Lazy Trader Makes More than $100,000 a Year and So Can You

Grabbed by the heading, well it is not a misprint. Many traders are making way more than this figure and guess what they are all not experienced in trading at all. How you may ask, well the answer is simple. Follow the traders that know what they are doing. Like anything in life learning something can be difficult and and hard at first so copying those that show amazing past performance is the key am I right?

Imagine this, copying a trader that makes more than 10% gain a week. Would you like that?

Well Who Would Not? This Should Not Be a Secret, Social Trading Works!

That is where Zulutrade comes in, this popular provider of social trading has not only allowing anyone to copy these top traders but also allows people to risk as much as they like. And this is not one of those places where traders come and go, if you look at the top 100 you will see many there that have been trading actively through the Zulutrade service for over 2 years. This is a very important factor as well because we all can copy someone however without past experience it can be a risk. This seeing past performance allows a user to copy someone based on this and to be cautious on traders that may be fly by nights.

example profile zulutrade

Example above of one of the top traders in Zulutrade and look at the gain over the years.

Now let’s look at the figures of some of these traders and how a Lazy Trader can make way more than $100,000 a year. First lets look at the top 100, many there are gaining each month an average of over 10% each month. Sounds small, but let’s compound for a minute shall we.

If say one invested $10,000 in copying a good trader or even better multiple traders to limit exposure with this amount looks like at the possible average performance over a year. Like i said possible, just be aware, not everything is exact in forex, one trader could have a down month and next an up month, but there overall average is 10% gain each month. Patience is key here.

Okay so let’s look at the break down.

Beginning $10, 000 By 10% Gain and Compounding Effect..

  1. $11000
  2. $12100
  3. $13310
  4. $14641
  5. $16105
  6. $17715
  7. $19487
  8. $21435 ( doubled account in 8 months )
  9. $23579
  10. $25937
  11. $28531
  12. $31384

Okay, so that is with $10,000 copying the Top Traders, $21384 dollars profit overall in first year, what about now investing the second year $25000

Beginning $25, 000 By 10% Gain and Compounding Effect..

  1. $27500
  2. $30250
  3. $33275
  4. $36602
  5. $40262
  6. $44289
  7. $48717
  8. $53589
  9. $58948 ( getting to life changing amounts now )
  10. $64843
  11. $71327
  12. $78460

* These are average amounts based on 10% gain of account each month. Results are not exact.

Okay so now after the second year you are up over $50,000 in profit and you also have a spare $28,000 to spend.. Third year you can see how being lazy and trading one can make over $100,000 a year with little risk and big gains. Simply by copying the best in the industry. You don’t need technical or investment knowledge at all..

You don’t even need to look at charts. Remember what are these top traders good at on Zulutrade, making money, there stats do not lie. Okay back to my point, third year we will see your dreams become a reality, you will now be on a over $100,000 dollar a year income and to think you started with only $10000 dollars..

$50000 invested ( $28460 added to previous years income )

  1. $55000
  2. $60,500
  3. $66550
  4. $73205
  5. $80,525
  6. $88578
  7. $97435
  8. $107179 ( ka ching, you guessed it, $100,000 plus )
  9. $117897
  10. $129687
  11. $142655
  12. $156921

Above in the video I will go over the figures as shown above and how they add up within Zulutrade – To sign up to Zulutrade click here.

Now look at this, end of third year copying your favorite traders automatically, no effort on your part and look at that figure, not just past $100,000, but look $56921 dollars ahead.. So what should you do now, this is what i would do, keep the $100,000 as your income, this is a great income, then take the excess which is around $56000 and leave in your account for next year and watch another $100,000 grow for you. It is that simple.

dream house

And to think, you could buy a dream house with that like above or live the lifestyle you always wanted.

Now i know what you maybe thinking, if it was that simple why is not so many other people doing it and the reason being is most people are scared of loss. They cannot handle it at all even when there account is growing, if one can simply ignore there account, let it grow and not watch it intently, trust the top traders then probability of this type of income is very achievable. Most people would see $100000 and run away, but if you can handle it you can be a lazy trader also like so many and reap the rewards as they do as well.


Simply by clicking a few buttons and letting your money do the work.

Pointers to note however from experience when copying other good traders in Zulutrade is to diversify, that way if one trader has a bad month another trader of yours has a good month, it will keep your account balanced with less risk. Try diversify at least across 5 traders with your investment.

Sound Awesome?

Well, all you have to do is simply sign up, choose a broker of your choice, add some money and start choosing your favorite traders. To sign up quickly click below, if you are still not sure just open a demo account for free to see how it works with play money. Welcome to the awesome world of copying and social trading.

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