How To Draw Support and Resistance on a Forex Chart – Video Tutorial

One of the most important aspects in trading overall is identifying important structure. It is a major driving force of the market and a major mover of price in general so is a great place to begin when looking at any type of Price Action in the market or where also to assess risk to reward ( another big topic ).

The below video tutorial goes over how I Identify these important areas and zones on the chart. To simplify the logic, one of the main aspects I use in my trading process is that I look for buy signal evidence at support and look for sell signal evidence ( price action ) at resistance. Of course, there are other elements at these areas to be aware of as well such as where price is in relation to that markets trend, which support is more valid than others or which resistance is more important.

A great aspect about structure is that it can also be used in many ways, some examples of this include that it can be used as a good guide to help a trader know where to can consider taking profits ( whether partial or full ) and also to know where one can place future orders or manage risk with stop losses.

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euro usd support resistance october 24 2012

“These zones can be seen similar to a beer belly or a trampoline, price likes to push against these areas, but tends to bounce back.. “

In the video below I show the process of identifying these important areas on the daily chart, however these areas can also be identified on any time frame. The higher time frames however being the more preferred time frames for identifying zoning in the market ( support and resistance ) as the higher time frame zoning is much higher probability than lower time frame zoning.

Above – Video covering the basics of Support and Resistance and how to identify on the chart.

For more information on how I Identify these important levels of zoning ( high probability structure ) in the market as not all structure points are as strong as others, then I would also recommend checking out The Engulfing Trader. This training series goes over in detail how to identify important levels of zoning and also areas that I use as well on a regular basis.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below.

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  1. Thanks to you Timon Weller that from today stop using any indicator in my trading
    chart and I have my trust in price action. I want to learn more in the right direction.
    No more lagging info in the trading chart.

  2. Hi, Timon

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyone who wants to learn.
    I have a question here, I trade binary options, 15 min. or 30 min. expire, in which time frame I should draw support and resistance levels?

    Thanks again

    • Hey Veronica,
      You should only trade support and resistance lines drawn from the daily and weekly mainly however seeing as you are trading the 30 minute draw your support and resistance lines from the 1 hour.. If trading the 15 minute draw your support and resistance from the 30 minute.. Jump up a time frame for each one.. However keep the daily and weekly lines on there a different color so you know when price gets to these very important areas.

      Happy Trading.. 😉

  3. i live in australia ive seen your video using a veriy simple renko tool can it be applied lo mt4, if so where can i obtain it?

  4. Eric Chitwood says:

    Thanks for the great videos. I’m learning a lot. I really need to used the same chart software that you’re using. I just downloaded a free copy of MT4, but it’s not the same as yours. Are you trading off of a broker’s platform or a backtesting software?

    I appreciate it.


  5. I’ve been practicing for more than 2 years and am no where close to make any profit yet. I’ve learned Support and Resistance, Fibonacci, etc from various sources but your videos give me new insights on these topics. Thanks Timon and appreciate your sharing once again.

  6. Hello Tom i really do appreciate what you do for us. In fact it helps a lot,thank you.I am also new to Forex. I would be very grateful if you post a video on tip of how to trade the morning start and evening star.

    • Hey Krist,
      Thanks for the positive feedback, I am planning on doing a complete guide to all price action signals in the future including these two, however will put this on my to do list..

      Regards and Happy Trading,
      Timon Weller

  7. Thanks for the reply Timon. I will look up to that, your lesson are very helpful.Good luck.

  8. Glynn Hodges says:

    A very useful video Timon.

    Can I ask how far back on the chart do you look for previous highs and lows e.g. 6 months, 12 months etc.

    Thanks again


  9. Glynn Hodges says:

    Sorry Timon, I also wanted to ask you – do you use the daily support and resistance for daily trades, and the weekly support and resistance for weekly trades, or a mixture of both?

    Thanks again


  10. Hello Timon,
    Nice to be here, I am totally new to trading and it was stupid of me to say the least however i saw one of these programs on the internet you know get this software and win ££££ on binary options!! have you tried binaries? however i signed up to a broker which they recommended gt options and deposited £200 downloaded metatrader 4 and there software which they said would notify me on when to trade but it never worked so im £200 down so i asked for a refund at said broker still waiting.. However i saw you on you tube and thought maybe this guys training will help? And also to get back at the brokers and make some money back

    Now this first video confused me where do you actually draw these support and resistance lines for a totally newbie like me? when to trade? how much etc?

    • Hey Andrew,
      Yeah my advise on Binary Options sites is to avoid them completely, they are not real trading brokers.

      The video you just watched is an introduction to drawing effective support and resistance properly on the charts. These areas do take time to learn for anyone.

      The good news is my premium training series called The Engulfing Trader goes over how to draw them in detail in part one. Also it goes over how to trade at these locations as well. To check out this premium series or to find out more click here.

      Have a nice rest of the day.

  11. Asad Rehman says:


    Can you tell me which trading software/broker you use, and how to setup the charts.

    Do you do Mirror trading where we can setup to automatically follow your trades.


  12. Hey Timon
    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us. I had one question – How do you set the ‘Alarm’ when the price reaches the Support / Resistance area?

  13. Peter Williams says:


    Many thanks for your excellent material

    I purchased your Engulfing Trader – a little repetitive but I suspect a turning point for me.

    I believe I have got the message about price action – i.e. try and figure out What is going to happen rather than making decisions on the basis of what has happened (i.e. averages / indicators etc)

    Thanks again

  14. Hi Timon,

    Having been trading for quite a while I must say that the Engulfing Trading videos were a breath of fresh air. I was pretty happy how to draw daily support and resistance zones, your videos just fine tuned what I already knew but what really impressed me was how you traded these zones. I have taken every single indicator off my system with the exception of just one which will always stay.. My pip spread indicator, that one stays.. 🙂

    So many thanks for not only the Engulfing traders videos but all your other videos and hard work


  15. hey timon

    cheers for the video updates timon they have helped me out significantly in my trading,vids are clear and easy too understand.. keep up the good work!

  16. Hi Timon

    Do you follow high impact news ?



  17. Jerry Peters says:

    Timon, where the heck have you been? I just bought all three of your courses, in which you made sense of all the myriad of courses I took throughout my many years of trading.

    You, sir, are a find!

    Jerry Peters

  18. Hello Timon,
    I am new to trading but I have been following and observing your success since 2 years ago now and I want to know how to trade like you do. I need all the tools to help me start on a good slate. Txn Timon

  19. Michelle says:

    Hello Timon,
    I have been watching your videos for a while, and I found it very useful. I am new to trading and still a student, so I do not have lots of experiences and money to start with. Can you give me some advice on where I should start with in Forex and which time frame I should trade?
    Best regards,

  20. Russell says:

    Hi Timon Weller,
    Hopefully everything is going well? My name is Russell and I live in Malaysia.
    For a long time i have been trying be profit with the Forex market.
    After watching your tutorial again and again, I now have confidence to learn more from you.
    Thank you so much.

  21. The best lessons that i have seen on the net for a long time, are here on this site.

  22. Thanks very much Tim for the article and the video.

    I will also be very grateful if you can send me an article on how I can increase my winning rate together with its video.


  23. Hello Tim, thank you very much for the video! May I know, is there a second video, if there is, where can I view it?

  24. Ed Junis says:

    Hi Timon
    Just purchased the engulfing trader system.
    I am enjoying the simplicity and the material. Hope i can master it.

    Thank you

  25. Hi,
    You are a great teacher indeed, how many pips is the rectangle shape on the support and resistance zones?

    • Hey Osusu,
      Thanks, I appreciate the comment.
      Yeah, good question. The size average in pips of a zone area is based off price action test averages of that area in the past.

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