Professional Price Action Trading Strategy Video Webinar

Learning good price action can be hard for any trader. There is always new lessons we can learn to improve and get better. That is one of the amazing aspects of Forex, there is always something new we can learn. Even when it is just a new way of seeing the market.

In the video below analyst Navin Prithyani from Urban Forex shares his technique of price action trading. This technique has allowed him to make money from Forex for over 5 years.

While it is not exactly the same way I trade, it covers a lot of important principles in trading overall.

His style combines using support and resistance lines ( commonly called pivot points in the market ) from the last three days and then looking for pin bars at these areas for entry, then at the first trouble area on the chart either locking in guaranteed profits or taking profit.

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  1. Hi Timon, Firstly.. Thank you heaps. Your site and info will definitely assist me in becoming more consistent. I would like to ask you who your preferred broker is and for what reason; or if you can just generalise as to what we should look for in a broker. I am currently with Axitrader using MT4 and it seems to be going well. Thanks in advance. James.

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