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Have you heard of Social Trading? If not, then now is the time to go over your investments. Social Trading is one of the most lucrative and profitable forms of Forex Trading out there, full stop. It gives a normal beginner trader the ability to discuss openly with other top Forex Traders on what to buy, what to sell and who to copy. This can mean massive profits if done right, let me explain a little further.

What is Social Trading?

If you are new to this concept overall then you are like the other many others out there, social trading is a form of trading where aspects of social networks is used in order to find out who is trading what, who to copy and who to follow. It is a totally new ball game for investing and allows any trader to duplicate and make more money from Forex. First off, you may have heard of the recent success of Facebook billions. Well imagine that but you getting some of the profits. That is where one very unique online Forex provider comes in, that provider is Etoro. Combining the powers of social engines with the combined powers of profitable Forex trading they have done what no other online company could do. They have totally transformed the Forex market by allowing a trader to copy other traders in a open marketplace, traders Totally hands free, that even puts the best of best Forex robots to shame.

Above – Personal Account at Etoro – Come Join them and discuss future Trades on Etoro and make money together..

What Sort of Profits is there From Social Trading?

Like anything where investments are concerned you want the best return am i right, well how about a over 100 percent return per month or per year. That means if you invested in a top Forex Trader that shows those results and give you that return over the year then even a $1000 dollar investment could potentially turn into $2000 or more, now that is what i call a great return. Etoro has that with the lowest risk as well. How you may ask, because they have done what no other Forex provider has ever done, they have opened the doors to revealing all traders results.  Whether they are good or bad, so you can narrow down who is a Forex God or Guru and follow them, or even better copy them for automatic gains.

Of course choosing is important as past results do not necessarily imply future results so take the time to pick the right traders that suit you.

Social Trading - etoro low risk high gain traders copytrader

Above – Copy Traders that always win and have high gain, that is what i call smart Forex Trading..!

All Results Shown in Social Trading?

You want to know how much a trader makes daily, how much they performed over the week, the month, the year, the all time, well Etoro has that covered with there Social Trading system. All you have to do is go to your Trader you like and check there daily results, weekly results or even there by the minute results. Not only that but with the by the minute feed you will be able to see what they trade, when they trade and why. This will enable any newbie to copy, to profit and to be more confident each time they place a Forex Trade.

results of social trading

Above – Results speak for themselves, imagine over 462.4 percent gain in 1 month.. That is outstanding results.. From a $100 dollar investment with this top trader above you would have a return on your account of around $600 dollars.. Nice hey..

What are the results of Social Forex Trading?

Good question, well recently i copied a trader named Tanoli, a great trader from Australia and the results were great first week in, from my initial investment with him of just over $20 dollars, his account now sits around $60 dollars within a few weeks. You see that is the power of copying another trader, you place your investment amount in Etoro and then when they buy and sell and profit your account also profits. This shows two things, they are performing an secondly that they are making you money.  That shows the power of a simple small investment, think of the potentials when it comes to copying a small among many  of the top Traders.

And to think some of the top traders in Etoro have over a  over 70% success rate on all Forex Trades, think about the profit of copying someone like that. You could turn a simple $100 dollar investment into $1000 over a year or even more. Copy more traders and increase that overall Profit.. The sky is the limit really.

Etoro Makes Facebook Look Overrated – Social Just Got Very Lucrative..!

If you use Facebook and love investing and making money, then Etoro is for you, simply sign up for FREE, check out what Etoro has to offer, chat with the top traders and get a feel of what can be be possible, hey you can even setup a free demo account copy some top traders and see for yourself the return potential over a couple of months before you are even willing to put down a dime. That is what makes Etoro so much better, they put there money where there mouth is and provide a service that is free where you can literally see the amazing results.

Now do not get me wrong it is true, Forex trading can be risky, I know and i learned the hard way, however like anything we all get better, what Etoro has done is take that risk out, simply copy the top traders with investing and then only do your own trades when you feel confident with your first real trade. Hey maybe even wait until a top guru tells you it is a good time. Etoro has that and more. They have made Social Trading fun and exciting and best of all lucrative.

Above – Introduction to the concept of Forex Social Trading by Etoro.

Online Forex Forums or Social Trading?

If you are the type that loves online Forex Forums then Social trading is your heaven. It provides all aspects of discussion on peoples profiles, on currency’s up to the minute while also allowing you to trade when you feel the time is right. This is what i call the ultimate free Forex indicator. And nothing can compare, now is the time to try Etoro..

Another good option for copying performing traders is Zulutrade.

Social Trading is the Future..

Like i said earlier what is the future of Forex Trading? Should you open an account with a random broker, start trading, win trades, lose trades and do it the hard way? Or would you prefer to get in where the future is heading, step aside Facebook, make the step to setup your future investment. Open an account with a company that is both innovative and so unique, open an account with what could be your most lucrative choice ever. That is what i call Social Trading in a nutshell..

To sign up for a free Etoro Account.

Another good option for copying performing traders is Zulutrade.

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  1. Yeah, I just started using Etoro and am very impressed, i made my first lot of money in one day and i did nothing, just copied a guru in there program.. So easy and a great investment.. Very Happy..

  2. Could not of said it better myself, Etoro is amazing and I am just happy i started with them with beginning into Forex..

  3. I love it cause i love Facebook and i definitely waste to much time on Forex Forums and this social engine, i will sign up through you next week, thanks for the share.. Page bookmarked!

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