How to Set Forex Price Alerts ( Alarms ) on a Android Phone

Are you looking for a way to set currency price alerts on your phone? If so, read on…

In the past I did a video on how to set price alarms or alerts in MT4 and it’s benefits to a trader, it showed how these could be set very quickly and easily on that trading platform. Setting on a android based phone is a little different than a trading platform, however within a few minutes I will explain how you can do it on a phone as well quickly and easily.

Firstly, this is for all those that have a Android based phone that has data available with the phone company that you use. Most phones are android based these days and data being a part of a phone package is very common. If you do not have data as a part of your phone, then you can solve by contacting your phone provider.

Go to Google Play on your phone and search for a app named ‘Forex Alarm‘. There are plenty of apps that do similar, however in this post I will give an example of the one I use. If you know of any other good free alarm apps, then feel free to comment below this post.

forex alarm alert

Above – Screenshot of the Application in Google play. A easy to use and learn application that allows you to set currency price alerts on a android based phone.

price alarms screenshot s5Download and install this free app and once installed open the app.

In this app you can select market, they have hundreds of markets to choose from where you can see current market price on.

Then select the Alarms option ( in top right tab on main app page ) and select the plus symbol ( bottom right ), select Price Alarm, select Currency ( or market ), set price to set alarm and alarm direction, then add a name for the alarm and lastly click save.

After that, you are done, once price gets to the set market price that you set on that market the alert alarm will go off on your phone as well as a message saying the name of your set alarm ( name of alarm is optional ).

Eg. ‘Buy AUDUSD at a support zone’ or similar.

Set as many alarms on markets by added more alarms as needed, also to disable an alarm on a market just swipe the disable swipe button to the bottom right when selecting an alarm in the app.

Image to the right: Screenshot example of alarms set in the Alarms section of the application on multiple markets taken from from my Samsung s6 device.

Benefits of Setting Price Alerts ( Alarms ) on a Android Based Phone?

Setting price alerts on a phone is beneficial to all those that are away from the trading office, it allows you to know when you need to check the chart when a market tests an important area ( opportunity zone ) or when to check a particular management point price test on a held position.

Also, it is a great back up to setting alarms on a trading platform.

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  1. I use a free app called Forex Alerts which works very well however I have recently downloaded another free app called Trade Interceptor, which not only is a fantastic charting app but also allows you to visually see the alert level on the chart.
    Hope this helps!


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