How To Open The Training Zip Folder

Thanks for getting access to the training!

This article relates to those that have gotten access to the digital download version of the Forex Training available here.

This training when downloaded is in zip folder format. To open is easy, a zip folder opens in the same way as any other computer folder, however for some it may require a couple of steps which are below.

In order to open a zip folder you will need to have a unzipping program on your computer, this is a default program on most modern computers ( over 99% of computers ), however if you do not have a unzipping program installed on your computer you can use a free software such as 7 Zip ( or Winrar or Winzip ).  Like I said though, this is only if needed.

After downloading the training zip folder should appear on computer like above, by default this goes into the downloads folder in windows.

Double left click on folder to open up folder like any other computer folder to view training videos.

Extract Zip Folder to Normal Folder

While not essential, it is suggested to extract to normal folder. That way the videos or files in the zip folder are not being viewed in compressed format.

You can extract to a normal folder by right clicking on zip folder and selecting ‘Extract All’ like below.

Extract all will extract zip folder to a normal unzipped folder with the same folder name unless you specify another location or name to extract zip folder to.

After extracting zip folder, a normal folder will appear next to zip folder unless you specified another folder destination. Then open up normal folder and proceed to the training videos.

Any other questions, let me know.