ve purchased The Engulfing Trader series. ( I’m on Etoro , marc14814 ) find me and check πŸ™‚ So amazing, how You’ve changed my thinking and strategy .
    Finally, I would recommend it to all traders.
    I’m still learning from you a lot !!!
    Thanks Timon

  42. Just got access to the series a few days ago and now wish I had gotten access to it earlier, easy to follow and already starting to see how effective it is as well.
    Thanks for sharing this strategy. I am a big fan now.

  43. Enrique Diaz says:

    Hi Timon
    Besides the fact that your videos are great, your Engulfing Trader course is excellent and is giving me great results! want more! Thanks for teaching me that.

  44. Hi Timon Weller Im thinking about buying your engulfing strategy product. My question is am I gonna learn more info about your strategy if I purchase the book (pdf) version or am I gonna learn a lot of info if I buy the video version?? basically I just wanna know if the video version is better than the book version.

    thanks a lot.

    • Hey Vic,
      They are all in the same training pack, the video series and the PDF book are all together in the one series called The Engulfing Trader..
      So when you get access, you will get access to the 12 videos in the video series training, the PDF book and three bonus print sheets as well.. All together in one pack.


  45. Very glad I got access to this training, I had been following Timon for quite a while here at the Blog and had been a Fan for quite a while as well, however The Engulfing Trader really put all pieces for me together when it comes to learning the best methods of trading. So far I have had 3 up weeks in a row since implementing the training with low draw down ( which is a first for me ) and I owe it all to this effective training.

    I highly recommend The Engulfing Trader Series.

  46. Great Strategy and highly recommended to all. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  47. Stephen says:

    Hi Timon,

    I have been trading the forex for about 4 years with varying degree’s of success but one thing has eluded me is a high probability strategy on the daily chart until now. One thing I have learnt is that you know when you are onto a good strategy when the signals jump off the charts at you and best of all there no lagging indicators to get in the way. Thanks for sharing your strategy especially at such a modest price..

  48. I first off wanted to say that Timon, you are a great Price Action Teacher of Forex. You have taught me more in the last few weeks when I was going over all the training than in any other time in my trading career.

    I wanted to share my story as well and how I got here for everyone, will try to keep it short and have shared it with Timon already and wanted to come back and share with anyone that may be considering getting this Training as well. Firstly, I highly recommend this training and I am going to give a number of reasons why. Firstly, the teachings in both The Engulfing Trader and The 5 Day Trend Training Series are both highly effective. But this is what makes it important, it is taught in a easy to follow way.

    In the past I took a course on Price Action methodology online and it literally cost me more than $2000 dollars, what I learnt in that course however was good, but it did not teach me as effectively as this training here. I commend Timon for that, making a high value series which has proven methodology and offering it at a price that any trader can afford. He could easily be charging over $1000 or more and would still be offering better value then any other teacher / education advise in Forex that I have gotten access to.

    It was not until a few recent months ago that I stumbled upon the videos here and got access to the Training as well, after learning and going over what I had learnt in the past in expensive courses / education I realized one important factor, the training here such as The Engulfing Trader and The 5 Day Trend Training Series taught me a much more effective view of trading, not only that but it was also laid out in a much more easy to follow and understand learning approach. Overall his approach to teaching and helping me learn as trader has literally changed my trading and I am not kidding. I am sure many others, can agree with me here as well once they start to apply the training.

    Overall like many people above here in the comments have said, I wanted to also say I highly recommend this training and Timon, thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge.


  49. Thanks for Teaching such a easy to follow effective method of Trading.

  50. It’s very easy to understand and it’s help me alot! Thanks you!

  51. Lee Mitchell says:

    Hi Timon! I’m Lee from the UK! I have purchased the engulfing trader and im halfway through and cant wait until kids are in bed so I can continue!! But what I seen so far is fantastic!!!! Well done timon for a great simple system. Thanks again Timon for a fantastic system.

  52. Jong Budz says:

    Hi Timon,
    I have just purchase your DVD this afternoon. I am looking forward to apply your strategy on my trading.


  53. Great Strategy. Been applying The Engulfing Trader now for over a month and seeing really good results.

  54. Marc Espley says:

    Highly recommended!
    Very clear quality package showing a simple profitable complete strategy.
    Great results so far and enough signals to build my account quickly even with 1% risk per trade.
    Thank you so much Timon. Your the man πŸ™‚

    • Marc Espley says:

      I also bought Forex Tester as a way of rapidly increasing my practice and experience, as the daily is so slow.
      Amazingly, after trying numerous methods, this is the only strategy that I managed to double my account. I did this the first time ever after watching The Engulfing Trader.

  55. Great Training, I am so glad to be moving away from indicators and for once focusing on real Trading.
    Thanks Timon, this training has helped me more than I can explain.

  56. Love the Strategy, got access over a month ago and applying the training everyday. Has changed how I think about the market completely.

  57. Adrian Lim says:

    Hi Timon,

    Here is my report after getting the Engulfing Trader Training Series. From date 9th June to 30th June, I have completed my 10 trades, 6 winning trades, 1 breakeven trade, 2 losses (1 of it can be avoided, my careless mistake), still a net profit of 111pips! I believe I can do better!

    In the past, I have traded using indicators and harmonics trading, but does not work out for me.

    Thank you Timon for such simple yet powerful strategy. While writing this to you, I have closed 2 winning trades of 130pips!

    Adrian from Singapore

  58. Yeah I agree with all the feedback here, The Engulfing Trader is great training and recommended. Been applying the methods in the series last few weeks and getting good results.

  59. Great Effective Strategy! Finally I am breaking free from being a break even trader. Over 300 pips gain so far this month.
    Thanks for everything.

    Keith – United Kingdom

  60. Hi Timon:
    I bought your engulfing trader training series, and it really is good. Thank you creating so good a product.
    Thank you

  61. Timon
    Nice, simple to use system, 2 trades started today so i’ll keep posted. I know you said it can be used on any forex pair, but do you advise any pairs that work better than others. I’ve decided to watch about 10 pairs on the daily charts, stops me being glued to my computer all day

    • Hey Steve,
      Thanks for getting access to the Training. Yeah, how many pairs is up to you, choose the amount you like, there are no rules on how many to use on and works on all pairs like you said above. Some good pair examples include EURAUD, GBPAUD, CADCHF and GBPUSD just to name a few but everyone has there own preferences.

  62. Hey Timon,

    I watched a countless number of your videos on YouTube and just purchased The Engulfing Candle series. I really like the way you take the time to explain every aspect in detail for everyone to understand.

    I am actually new to Forex. I was introduced to the binary options side and happened on your videos on YouTube a couple days ago. I have watched many of them a few times already to get a better grasp of the market and all that you explain.

    I look forward to this weekend ahead, so I can dive into the information you’ve shared. I plan to also purchase the 5 Day Trend series as well very soon.

    Thanks for the great organization and help, as I am sure it’s of great help to everyone here.


  63. Vu Hoang says:

    Hi Timon,
    Your explanation is very detailed, simple but its result is great. Every trade I can get over 100 pips.
    Thank you for providing this product.
    Vu – VietNam

  64. John Griffin says:

    I just bought this series a couple days ago and so far I’ve watched the 1st and 2nd videos and the teachings are amazing! I’ve been studying forex for about 2 years and I was just getting frustrated and ready to give up πŸ™
    After learning from Timon I’m excited about forex again and feel like I’m being equipped to take it on and be profitable FINALLY!
    And thank you Timon for actually making it affordable for everyone! Other courses I looked into wanted HUNDREDS of dollars.. I’m not made of money! Lol
    Anyways.. If anyone reads this and are thinking about purchasing this teaching just go for it you won’t be disappointed!
    Thanks again Timon!

    John G. From Texas USA

  65. Howard Dixon says:

    Hi Timon, I just wanted to share with you the great experience I have just had after watching the Engulfing Trader series. I have been a magnificently bad trader since about 2009 I have lost thousands of pounds into forex with various brokers and never acheived any success. Well after a break of about two years Ive decided i dont like the daily job Im so back to forex Mr Detemined – dont get me wrong my job pays well I just dont want to do it anymore – well not for much longer anyway.

    I purchased Engulfing Trader about a week ago (actually I have purchased the 5 Day Trend and Fibonacchi series as well!) i looked at the Engulfing Trader and couldnt believe how straight forward the delivery for a system could be. So to cut a long story short I invested in a Β£400 GBP account – i have placed 3 trades on the 4 hour charts and all of them returned take profit. In three days I have increased my account by 63.3% – not a lot of cash increase but that percentage that tells a story! Im still a little shy about letting the second trade run – I’m not confident yet with placing a stop for the second trade but Ill keep at it!

    So thanks for providing the Engulfing Trader with me – I have a new direction and drive and havent even completed the Fib or 5 day Tend series yet. One thing I also did was to invest in the Forex Trader 2 software – I think this is a must have for part time traders llke me.
    I have screen shots of my account if you want to see them.

    Anyway thanks again and I’ll keep you informed of both success and probably failures πŸ™‚

    Best Regards


    • Thanks for sharing this great feedback / testimonial on the Training Howard and welcome back to Price Action Trading.
      Regards and Happy Trading. πŸ™‚

  66. Hi Timon

    My first month trading with the engulfing trading has been truly excellent and eye an opener with 2 trades that have netted over 200 pips each with a very good risk to reward ratio. To any aspiring trader out there this is probably one of the best value trading series available and I only wish I had found it sooner.

    Many thanks Stephen

  67. So glad I got access to the Engulfing Trader Series, been trading with the strategy over 2 weeks now and just had two profitable weeks. Made over 300 pips last week.

  68. Melinda and Paul says:

    Great strategy. Been trading for quite a while myself, so a very experience trader. I wanted to share that the methods taught in this series ( Engulfing Trader ) offer great value to any trader, whether experienced or not. Timon not only teaches in a easy to follow manner, but a trader can see how effective the method is in very little time.

    Melinda and Paul – Canada

  69. Great strategy and great training Timon. Such great value for money.

  70. Great trading strategy, so glad to be moving away from indicators in trading as well. I used them way too long.

    Tracey – U.K.

  71. Amiinulhikmi says:

    Have just purchased this! Am in the middle of downloading it now. Looking forward to the lessons! πŸ™‚

  72. I got access to all the training at the website two months ago ( The Engulfing Trader, The 5 Day Trend Training Series, Fibonacci Retracement Training ) and wanted to come back and share that since getting access to the training and applying the concepts taught in the series that I have been a profitable trader.

    Thanks for providing such great training.

  73. Highly Recommended Training, not only have you helped me improve as a trader, but you have also helped me be much more profitable in this business. Thanks.

  74. Hi Timon,

    I am planning on buying the course, but before that just wanted to ask if this strategy works on Commodities, I am an Intraday trader mostly trading commodities, I don’t trade currencies.


  75. Hi Sir Timon,

    I’m Danial from Malaysia. Just watched your videos of the engulfing trader training series. Simplicity is genius. I found your strategy is a genius method because i never thought forex is simple as what you taught me. This strategy is simple, but highly profitable. I am not in real trading yet, just do back-testing in demo account. It works really good. Soon i’ll buy the other 2 training series.

    That’s all sir.

  76. Thanks Timon, great training, A1 presentation.
    Seeing great results since implementing in my trading.

  77. Great strategy. I am only a new trader to Forex for a few months now and to Price Action trading. I found The Engulfing Trader easy to follow and implement into my own trading.

  78. I am a big fan of Price Action and a big fan of The Engulfing Trader.
    Thanks for sharing such informative and helpful Forex Training.

  79. Before purchasing The Engulfing Trader I was a consistent loser in the forex market. Now after applying the methods taught in Timon’s course I am approaching the end of my third consecutive profitable month. Recently I emailed Timon with a question regarding a trade I had just entered and he replied within a few hours complete with annotated charts. Do yourself favour and buy this course. As Timon says “follow the rules, trust in the process, keep a cool head and you’ll do fine”.

  80. Was trading for 2 years before getting access to the strategy at the website. Now since applying the methods I have had more than 5 profitable weeks in a row and I feel confident again. I cannot thank you enough for helping out us traders( priceless ).


  81. So glad I found this website and the training series. The strategy is brilliant. Thanks.

  82. Wonderful!

  83. Would recommend this Strategy to anyone. So much value. It is not normal that I leave comments anywhere, but this series has changed the way I trade completely for the better. Now I am focused and I am seeing consistent regular profits for once in my trading. Thanks for everything you teach.

  84. Powerful strategy, just had two great weeks in a row making 330 pips last week on CADCHF and AUDCAD.

  85. Amazing learning curve, would recommend this series to any trader.

  86. Wow, really impressed with this Strategy and the performance.
    Thanks for everything.

  87. MrAussieFx says:

    Hi Timon,

    Just bought the engulfing trader series and took the trade on GA Daily. Followed all the steps shown in the video series and I was amazed with the results, although money management EA got me out at 128 pips (SL=150 pips, final TP= 300 pips).

    This was just the first trade following the video series and I’m hoping to get more better consistent results.

    Just bought The Fibonacci Retracement Training Series as well, looking forward to implement both in my Daily candle trading.

    Thanks Timon

  88. Just amazing!

  89. Hey Timon,

    Just a quick comment on the Engulfing Trader. I brought the product the other day after watching quite a few of your videos on you tube, after some difficulties in downloading it (my fault ,internet problems ) I watched the entire series of videos and was impressed with the content and its delivery, I have done 6 trades since watching it, for 6 winning trades and a total of 394 pips !!!!

    Thanks mate for sharing your knowledge !!!

    Regards Gary

    P.S. When I had problems downloading the series I contacted Timon and was given great support, he was happy to help and soon realised the problem was at my end which I quickly sorted.

  90. Hi Timon, I have just finished the Engulfing Trader series and I am blown away by your beautifully simple strategy for high probability trading. Of course, it wasn’t simple until you explained it in this well structured training series! Many thanks for sharing your hard-earned knowledge and paying it forward. I hope I can do the same too one day πŸ™‚ Emma

  91. Thanks for teaching me to be a better trader, for all those wondering this training is the real deal.

  92. Justin Smith says:

    I just wanted to agree with the many comments and feedback left here on The Engulfing Trader.
    I recommend highly.

  93. Hi Timon
    Great product, lining up your engulfing strategy with multiple confluence is super effective, especially at higher time frames. Your money management strategy is golden as well. Thumbs up!

  94. Hi Timon,

    OMG!!! I have been at this for a year and half. I bought your course because the only time I made money is when I followed your advice on the your weekly updates. I wish I had bought this months ago. Thank you so much for making this engulfing trader. I made money already implementing you strategy and the money management is worth the cost alone many times over. Cheers!!


  95. The Engulfing Trader is by far the best Forex Training Online.

  96. A big thank you from me. My trading has improved immensely since getting access to The Engulfing Trader.

  97. Okay Timon, finally getting back into trading, setting up an account soon, purchased Engulfing Trader yesterday and about half way through the first round, good stuff. I’ll probably be back for the 5 day trading etc etc when I have this one under my belt, cheers

  98. I just finished watching the series, and i tried it out on some pairs. The result is stunning!! Before, i was making a bit but losing more. This series has helped me a lot. I`m considering buying the rest of your videos!!

  99. For Me? The Engulfing Trader is The Holy Grail… If you find a strategy that can cover up losses for 3 months in just a week? It Means You’ve found the holy grail.. I made massive profits last week using only the engulfing strategy.. its the 1st time i am having a winning week all my life covering all the losses i loosed from 3 months back. its unbelievable.. but its the truth.. I went over almost all the Forex pairs and the strategy works on all of them… And the way he replies my question is awesome because at first i couldn’t understand the strategy, but he kept answer my questions until i got it all…

    Just saying thanks timon..
    You’re Simple The Best…
    regards, Hope.

  100. Cameron says:

    Got access to the training last year and my trading has been much easier and much more profitable ever since. Any trader wanting to learn how to trade professionally should check out The Engulfing Trader.

  101. craig donald says:

    I ordered this product and proceeded to watch all the videos. Now I have found that my trading is considerably more successful as I chose to trade off the 1 hour chart as I feel it is less stressful! Thank you so much Timon, I cannot recommend this product highly enough.


  102. I agree with everyone here, great Forex Training. Would of been great if I had found this training years ago when I started trading. Oh well, I have found it now.
    The way you put all the training series together was done really well, the sequence, the many examples, the process leading up to seeing a good setup in the market.
    Also, I am now starting to see regular profitable weeks which is very exciting.

  103. Thanks for being such a great teacher of Price Action Trading. The Engulfing Trader is the first Forex Training series I have gotten access to that every minute of the training had me learning something new.

  104. I have been applying The Engulfing Trader method for quite some time now ( nearly a year ) and I wanted to come back and say that I would recommend this course to other traders. It has helped my trading and understanding of the market, as well as has improved my trading performance.

  105. Very effective method and strategy. I have been testing the method for quite a while now and the results have been great.

  106. Thanks Timon, great strategy. Took notes all throughout the training and now feeling much more prepared for the market.

  107. Excellent training and strategy, thanks Timon.

  108. Hey Timon,
    I am a huge fan of The Engulfing Trader and the website.
    Thank you for teaching this profitable method of trading.

  109. Just wanted to share a quick message to say that over the past 3 weeks I have taken 563 pips out of the market. I have only been able to achieve this by following the key points in the training, the rules and the process.

  110. Good Strategy. Exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

  111. Hay Timon,
    All the training series on the website are top notch and worth the money.
    The Engulfing Training Series provided is very easy to understand and follow. Keep up the good work and thank you for helping my trading.

  112. The Engulfing Trader rocks, thanks Timon.

  113. I have been a trader for over 3 years and have spent a lot of money on all sorts of trading programs and training. Most of which was a big waste of time and money. One year ago I stumbled upon Timon and the Forex Reviews website and within that time I have seen more success in my trading and also in other areas in my life. Those looking to trade the market using price action should consider checking out Timon’s training such as The Engulfing Trader.

  114. Hi Timon,
    Just purchased the Engulfing Trader and found it very clear and well presented.


  115. Hey Timon, many thanks for the videos and the training, you are a great teacher.

  116. I cannot believe it, I just had 5 profitable weeks in a row following the Engulfing Trader methodology. I am so happy.

  117. Manoj Chandhok says:

    Yesterday I purchased your engulfing trader training and it was excellent. Now I am more confident about what I am going to trade and use this strategy exactly as you have described. Thanks a lot for making such a wonderful training series.

  118. Luis Miguel says:

    There are a lot of Spanish people that would like your videos, why don’t you translate into Spanish and will have a lot of more followers…
    I don’t understand everything because my principal language is Spanish… help Latin people with Spanish translation.. thanks!!!

  119. Patrick says:

    Thanks Timon for the quality training.
    I will recommend The Engulfing Trader to other traders.

  120. Alan and Jenny says:

    Thanks Timon. Loved the course.

  121. K.Shekharaiah says:

    Thanks Timon for the awesome training on The Engulfing Trader, I have learned, last two weeks I did paper trading in crude oil. Finally I have been entered trade today with profit.

  122. Thanks, The Engulfing Trader is exceptional.

  123. Hey Timon, thank you for The Engulfing Trader Series. You have completely turned my trading around for the better, my account was in negative before I started trading this strategy and this month so far I have made over $1000 dollars in profit. This is the first time ever as a trader that I have made so much with my trading.

  124. Awesome pair. I just closed a sell trade of 150pips.
    Thank you for your efforts and teachings. I have learnt a lot from you and I only became profitable after finding your lessons on price action and the engulfing trader series.
    Before that for about a year I was just losing and blowing accounts and I had no sense of direction in the market.
    Thank you once again. I will update you on my results and performance next month.

  125. Michael FX says:

    Thanks Timon, I have now gotten access to all your training series and wanted to say a big thanks for all the help in my trading.

  126. This training is so AWESOOOOOOOME!!! I wish I had found this first, I would have saved quite a bit of money, 7 months of toil and I would probably not be typing this from my job lol!
    I appreciate your training and trading philosophies.
    Have a great week!


  127. I have been a trader for many years, trading options and the Forex market and wanted to say that The Engulfing Trader method is one of the most profitable price action trading methods I have every traded.

  128. Thanks Timon, awesome reviews and great training.

  129. Finally a no hype, easy to follow trading strategy that makes money! Thanks.

  130. Hi Timon
    I have purchased the Engulfing Trader video series. It has brought a huge change in my trading.
    I’m loving the strategy.

  131. Thanks Timon, The Engulfing Trader has changed the way I think as a trader ( in a good way ).

  132. Paul Robertson says:

    Hi Timon,
    Purchased your engulfing candle course recently, and after a few rough runs through, I finally managed to implement your two trade system and get it working for me. Once I stuck to the plan it worked just as you predicted it should. I’m drawing structure lines on every pair in the market nearly, just for practice. There is very few genuine people out there who really care, but Timon’s course is by far the best and simplistic strategy I’ve found. Good on Timon for his generous offerings, not only in the courses but also in his weekly you tube stuff. Forecasts, tips and price action videos. Thanks, I have been convinced there is still decent, honest, people left in the world.

  133. Thanks for the detailed and valuable training, I am still getting familiar with the method as I am quite new to trading, however my trading is doing much better. Also, I just recently closed a 271 pip trade with the method which is the largest profit trade I have ever closed.

  134. Hi Timon
    Having watched all your YouTube videos and weekly Forex reviews for months I decided to purchase your engulfing candle course. Firstly can I say how easy you explain everything in a very clear and easy to understand way. I just wish I had purchased the course months ago instead of trying every single indicator and strategy I came across in addition to the countless hours, money and rubbish I have read and listened to. However, no more with the engulfing course, I look forward to an easier and more profitable trading future. Fantastic course Timon, if you are ever over in the UK I owe you a few drinks….!!!!

  135. I wanted to share that I purchased your training materials back in November 2015. I’ve failed at forex trading for at least 7 years now.

    I saw the logic and your trading philosophy made perfect sense. However, at that time I could not get past the amount of patience required for trading up to the daily time-frame. With every short-term trading strategy I used, your trading philosophies remained lodged in the back of my mind. After months of failure and frustration, I revisited your engulfing trader material.

    This week I place an engulfing buy on USDCHF daily and an engulfing buy on GBPJPY daily.
    My USDCHF trade is still in the market sitting at +52 pips. My GBPJPY trade took profit on my first position at a 1:1 (182 pips), and the second position closed at break-even (123 pips). In hindsight, I should have let my GBPJPY trade move further into the profit zone before setting my break-even point. However, I’m still happy for the reward.

    Thank you for being a great teacher.

    What I’ve learned in nearly two years after receiving your training material is that I needed to learn other psychology-based lessons in order to appreciate your trading wisdom. My old trading psychology would not have ever allowed me to appreciate your methods. I needed time to change my mind. I’m very grateful that my growth took place after a short nearly two years, instead of possibly never realizing and learning from my mistakes.

    Thank you for all that you do!
    Very Respectfully,


  136. I’m so happy that I have purchased your training series I would like to thank you so much. I was capable to catch 398 pips on my first week after I was done with your trainings. Thank you so much

  137. Dear Timon, I started trading your engulfing system on my demo account last week and unbelievably netted 300 pips (lost 100 pips). WOW!! Can I do it again and in my live account?

    Sincerely Yours,
    Nervous Nelly (Lucy)

  138. What’s the difference in the two packages: DVD and the the other one? Are both in video formats?

    • Hey Richie,
      Yeah good question. The Difference between the two different versions is that the DVD version is a hard copy ( training on DVD ) of the video training, whereas the the digital version is the downloadable version of the video training.
      As a bonus, those that get access to DVD version also get the webinar video plus get access to download the digital version.

  139. Thanks Timon, I am learning so much!

  140. After blowing many accounts my girlfriend bought me the Engulfing trading strategy and I subscribed to your reviews. For the first time in a while I am starting to make money, thanks to you and your advice. I am looking forward to a successful trading career with your guidance.

  141. Thanks, great trading method!

  142. Thanks, your video course has absolutely changed my entire perception of the market.

  143. I am finally out of my losing steak and back in profit thanks to The Engulfing Trader method. Keep doing what you are doing and thanks for helping all us traders in the Forex community.

  144. After getting access to The Engulfing Trader 4 months ago, my trading started to improve almost immediately, at first I thought it was a good month, however, then the next month was good as well and then the next and so on. Now, a total of 4 profitable months later with following the trading process, I feel I am finally in control of my trading and my future.

  145. Ali Senejani says:

    The training series that changed my life from trading 5min charts to daily charts. A great strategy that will help you to understand how to trade profitably. Of course you have to put your own practice into it too and it takes time to master this beautiful probability business. But the Engulfing Trader is the key factor in this way.

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