How to Create Big Money In Forex

If you are looking for a way to make big money in Forex then this strategy is for you.. I felt like I should share one of my most recommended strategies, well hey I am unsure how many other people use this strategy however if they do I am sure they will agree with me on one aspect, it makes good money. The strategy has allowed me more than what i find many other strategies to do and that is capitalise on a trend as much as possible, while also protecting your account.

This technique takes a bit of patience and so a number of factors first need to assessed before opening a trade with this formula.

make money in forex

First off is it a all time high, if so look for selling opportunities. Is it a good low, if so look for buying opportunities. In order to identify this use the Daily chart and look for changes in stochastic going into a new direction. Look to buy in oversold signals and sell in overbought. Then in order to reduce risk check the news and other data lines up in the 1 minute, 5 minute and 30 minute chart. Once you have done that, be patient and wait for a good buy or sell signal depending on the situation.

Creating Big Money In Forex Can Be Done..

Once you have found a good buy or sell signal going by the indications above then now it is time to place the trade. Look for a good over sold or over bought signal and buy in a retracing over sold and sell in a over bought retracing indication in the 1 minute. Once you do that, then you wait a few minutes as the trade goes into profit. Once it has fully matured and gone as far as 25 to 30 pips, you then look for a good opening to buy or sell in the same direction. That way you will have two buys in profit or two sells. Now in order to protect your account it is important to place your stop loss in profit on the first trade. Then when the second trade goes in profit do the same like wise adjusting it further and further the more pips it made. In a great up trend or down trend this can allow a trader to get four to five successful trades before it possibly retraces. And if no retracement allows the trader to bag a good amount of pips with virtually no risk.

Very Low Risk Big Gain Forex Strategy..

If however on the last trade on the strategy it goes into loss quickly then quickly sell it at a loss and bag the remaining profit on the other trades. This will allow a trader to
win big amounts with the lowest risk possible and increase gain quickly and methodically.  Now if on the chance you bag five successful trades on a over 100 pip drop rise or sell then allocate stop losses in profit in order to let them go further, who knows it may even go further and bag you massive profits. Either way what ever the situation, this method has a way of creating profit. It works on the factor of place another trade time another trade goes in profit at least 25 to 30 pips and then placing the stop in the other trades in profit. Really overall try it and see how you think on this strategy. It could change your whole trading strategy.

Things to Look For with This Strategy

  1. Look for big news movements before placing trades
  2. Keep placing stop losses in profit on your trades in case of a quick retreat
  3. Look for good buy opportunities at lows and good sell opportunities at highs.. ( Daily Charts )
  4. If you get more than 4 to 5 in profit set the stop losses in profit and watch your profits, keep adjusting the stop loss at intervals in order to get the most out of the market. Relax and enjoy..
  5. Think less like a human and more like a robot and maths expert. That is where this technique works..

And lastly enjoy and write your opinions below on this strategy..

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  1. Nice strategy, i will definitely use this one on my next trade. I seem to be the sort of trader that wins and loses half of my trades, this strategy seems to be more beneficial to the times of winning and less loss even if the market turns against you..

  2. Timon Weller says:

    Hey Andrew, that is very true, until i formed this strategy my losses and wins were about the same, now i win way more than i lose.. Simple mathematics really is what this strategy is about..

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