The Engulfing Trader – Expected January 2014

Just a quick update for you all on what is happening behind the scenes here at Forex Reviews over the next few months. Currently we are working on finishing our product called The Engulfing Trader which will be available sometime in January 2014. Yes, that is right, finally after many edits a release date will be set and complete for this project.

engulfing trader package

In summary and a quick rundown of the product, it will be available in two parts, one being the core book guide on how to trade the engulfing price action strategy and the second part being a three part video series going over structure in part one, what to look for in an engulfing candle in part 2 and where to look for them. In the third video I will be going over taking action in order to trade. Where to place stops, where to lock in and where to take profits or lock in more profits in order to get as much out of the market as possible in every trade.

As described in the video above, this strategy will be able to be traded on all time frames however for profitability sake it is preferable on the higher time frames due to higher time frames being higher probability. However overall depending on your preference you can use as you like ranging from trading on the 15 minute chart structure, all the way up to the daily or weekly charts.

product forex

As advertised in the video above, expected price for The Engulfing Trader will be around $49.95.

Those that are interested in it and want to know any questions on the product feel free to comment your thoughts or questions below.

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  1. I am eager to learn more from you, your videos and lessons have improved my trading immensely! I am actually feeling over confident and positive for my trading and i know that i have to calm my self and save more money for my trading. Only take best looking setups and not be afraid of losses in a row but keep taking every low risk trade with moderate risk and profits sure will come.. And i sure need to start doing other things too than just work and study technicals like work out to have some balance… Will it be possible to pay you through sites like Paypal or I just dont have any open credit card at the moment.. : /

  2. Enjoying the series. Looking forward to seeing your product.

  3. Very interested. Great news.

  4. This is great and yes my trading is going well too, thank you Timon

  5. Where do I buy it, I am interested?

  6. hi timon…..looking forward to the release date….hope its the first of a series on price action signals…..

    • Thanks Tony.. Yeah much more planned by next year in that area and lots of good content planned on the way in the way of videos. Thanks for the feedback, will keep you all updated.. 😉

      Happy Trading.

  7. Jaya Ganthan says:

    Can you open pre-order now Timon?

  8. Thanks Tim i am very glad. I hope it is New Year gift.



  9. I have to admit that you are most generous man i have met.. giving all this information for free and still some shit ignorant people flame you in youtube! First off i very much love your video “HOW TO DEAL with HATERS and BULLIES” in youtube. Secondly.. i have been experiencing very succes with your engulfing candle teachings. I am confident i have finally become succesful positiontrader.. I am most interested entering trades with max leverage and minimum risk on 15min or even 5min and hold trades for longterm! Everything has improved in my trading tremendously!! a million time thanks to you Timon!

  10. Hi Timon, congratulations, best wishes, luck and much success with your new forex course. Be sure to know that i’ll be one of your first customers. I can tell you straight out that your forex product is way, way, way underpriced. You should be charging no less than $200. I have learned 100 times more from your free youtube videos and website than i have from others changing much more than $200. Now some tips to greatly improve your future chart video demonstrations, you should zoom in much closer on all your chart video demonstrations. Also, all your future chart video demonstrations should be done on white charts not black charts. You can see the visual details of a video demo much better on white charts than on black charts. Gus.

    • Hey Gus,
      Thanks heaps for the great feedback and feedback on the product as well. Yeah, I wanted to make it affordable to anyone, however I know it is way more valuable than that in the amount of information, coaching and bonuses. Really appreciate your feedback and will also jot down your pointers. Overall thanks Gus.

      Have a nice day.

  11. Hey Timon,

    Havent noticed another place to give feedback on your product yet, so I thought I would leave it here. Using this method, has offered a simple and stress free alternative to the hustle and bustle of crazy indicators and emotional trading. On my way to make a 10% return on my account the first week, using low risk trading. Very well put together and worth 100 times what you are charging. Cheers

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