Have You Tried AutoChartist?

Looking for a new chart program to help you assess the Forex market, ranging from patterns to detecting support and resistance to giving estimated guidance on market moves? That new program could be Autochartist. This new program has it all in the way of functions. Simply log, look at the patterns that are forming that Autochartist is detecting and then trade the patterns you choose.

To me personally, i am used to using mt4 alone and drawing my own patterns and support and resistance, however that does not mean i may change in the near future. This chart program has had me impressed for quite a while.

autochartist in action

Imagine this, getting an alarm every time a pattern forms, how much time would that save you?

Have you tried it yet? If so, let me know what you think. In the video above most elements of this program are explored.

Update – Watch my comprehensive video on the major features and benefits of Autochartist.

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  1. Hey Timon, What a great aid I have been using Autochartist for quite a while now, it works great and has saved me a lot of time waiting for set ups.

  2. Steve Kaldi says:

    I have taken many courses and Timon is by far superior and the best ever.

    Steve Kaldi
    Las Vegas, Nevada

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