The Candlestick Trading Series

Looking for more tips on Trading Candlesticks? Well, coming soon here to Forex Reviews is a Candlestick Training series, in that series I will be going over how I assess candlesticks on a regular basis and how you too can see them from the bigger picture as well in trading. Aspects included in the training include how to read the story of the price chart and when to start looking at candlesticks as a great price action filter. Overall lot’s of aspects covered.

As I have mentioned on many occasions on this blog, in order to be a very successful trader we must learn how to effectively read the charts, candle stick patterns are exactly one of those important factors as part of Price Action which will help a trader certain types of Trades from the Forex Chart.

pinbar example

Using Candlesticks will not only give you better results in trading overall for your future trades with the candle stick being a filter, but will also allow you to enter the market before any other standard indicator will say so. Because of this reason learning this type of  price action effectively can greatly improve your edge in the Forex market overall.

The Candlestick Training Series

The Candlestick Training Series is available here at Forex Reviews. A training series focused on how to include effectively candlesticks in your trading, how to identify transitions using candlesticks and how to assess potential reward using candlesticks as well.

candlestick training series

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Timon Weller is the professional Trader behind the blog Forex Reviews as well as a Teacher of Price Action Trading and creator of the popular Training Series teaching people how to trade Price Action effectively called The Engulfing Trader. For other Forex Training available here at Forex Reviews click here.

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  1. Hans Fredrik Solbakken says:

    Hi Timon in the video in the beginning it appears that the maker of the series emphasis that when you have doji at the bottom of a down trend you need a bullish next candle to confirm the signal of an upward moving trend. Would not this also be logical with a doji at the top of an uptrend and you in this situation also need a bearish conformation as an indication of a next bearish trend. The maker only talks about the dojis at the bottom of the trend that needs a bullish confirmation in the next candle, this is not clear in the video

    • Hey Hans,
      Hows it going? The url you added was broken, however yeah a doji usually appears at high or low as it is an indecision candle ( even battle between bulls and bears ) and then price after that can confirm move direction. Sometimes a dip or top, sometimes a sideways and then continuation from indecision. ( So next candle is decision as you say above. )


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