Mastering Psychology in Trading Series

How do you feel about the market overall? Do you feel that you have your Psychology under control? If not, that is okay. These are both great questions and should be asked by all traders, in this series called Mastering Psychology in Trading, I take a inside look into how a trader can form all sorts of bad trading habits over time and how as a trader one can conquer it as well.

Habits such as cutting losses early or taking profits too early or not allowing trend based trades to run to there full ability. We focus on how they are formed over time for traders, due to some common normal non trading habit reactions and how a trader associates negative normal habits to trading. Like these associations, we also delve into how to get in control once again if you have one of these habits and how to make small changes that can make you a much better trader if so. Changes such as how you can deal better with losses on a personal level, how you can deal better with how you assess risk and how some traders can get caught in what I refer to as a bad trading cycle. A bad trading cycle where a trader is always fighting against what they know works and keeps falling in and out of bad habits formed from the past.

Above Video – In this series above let me reveal to you with some simple methods of acknowledgement of how a trader can finally over time break free from certain bad trading habits.. Those same bad types of habits that may have been costing a trader without them even knowing it.

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Why Is Mastering Psychology So Important in Trading?

This is a great question.. In trading there are two core principles that make up a proficient skilled trader overall, one is that they have a good trading strategy based on high probability trading and the second one is that they stick to the process of that good strategy with good money management, discipline and the right Psychology. While the strategy alone is the key driver to great trading, it is handling yourself and your emotions in all market conditions in that market that sets one trader apart from another.

By getting trained and making a few simple changes on how you see the market overall, anyone can change those habits and become a better trader.

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Timon Weller is the professional Trader behind the blog Forex Reviews as well as a Teacher of Price Action Trading and creator of the popular Training Series teaching people how to trade Price Action effectively called The Engulfing Trader. For other Forex Training available here at Forex Reviews click here.

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  1. Love this thanks Timon.. Please do send me a link to get to the 5 days Trend Training Series.. Thank You… Keep up the good work, my trades have been great .Thank you .You are the man.

  2. Nice vid!
    Do you do private coaching now?
    Keep up the good work, have a nice weekend!


    • Hey Callo,
      Will be opening the coaching option up again very soon.. Two options of coaching will be available this time, group coaching and one on one coaching.
      I will set up a new information page on this shortly.. Make sure to stay subscribed to know when it is available again..
      Have a nice rest of the weekend..

  3. My bad habit is that i am very impatient with trading. I never had problem holding trades but i would take atleast one trade day. I am tolerant for losses but i cant stop myself from taking trades. My trades then become discretionary exiting.

    So I started taking 1:1 trades based on abcd patterns and flags i see in 1hr chart i think its more suitable for me to trying to follow a system that has to win more than 55 to 60% time. My last week went like this. 23.6| 3win 1loss, 24.6| 3win 2loss, 25.6| 4win, 2loss, 26.6| 5 loss and 1 win, 27.6| 1 win, 2 loss. I just experienced new emotional rollercoaster that i never had before. At start of the week i got 2 times 4winners in a row and my account balance was compounding nicely. I felt euphoric and very happy, then regret for becoming more impatient with Trading. I had lots of spare time checking my android in my workplace and i was literally watching my phone once in every hour looking for setups. some setups i didnt hold up even if they would have been winners. I cut them because volume quiet down and it makes me feel bad.

    But from this experience that taught me that i have to start testing ALOT on my spare time breakouts and i feel like i don’t wanna look for more than 1 to 1 trades anymore because over trading and exiting becomes problem for me psychologically and i cant make trend following work for me.

  4. I have purchased every training product from you Timon and have to say they are very great products to teach me market structure.

  5. Henry Mieszkalski says:

    Hey Timon – Greetings from beautiful Vancouver, B. C. !!! I soooo appreciate your trainings and the totally down to earth way you teach……. After a couple years of frustration you have helped me to calm the hell down and start to focus on the steps I’ve been missing….. I had my 60th birthday a couple of months ago but I’m open-minded and willing to learn even if I outrank you by a few years-HA!! You have style, kindness and class about you which comes across very clearly to me and your logic has convinced me that you have the experience I need to succeed in FOREX —– Thanx Timon!!!

  6. Joao Pereira says:

    Hi ,

    Thanks for the video, can relate most of it to my self. I’m beginning into trading and just education myself the best I can. Have one question: In this video your repeated a lot of times that this is the best business in the world, or one of the best. Why is so? In what aspects?


    • Hey Joao,
      What I meant is this is one of the best businesses in the world, the reason being is one can travel, one does not need an inventory and earning potentials with the skill is basically unlimited. Also is a skill that does not involve taking over your life as trading is a minimum effort business once one knows how to trade. Meaning one can spend less than an hour a day to trade and that is enough for longer term trading other than the management aspects there is a only a small amount of management needed. As for other businesses, you need to usually spend money on inventory items, more time and gives less freedom depending on the business. One of the many aspects of why Forex Trading or any type of High Probability Trading as an internet is one of the best businesses in the world.

  7. hI Timon great talk.AsYOU know I have MS And have had it for 23 years but I AM STILL MOTIVATED TO GET THE BEST I can out of life.
    I have traded forex for 3 years and therefor have developed some bad habits but staying focused with your teachings they will go
    Thanks Timon

    • Hey Jack,
      Thanks for the comment and sharing. I am glad to be helping traders such as yourself improve in this business.
      One video of mine you could watch on habits and ways of breaking free from these is the video Mastering Psychology in Trading. You may have already watched but thought I would share just in case you have not yet.
      Have a great week ahead.

  8. victor hardy says:

    I have enjoyed the engulfing trader series. I am still going over it. And am learning more.

  9. victor hardy says:

    When will your weekly review take place?

    victor Hardy

  10. Vlad Dedovic says:

    Hi Timon
    Thanks for this video as usual it’s great I didn’t know how much you know about my habits and you didn’t even meet me

  11. Timon,
    that is helpful lecture
    thanks for your work

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