How To Use MT4 ( MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform ) – Video Tutorials

If you are just starting out using MT4 for the first time and getting familiar with the platform, then the below videos should help. Each covering a different aspect that the platform offers. Videos covering how to set up platform, how to execute a trade, how to set stop losses and take profits on a position, how to use market watch, how to use trade terminal, understanding different order types, how to create statements and how to make a nice clean template in the platform.

Firstly, if you have not done so already, you can sign up for a MT4 account ( demo or live ) by visiting here.

how to use mt4 video tutorials

Above – Navigating MT4

Above – Market Watch ( Pairs and Markets available )

Above – Understanding Order Types

Above – Using the Trade Terminal in MT4

Above – Opening a New Position in MT4

Above – How to add a stop loss or take profit in MT4

Above – Basic MT4 Functions

Above – Creating statements in MT4 ( for tax purposes, etc )

Above – How to Make a Nice Template in MT4