How to Trade the 5 Minute Chart Profitably with Price Action

In my very first video lesson on this site after subscribing to this site I mentioned that I used to trade the 5 minute and 1 minute chart profitably. I also mentioned that I did this before having little to no knowledge of trading which is true also.

I did not go into it too much  because I know these time frames are not as efficient as the higher time frames and can cause a trader to over think which can be stressful and time consuming. As I have mentioned before in many of my videos, trading is supposed to be simple and not stressful or time consuming.

Recently a reader of mine named Daniel sent my an email and this is how it read and how I responded.

Hi Timon,

Early in the video you mentioned that you traded successfully on the 1
min and 5 min charts before you became distracted by indicators. Can
you elaborate more about the technique you used on the 1min/5 min


My Response was:

Hey Daniel,
Thanks for the inquiry, when it comes to trading these time frames it comes down to probability again. It is hard to describe exactly in an email, i would look at structure and draw it on the 15 minute chart and then on the 5 minute chart wait for a two candle bounce on 5 minute around that location.. Only about 50% of trades are successful if done right however risk reward on the winning trades is what builds the account.. This strategy needs extreme discipline and that is why i choose not to trade it anymore and prefer to stick to above h4 or higher, plus i make way more pips with less thinking or risk on the higher time frames as well..What i will do however is make a video for it in the coming week to show how to trade the 5 minute with this technique.. I recommend avoiding the 1 minute however ( way too much noise ) as it takes way too much thinking — it does work, but less positive results..

Place stop below entry candle or candles as same on higher time frames PA strategy and lock in at BE at risk level and aim for next structure..

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Regards and have a nice day..

Timon Weller

Followup Video:

Above – How to Trade the 5 Minute Chart Profitably with Price Action – To view full screen click the the below right full screen icon on video. The video is also in HD so enjoy.

As promised above is my video detailing how to trade the 5 minute chart profitably, at the time I focused on engulfing’s and interestingly enough still today that is my most profitable strategy overall, however of course not on the 5 minute chart, the h4, Daily and Weekly are my favorite overall.

I hope you enjoy, please spend a moment to share this post with your friends or on your Facebook. Also any questions, comment below..

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  1. Thanks for the video. At about the 22:40 mark you are talking about a large blocking candle which – when visible while looking to the left – prevents a normal significant candle from being valid. The next reversal candle then becomes the significant one as it ‘does not have this red candle in the road anymore.’

    Would you say this is because the momentum actually hasn’t been broken and the market isn’t primed for reversal until the entire length of that last push candle has been retraced? Or should we just think of it as consolidation? Just looking for perhaps some more analysis on why we should wait. I ask because it seems like a real trap area that I fall into – being too anxious to get in on the reversal… Thanks

    • Hey Dave,
      Good question, Yeah, what I am referring to here is if you look left and ignore wicks the candle signal can see a bigger bearish candle to the left.. Once some candles are in between however during sideways price action the signal becomes clear when a candle takes over multiple left candles in body size. So as a best answer in assessing, ignore wicks when looking left, if signal can see a larger candle in recent price action then this is not a good valid signal however as seen at 23 minute signal candle to left is completely engulfed above making valid.

      Giving evidence then that is much more valid and a better signal.

      Yeah, I see it like the market is settling ( consolidating ) and we are waiting for something different, more momentum.

      Waiting for the significant price zones reduces noise or false signals in these situations as well ( Gone over in part one of The Engulfing Trader ).

      Let me know if this helps.

      • Hi Everyone!
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
        One question I would like to ask:
        When a significant engulfing candle is forming in the 15 minute chart, do we have to wait until the 15 minutes have past to do the entry (so that the big candle is completely formed)? It makes sense to me to wait til minute 16. Please comment on this.

  2. Thanks. Here is a great example on the EURGBP daily. Tempting to go long since it closed up out of the 50-61.8 fib zone, but a big ugly bear candle is looming. Modest daily structure, but weekly trend is still short and could easily retest shorter. I’ll sit this one out until some sideways price action might present another opportunity.

    • Hey Dave,
      I am just assessing this one now as well. The initial bounce was definitely effected by the 61.8, not to mention this also aligned to daily structure if you look left as well at the 83.30 area. However as you say, look at that looming recent price action of the daily bearish candle. You may find this is the retrace and if you turn the fib around the 84.14 ( 61.8 area of current move ) area may give a better opportunity in the trend. Trending move instead though.. Price Action around here could give a good opportunity as well. Look below to see what I mean.

      By the way, I have a specific location to post opps here on the website, in future to share with others, you can check it out here.


  3. OK. I see that. Better odds with the trend! Thanks

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