How to Pay Via Skrill ( Alternative to PayPal )

If you cannot purchase for some reason via the default payment provider used on the website for getting access to the training ( which is PayPal ), then alternatively you can use Skrill as another payment option.

Skrill is another payment provider which offers international payment services. To sign up for Skrill click here.

Forex Reviews Skrill payment email is –

To pay for a training with Skrill pay the same amount as training cost seen on the website for that training to the skrill email above. This can be done within your Skrill account by clicking the Send Money button ( screenshot below ). Then email here to confirm payment to my Skrill email ( above ) and I will email back download details.

Visual Steps to Paying Via Skrill:

skrill pay 1

Step 1 – Login to Skrill account and click the Send Money button

skrill pay 2

Step 2 – In the box that opens enter Recipient email –

After entering recipient email click Review and confirm details to pay to that email.

Above showing an example of if wanting to get access to The Engulfing Trader digital version which is $49.95 USD with Skrill. Be aware that each training series is of different value ( in USD ) .

After confirming payment on your end email here to confirm payment to Skrill email and I will email back download details after confirming payment.

Of course, any questions let me know.