How To Trade The USDTHB ( Thai ) Currency Pair

Over the last few weeks I have been watching this pair called the USDTHB and it fascinated me. It was one of those pairs that has a really small weekly range and a very predictable exchange system. If you have not been to Thailand before let me sum it up. They operate a little different to us in the way we handle money exchange.

Over there it is big business and it is not done instantly like in the western world, instead they actually exchange money and hold that money until the end of the week and that is when they do an official exchange.

thai baht money

How Can One Trade This Pair?

This sequence effects how the candles work, however make it very easy to trade because for 1, it is low risk having a small weekly range of less than 300 pips and two the exchanges done during the tourist periods are very, very predictable. Basically put, you can sell the pair Friday and buy Monday, it is that predictable..

Once you take the time to look at what is happening on the daily chart you will see what i mean, you don’t need indicators or some rsi here, there is no issues, instead just focus the brain on the pattern is much obvious. This is what I like to share in general, because nearly all pairs move in a sequence, in a harmony in a way  in relation to what the weekly chart says in general, you do not have to fight the market so much if you just spend the time to to look at the candles on the higher time frames and think it through..


Overall after testing out this pair I must say, overall it is probably one of the easiest and safest pairs to trade. There is not to much thinking and if you are thinking too much then I think it is time to just watch and see what I mean as well.

In the video above I go over the ins and outs of the US Dollar Thai Baht pair so anyone can trade like a professional.

How To Trade  USDTHB Breakdown:

  1. Look at the weekly, is it near highs, if so look for selling only..
  2. If at Lows like current market like for the buy candles only..
  3. Go to the daily chart
  4. On Friday look for the big sell candle..
  5. Buy after the sell candle or do the opposite on Monday.. Buy..
  6. If at highs then Friday sell and take profit at the end of the market session..
  7. Take profit when candle ends
  8. For stop loss you can put above previous candles, in video above I will show how, very simple people..
  9. Take your wife or girlfriend or husband or boyfriend out and spend the money..
  10. Repeat again next Friday..


Above is a lovely picture of me in Thailand about 4 years ago when I was travelling the world..

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