Simple Forex Tester – MT4 Backtesting Program

Like I have mentioned before in many of my videos and posts in the past, back testing is one of the biggest secret keys to learning how to be a successful trader. While you can do by simply pressing the F12 key and pulling back the charts there is an added feeling of more real trading when done through a good piece of back testing software.

That is where Simple Forex Tester comes in, one of the best Mt4 back testing software out there that does just that, allows a trader to go back into history and trade years of previous data.

You may just want to test a price action pattern for a day or you may just want to go back test structure trading, whatever it is this simple program can help you test your strategy going back many years, heck it even allows you to add multiple indicators or whatever to suit your fancy. Just like any other MT4 chart.. Find out for once, if indeed your strategy is profitable over 2 years or heck even longer ( make sure your mt4 provider allows longer history, some limit it to two years of Mt4 History)..

Anyways, I will stop talking for now, watch the video below to see this software in action…

Above – Simple Forex Tester in action.

F.A.Q.simple forex tester

  1. One of the most common questions about these types of programs, is does it allow me to see my results of back testing? Yes it does.. It shows all stats.
  2. Second most common question is can you pause it and speed it up how quickly the chart moves during the testing, yes you can as shown in the video.
  3. Can one open multiple trades in the testing sequence? Yes you can with this back testing program.
  4. Lastly, can it really improve overall trading? Heck yes, think on this, if you are a soldier, can you be good by not training..? Forex is no different, it is an art and skill just like what the soldier has to go through and the charts are the battleground. It is paramount that like anything to train and then train some more and when you feel lazy train once again.

The last point in the frequently asked questions is a good point, I mean I have not met a single profitable or consistently profitable trader that has not done extensive back testing. It is part of the business like any other business out there, the tool is the chart and the back testing is the vehicle to your own success. It is as simple as that, you need to harden and train the mind over structure, over price action and so many other factors, this tool is beyond value.  It is essential, full stop..

simple forex tester

Benefits of Simple Forex Tester

Summary of benefits –

  1. Works with Mt4
  2. Is Affordable and cheap
  3. Has a Money Back Guarantee, if in case it is not for you..
  4. Easy to set up, just like any other EA in Mt4, just follow the easy to follow steps after purchase.
  5. Allows training of no risk to capital which could seriously save you thousands or even more.
  6. Allows you to create confidence of your strategy and build the process factor or profit and loss being a part of trading.
  7. Many more, go to the site to see more..

Update – I currently do not recommend this program due to it not working properly on many latest MT4 platforms. This happened recently with the many MT4 updates this year. Currently waiting on a reply from creator of application yet no response so far. Hopefully the creator gets his program fixed in future to be compliant with modern MT4.

Because of the reason detailed above I now recommend traders check out Forex Tester 2 for back testing.

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  1. Just started using this program for back testing a few weeks ago, thanks for the recommendation Timon, found out about it from you. Now It did take me a while to get used to but I am used to it now.. Works great and for the cost I cannot complain as well.

    For those that use MT4, it is a great tool. Would recommend.

  2. Hey Timon,
    I am a beginner in forex and I want to use forex tester to learn rather than a demo account. How do i go about it pls. Thank you.

  3. Menzi Ndlela says:

    Hi Timon

    Thanks for the updates and I appreciate all the help. I am now gaining confidence as i had lost it during the loses. I am currently educating myself from your videos on how to do naked trading, engulfing, etc.
    After watching your training videos I picked up my mistakes, now I am learning to correct them.
    You the best at this game.


    Hi Timon,

    May I ask about Forex Tester 3? Is it much better? since your blog is not updated today and now is 2017. would you recommend? Thanks!

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