Are You Looking For More Price Action Training? 

Welcome to the Premium Video Training page here at Forex Reviews. From this page you will be able to get access to extra training at the website at a small fee, training covering all sorts of Price Action topics that offer more than the free videos at the website or channel, as well as add more valued learning to those that have gotten access to the core training at the website.

Requirements: Before checking out the Premium Training Videos available, I would recommend first learning the core training at the website such as The Engulfing Trader, The 5 Day Trend Training Series, The Candlestick Training Series or The Fibonacci Retracement Training Series. These training series teach High Probability methods of trading the Forex Market using Price Action as well as also teach what I refer to as core market dynamic processes.

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Premium training videos

Training Topics:

  • A Video Training Series called The Price Action Trader Series
  • Low Risk High Reward Trading – Video Guide to Trading on Lower Time Frames
  • Weekly Chart Trader – A Inside Look into Trading Price Action on The Weekly Chart
  • How to Make a Trading Plan That Suits You as a Trader – Video and Make A Trading Plan Guide Sheet
  • Advanced Averaging Entry Method – A High Performing Entry Method That Uses Risk Averaging to a Traders Advantage to Make Exceptional Profits – Advanced Video Guide.
  • One Great Trade – Video Guide to Holding and Managing Trades Long Term in the Trend.
  • And much, much more..