How To Make A Nice Background Template In Mt4

This is for all those having a tough time trying to work out how to set up a nice looking template in Mt4. Unfortunately straight out of the box on Mt4 the green candles on black background just is not good for trading. So let me lay out the two major options I use. My main focus being as clean looking as possible.

The image below shows a screenshot of the two types of clean templates I like and in the videos below I will show with simple steps to create either one.

nice black white mt4 template

The two options of backgrounds when it comes to Mt4 that I like is either the black or the white, both look really nice if set up right, with the right colors and a few settings. Below I will share in two videos on how to set this up yourself, this will be particularly helpful, if you are new to Forex or if you just want to get a better looking view on your charts.

Above is what I like to call the nice clean white background on Mt4, watch the video above to configure for yourself within a few minutes.

In my videos from now on I will use white as white looks great on video and comes out clear and crisp. A good note if you ever decide to record some of your Mt4 screenshots as well, black is not the best, white is better.

Will This Improve Your Trading..?

While setting the chart up normally may be fine, I find that if the charts are set up in a very clean and easy to see way they can without noticing allow the trader to see more clearly defined trading opportunities. Some people get really carried away with messy charts that can often cause brain error when trying to find an opportunity.

Update – As a tip, make sure to save the template after creating for future use and loading on any new charts you open.

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