New Etoro WebTrader Has Way More Features For Traders!

If you are using Etoro or are thinking of using etoro, you will be happy to know that they today just introduced a improvement on there old webtrader platform. With the new webtrader you will be able to open trades more easily, set more realistic stop losses, set alarms for certain prices, drag and drop trades and see market sentiment. So many improvements that I had to post on it. Not only that they now only show gain once it passes the spread amount which means more accurate viewing of your profit when it happens.

All these features and more can be seen in the screenshot below provided by Etoro.

etoro webtrader new features screenshot

Features of the New Etoro Webtrader Platform

  1. The Webtraders View – Adjust to how you like
  2. Set Alarm – Set alarm without having to open a trade, set and when it goes off look at the charts and decided then depending on how it looks to you. This improves trading a lot, just set you predefined buy and sell alarms and when one goes off go and assess a possible trade.
  3. Buy / Sell Buttons – Better placed buy and sell buttons
  4. Daily, Monthly and Weekly View
  5. Market Sentiment – This a great new feature that allows the trader to see what all the other traders feel with this market and a percentage to see what the view is whether be buying or selling. This can be used as a indicator if the market will turn to buying or selling. Every time you see over 90% take notice of it..
  6. One Click Trading – Same as before..
  7. Copy Traders Avatar – Now you can see the avatar which looks awesome however does take up a bit of space if you have a small monitor so may be time to buy a bigger screen if so..
  8. Net Profit – This column is great because now it shows profit only once the trade passes the spread.
  9. Account Summary– Shows all the features like before however is more efficient showing how it all works with equity etc.

    new trade box on etoro

  10. Trade Box – Not one up there on the chart however now Etoro allows you open a trade box and keep it open, before you would have to open the trade by a certain time otherwise the box would close, now you can open a trade box and wait as long as you want. This is a feature i always wanted from Etoro and i am sure it was a much needed improvement for many others on there as well.. Just above is an example screenshot of the new trade box in action.
  11. Drag and Drop Trades – Another new feature that i think many will like is the new drag and drop feature that they have implemented, this allows you to left click the mouse over buy trade or sell trade on what you like and then drag it over to the trade area for the trade box to open, you can also do this with order by selecting the order tab and then dragging what buy or sell you like into here, then the trade box will open and you can select what exact order area you want for selling or buying. Definitely a new cool feature this one.

There are many more features coming Etoro is saying and I have my fingers crossed for a trailing stop, however with these new features so far I much more happy about there platform.

If you have not tried Etoro before, they are in a nutshell the largest investment Forex network online that allows traders to trade, to copy professional traders, follow professional traders 9 ( all for free ) and drive a extra income from the largest market on the planet, the currency exchange market.

To sign up for a free Forex demo / live Account with Etoro or to read my conciseĀ  Etoro Forex Review.

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