Recommended Forex Tools


A Laptop

Laptop – A good laptop is always the first tool on the list, you want a laptop that firstly has a lot of RAM, 4GB minimum if you ask with a video card that is at least 1 GB as well. The reason being is a lot of broker software can actually be a big system hog on your computer. This means that you may think there is something wrong with a broker when in fact it maybe your computer that is lagging. I know for a fact that the webtrader on Etoro can lag a lot with a slow computer so this is one example of possible issues. Also MT4 can start to lag if your computer is slow as well, so make sure to get a good one. After all it will be processing money trades for you.

The good news is for a good laptop these days it is very inexpensive. A good one can be purchased for around $500 to $1000 with all the needed requirements. My recommended laptop of choice is an ASUS.

mt4 platform

MT4 Is a Must Have

Mt4 – Available from many brokers online MT4 is a must have for a trader as it allows the trader to see clear chart patterns and price action and allows the trader to customize to suit them with ease. Plus it has other additions like allowing EA’s to be used in conjunction with the software and a whole lot more. The benefits of MT4 are too many to name. The good news is Mt4 is available for free from many brokers if you open a demo account. One good example of this is with XM Markets or with Hot Forex.

Autochartist Software

Autochartist  РAutochartist is a powerful tool available from brokers such as Go Markets for live account holders, it automatically detects patterns and high opportunity signals on many pairs and many different time frames. This is a particularly good tool for beginners who have trouble detecting patterns on the chart. Let Autochartist be your guide.


Forex Tester 2 – Backtesting Galore

Backtesting is an essential element of developing to be a successful trader, one such program that does this well is the Forex Tester 2. Affordable and adaptable, this product and tool has many functions and benefits. Too many to name just here. To find out more click here.