The 5 Day Trend Training Series Has Launched

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The 5 Day Trend Training Series is available to get access to right now, a series focused on improving a traders edge in understanding and using trends to the best of their ability plus building confidence of how the market moves overall whether long term or short term. With this knowledge you will be able to take it and apply it in your arsenal to improve entries, exits or build confidence of knowing when to hold a position long term.

Series Duration – Over 3 hours.
Series Activities – Daily Questionnaire
Suitable for – All traders from Beginners to Intermediate to those wanting to get an edge by understanding the trend in a deeper way.
Video Parts – 7 Video Parts over 5 Days or 5 Major Parts.

To Find Out More or Get Access Now.

About Timon Weller

Timon Weller is the professional Trader behind the blog Forex Reviews as well as a Teacher of Price Action Trading and creator of the popular Training Series teaching people how to trade Price Action effectively called The Engulfing Trader. For other Forex Training available here at Forex Reviews click here.

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  1. Just finished The 5 Day Trend Training Series and once again learned so much more about trading. Your explanations of how trends work were simple, easy to follow and made sense. Highly recommended.

  2. Loved the series, thanks for sharing your knowledge..

  3. This is a great series, looking at the charts in a whole new way, & seeing trends as they happen.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback Hopper. Yeah once you start seeing them and train the eye to it for a while, they literally will start popping out everywhere Important reason why I lead the series from the 5 minute to the daily chart was to help train peoples eye to the developments of these trends and price moves on all different scales.

      Have a great day and happy trading..

  4. Another great Forex Training Series. Lot’s of aspects learned.

  5. I must say I am not one that normally gives feedback on products but I just have to say this about the Trend Training series. It is the most explicit training I have ever seen on Forex trading. I have been trading for a while myself and I must say the insight on spotting trends is just amazing. I wish I had this in the early years of my trading career. I had previously purchased the Engulfing Trader series and I have made some nice pips with that. Highly recommended!

  6. Mousa alasmari says:

    Just finished The 5 Day Trend Training Series, thanks a lot Timon. I think u still have more for us and we are waiting for it.

  7. Great Training Series and amazing value. Thanks.

  8. Amazing insight into trends, great for beginners as well.

  9. Justin. B says:

    Yay, got 14 out of 14 in the overall trend quiz. Loved the series Timon, learnt a lot once again.

  10. Loved the series, I learned a lot.

  11. Wanted to come back and share my thoughts on this latest series: The best series on Trends I have ever watched. Clear, precise and easy to follow logic with plenty of demonstrations.

    Well worth the money and investment.

  12. Great Series. I feel much more confident about trends now. Highly recommended.

  13. Great Series Timon, learned a lot, so much more than I expected on trends. I have done many forms of training in Forex over the years and wanted to share that I have learned more from you over the last few days than in years of book reading and training.

    Looking forward to anymore future training and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    Regards from Abel in California USA.

  14. Abimbola says:

    Hi Timon,

    Thank you very much for sharing your forex system and knowledge. Your trading system makes so much sense to me. All the trainings I have attended and books cannot be compared. I am definitely going to buy your Engulfing trading system.

    The knowledge you have shared on this site and youtube cannot be quantified. Ever since I watched all your youtude videos, I have had sleepless nights because of excitement and happiness that forex trading could be this simple and understandable.

    You are a gem !!!

    Thanks a million.

  15. Great training series, learnt a lot.
    Looking forward to the next major training.

  16. Timon all the free advice you’ve been giving is much appreciated. I wanted to thank you especially by supporting your work and I just bought your Trend Training Series…..All the best! Sal

  17. Just finished the Trending Series……. As is the case with all of Timon’s video’s and posts, an excellent read! Both beginners and intermediate level traders will find value in this.
    However, I wanted to make a post here for two specific reasons……

    1) Being a former teacher myself I have found that there are some people who are great at their profession but lack the ability to mentor or teach their trade in a clear and easy to understand format. Timon does NOT fall into that category. Since being recommended to his work by a friend of mine I have found him to be consistently excellent at using charts, videos and blogs in a concise and easy to understand teaching format.

    2) Going through different review websites and blogs, I have found a lot of fear among people regarding bad business practices and poor customer service. I want everyone to know that Timon is an extremely professional man who has been attentive to every email I sent him and he was also extremely helpful and quick to reply to me on one occasion where I made an error in my ordering process.

  18. Got access to this training as well and for all those wondering how effective it is for using in your trading let me give a bit of a rundown. The approach used in this series is highly effective and for Trend analysis I have never come across better. Timon lays it out in a easy to follow manner and also not only that guides you into seeing the Trend in the right way. Many traders such as myself tended to try to pick tops and bottoms all the time and this series helps turn your trading around to a more easy Trend focused manner. Not only that the high probability areas he goes over in the series are priceless and great for either the Daytrader ( such as myself ) or the long term hold trader.

    This knowledge and training overall is priceless and I highly recommend this Training to all traders.

  19. Chris and Jess says:

    I have been applying the trading concepts taught in the Trend Training Series to my trading and wanted to let everyone know that I just recently had a over 300 pip week last week using the concepts taught in this series. And to think, with low draw down on the account as well.

    Thanks for everything,
    Chris and Jess, U.K.

  20. Very impressed with the Forex Training. 5 out of 5.

    Thanks for the training and sharing your knowledge Timon, I now feel much more confident with Trends and learnt aspects I had never even noticed before. I can now, see clearly the trends on the chart. Highly recommended Training for all those wanting to understand trends better and those wanting to know how to trade the Trend as well.

  21. Very glad I got access to the 5 Day Trend Training Series, been trying to understand trends and how to trade them for years.

    Nelson, NZ

  22. Spot on for what I was looking for, thanks for the great Training.

  23. Learned so much in this training about Trends, just had to come back and share how much value is in this series. Well worth the small investment ( amazing value ), more value than any other Forex Training I have taken. I am already starting to see some impressive results as well using what is taught in the course. Thanks again.

  24. Timon, you really simplify the concept of breaking down how the market moves and where to take action. ( I am a big fan ) I love all the training you are providing here, The 5 Day Trend Training Series being a big thumbs up from me. Your teaching has been so valuable to me and to the my family.


  25. Hey Timon, Firstly thanks for everything. I have been a trader for a long time and wanted to share the value that is in this Trend Series to everyone. I got access to this training a few weeks ago and currently applying aspects learned in the series to my trading. So far had exceptional results from implementing the trend evidence component. I like that it can be applied to any time frame.
    Also, It helped me put together many aspects that I thought I knew about trends together that I had no idea about such as getting in on trends early or how to hold.

    Overall great Training and wanted to let you know as well that I will be recommending you highly.

    Sandy, New York

  26. Great Training, highly recommended!

  27. Paul and Sara says:

    Great Training Timon, been applying the aspects in the series and now I feel so much more confident in my trading. Thanks for providing such valuable learning.

  28. Got access to the Series a few weeks ago, great training and highly recommended to all types of traders. Only wish I had gotten access earlier.

  29. I am a day trader and this series was exactly what I have been looking for trading with the Trend.
    Thanks for the great Training.

    Donald – U.K.

  30. What a great combo in trading, I got access to The Engulfing Trader a little over a month ago and that was great, however when combined with The 5 Day Trend Series as well it really helps make sense of the complete market and how it moves. I now feel much more confident in my trading and I owe it all to what this site has to offer. Thanks so much for this great training.

  31. Guilherme Carvalho says:

    What can I say? Just this : “Why I didnΒ΄t learn this before?”. I can answer this myself: “because there was not such a person like Timon to teach me”. The way he shows it, it is more clever then ever. An amazing series of videos. Now I see the market with “other” eyes. Thank you so much for this and the other videos too. Your weekly analysis are awesome.

  32. Great training, I got access last month to this training and since then I have had multiple profitable weeks. Also, I am now much more confident now in how I assess the markets.

    Many thanks,

  33. Exactly what I was looking for, how trends work in the market explained in such a easy to follow manner. Highly Recommended. Thanks.

  34. This training has changed my trading completely for the better, actually it has changed my life. I used to be one of those counter trend type traders where I was always trying to pick a top or a bottom on a Forex chart. I never looked at trends or even new how to identify areas to trade in trends. This was always one of my weaknesses in trading. It was not until 3 months ago I found the 5 Day Trend Training Series which changed my trading completely. At first, it was a big change for me as I did not fully understand the power of trends in trading, now that has changed as well. I now feel ready to trade with a deeper understanding of market trends and a deeper understanding of how price action works as well.

    Thanks again for helping me so much in my trading.

  35. Great Training, I cannot thank you enough. Over the years I have done many forms of Forex Courses in which I have spent a lot of money. It was not until I came across the training here at Forex Reviews that everything started coming together for me as a trader. Highly recommended for all those wanting to take Price Action trading seriously.

  36. Such a informative and effective training. I am blown away. Not understanding trends very well has always been my weakness in my trading for a long time and this training series helped point me in the right direction.

  37. Another amazing training series Timon, so glad I found this website. The learning curve has been huge for me and my trading has improved a lot thanks to you.

    Thanks again.
    – Travis

  38. Jason here, thanks for sharing how to trade with Trends and Price Action. The results I am getting are great. Trends in the past have always been one of my weaknesses and this series has turned that around. Thanks.

  39. A big thanks from me. I have been Back Testing the Trend Method extensively and the results are amazing. I cannot wait to trade it live.

  40. Simply the best training series on trends and how to benefit from them as well.

  41. I have been following this website for quite a while and recently got access to the Trend Training, just wanted to say great value, I learned a lot and I appreciate all of the training you provide. You have helped me immensely improve as a trader and to be much more profitable.
    All the best,

  42. One of the biggest hurdles for me in trading as a trader was identifying trends, however this training changed that. Now I see and recognize trends clearly on the chart.

  43. Thanks to this training I can now look at the charts and know what to do next. Absolutely an amazing feeling.

  44. Wow, I’ve spoken to so called experts or “mentors” who have pretty much just skirted over a very important aspect of trading.
    Thanks Timon for putting together an easy to understand, and implement training package.

    • You’re welcome Anthony, thanks for sharing the great feedback on the training.
      Glad to be helping traders such as yourself improve in this business.

  45. I just finished with the engulfing candle series and I could not have enough of it, because it was mind blowing, easy to understand and priceless. I cannot thank you enough mr. Timon you just set me free from these complicated forex trading system out there. Can’t wait to buy the Five day trend trading series this weekend. Sincerely, Wendel. USA

  46. Hi Timon, I just ordered your Engulfing series and did my first trade and won it πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to learn more, like you said in one of your videos, I was about to give up but said NO! I am going to learn how to be a great trader no matter what the cost! I am not a quitter and this is my passion I won’t give up, and I think now that I have found you I am on the right track πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the great info. I will be watching everything I can get my hands on over the next few weeks and months. πŸ™‚

  47. A big fan of this course. It helped me in so many ways in my trading, to be more profitable and to know what to expect from the market next when looking at the trend.

  48. Thanks Timon for the Trend Training, just wanted to come back and let you know that I am getting great results.

  49. Another great trading week using the training. Made 263 pips this week.
    Thanks Timon.

  50. Thank you so much for this training course. Your explanation of trend evidence is easy to understand, easy to follow and very effective.
    I now use it in all my trading.
    Thanks again.

  51. Thanks for the Trend Training. I can see now after going over the series and practising identifying the market trends why it is such an important aspect to include in ones trading. I have learned so much. Thanks for sharing how the market really works.

  52. Thanks for the course Timon. Incredible value and what you teach is life changing. Thanks again.

  53. Thanks again Timon. This training has helped me in so many ways as a trader. And I am now seeing major improvements in my trading so a big thanks for everything. This training being my most recent training I got access to and next I will get The Candlestick Training Series.

  54. Thanks Timon. I feel like I am putting my running shoes on with this course ( meaning I am learning fast ). It has been very helpful.

  55. I have just finished the series ( The 5 Day Trend Training Series ) and I am now looking forward to apply the method and approach in my trading.

  56. Awesome Series, thanks.

  57. Unreal. I just started trading this method on AUDUSD 4 hour chart last week and had a very profitable week.

  58. The 5 Day Trend Training Series is a excellent training addition to The Engulfing Trader, it really helps put the technical trend focus in perspective when looking at the market. Thanks for the lessons.

  59. I tried putting your training series in to practice on ecn-markets and i had great success so i would like to say a big thank you for this valuable resource. Please keep going.

  60. Straight to the point training, easy to follow and implement.

  61. Thanks Timon, this training really helped me identify market direction.
    Also it really helped build my confidence.

  62. I finished the 5 Day Trend Training today. Having watched the other two series as well, it is all now coming together. Love the shaded rectangle which I finally found and have just used it on the GBPUSD for the last two hours. It makes the support and resistance levels much clearer. I made over 286 pips in this time buying and selling using the 1 minute and 5 minute charts. Pity I am still on the Demo account!! Thank you for the videos. After 8 months(the last two with you) I am finally understanding the Trend following process. I look forward to your next series. One question. Where do I find the line with the arrow that you use to point out up and down retracements? The diagonal line just makes one long line.

    • Hey Geoff,
      Thanks for the feedback and for getting access to the training. With the diagonal trend line if you uncheck ray in parameters ( trend line properties ) it will become short or as long as needed.
      As for the arrows, that is a part of the video editing program I use in editing.

  63. Thanks and appreciation for the helpful training on trading trends. For a long time I had difficulty defining a trending market and now I feel like I am seeing the charts with new eyes.

  64. Spot on, structure based trend trading at its finest. Every trader wanting to be a professional trader should watch and learn this series.

  65. Great strategy, I have been trading this method on the 5 minute and 15 minute time frame and it has been performing well.

  66. I want to thank you Timon for all the courses and training.
    With your education, I’ve been able to turn my trading around for the better.

  67. I have been trading this method for quite a while now, over 6 months and very happy with the results, wanted to share my thanks for changing my life as a trader.

  68. Thanks Timon, this is another excellent series.

  69. Nice work, thanks, I will suggest your training to other traders.

  70. Great training, trading the trend has always been confusing to me as a trader however you have made in this training a often complicated topic easy to understand. Thanks.

    Michelle – New Zealand

  71. Thanks Timon, this trading method was exactly what I was looking for.
    ‘Easy to learn, profitable and trend based.’

  72. Thank you Forex Reviews!

  73. Hey Timon, thanks for all the training and videos.

  74. Thank you Timon for teaching me how to trade, this training has taught me to see the chart in a completely different way.

  75. I have watched many of your videos online and have purchased all your courses apart from candlesticks. I have learnt more from these than any other training I have invested in.

  76. Frantz K Prevalon says:

    I finished this course today and it was nothing but amazing. Thanks for the clarity, I’m looking forward to getting your other courses.

  77. Thanks Timon, I love your teaching approach to trading the market.

  78. After the Engulfing Trader series, I got later the 5 Days series and really appreciate the way how Timon is presenting things as simple as he can. I recommend this series to every trader instead of paying thousands of dollars elsewhere. I appreciate also the fact that he is always taking care of my emails and gives me valued tips. Good job Timon.

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