Do You Want to Take Your Forex Trading That Step Further..?

engulfing trader packageIf so, then welcome to the official release of Training Addons for The Engulfing Trader Series. These training Addons are for all those wanting to learn more, to learn how to Trade The Engulfing Trader strategy with Fibonacci, Learn how to trade it with Trends, Learn How to Trade it with Advanced Weekly methods and also to Learn how to trade with Trend Lines and Channels. While none of these addons are essential for trading The Engulfing Trader series it allows those that want to take there trading to the next level, those that want to adapt it to more methods which coincide with the original series. And also for those that are seeking more answers in order to improve there trading overall. The Addons detailed below are also the extras which I go over in Coaching once people understand and have adapted to the original strategy as they are all linked to its base.

In a way they are the advanced methods that once a student is ready I reveal to them in the last stages of coaching.

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To purchase and get access to these extra Training addons is simple, all you need to do is purchase which one you would like to learn below. In each addon will be a comprehensive video training which you can download and watch at your own leisure and for learning. Please be aware owning the original Engulfing Trader Series is essential in all training series below ( other than the Trend Training Series which it is optional ), in order to understand these extra forms of training and so if you have not purchased it yet you can do so clicking here before considering ordering any of the extra bonus training addons below.

Current Training Addons 


Trend Training Addon – In this training extension and addon I will go over what to look for in the beginning of trend formations and what exactly to look for at the ends. During these assessments I will reveal clear entry points to execute trades going in the direction of that trend bias. This execution will include where to place stop losses, where to consider getting out of positions and where to consider holding on partial positions. This addon is for all those that want to use the benefit of Understanding The Engulfing Trader or any other high Probability Trading Strategy combined with the benefits of understanding micro and major trends in the Forex Market.

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fibonacci retracement training seriesFibonacci Retracement Training Addon – In this Forex Training Addon I will go over exactly how to coincide The Engulfing Trader Series and the knowledge learned from The 5 Day Trend Training Series with using Fibonacci Retracement at the same time.

Areas of training that will be explored include finding the right market for using the Fibonacci Retracement Tool, How to use the tool for extra confluence in your existing trading and how to identify high probability zones in order to trade with this tool as a powerful extra confluence of entry.

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Advanced Weekly Chart Training Addon – The Advanced weekly chart Training Addon is for all those that want to learn to Trade the Weekly Charts in focus as well as coinciding with The Engulfing Trader Series as well. It is also for those that want to simplify  there trading even more. In this training series, I will reveal how with the weekly chart there is no need to focus on many of the elements that most traders do including forgetting about structure completely. Things and aspects learnt include identifying the signal, how to trade the signal and how to manage the trade for maximum profits.

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Channels and Trendlines Training Addon – In this module I go over how to identify crucial Trendlines and channels in the market, how to know if they are valid, how to draw them and how to trade them as well using the principles once again of The Engulfing Trader series. Aspects learnt in this video Training Addon include finding the channel and trendline, identifying the signal and then trading that signal including where to place stop losses, where to consider taking some of your profits off and where to consider holding onto positions for much higher profits overall.

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More Addons Coming – Let me know your requests by contacting me here.