LED Monitor – 23 Inch Or Over

Another optional item for day trading or trading in general is having a spare LED monitor, this is great for setting up your charts and still allowing you to have one screen free. What this does is help the mind assess opportunities in the Forex market more clearly by not having to have so much on one screen. Do not get me wrong, you can still trade with one screen, but seriously you are not going to find it as easy as those that have a clearer view when looking at two. And let’s face it, making a wrong mistake in the market can be costly so any way of making the charts more clearer the better.

The screens I recommend are LED back lit 23 inch screens ( or higher ) by LG. They have performed great, use little power and and also extremely light if needed to move. They are also great for playing games if you into that thing as well. They allow a trader with this size or higher to use MT4 and divide the charts into four parts making it easy and clear to see opportunities when they happen.

23 inch monitor

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In the video above I show my current workstation setup which is two laptops and two spare screens. One screen I use for the main opportunities and the other the other pairs That are looking good are waiting on opportunities.

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