Frequently Asked Questions – Forex Reviews

Welcome to the frequently asked questions page here at Forex Reviews, on this page I will list a number of frequently asked questions that people ask at the website. Most questions are general based questions at the website. If you have any other questions visit here.

What trading platform do I use?

I use both MT4 and Ctrader platforms with a broker named ICMarkets. Main trading platform I use due to it’s in built management functions is Ctrader. The platform seen in the Weekly Forex Reviews is MT4.

I am interested in the Forex Training? Is there an overview page detailing what each training covers?

Thanks for the interest in the Forex training at the website. Yes, there is an overview page, you can visit this page by clicking here.

What type of close charts are best for trading Price Action?

I answer this question here at the website.

What are the best Session Times for trading Price Action?

I answer this question here at the website.

How do I design a Trading Plan?

I answer this question here at the website.

How do I set Break-even?

I answer this question here at the website.

How much do you recommend risking per position in the market?

Yeah, good question. I recommend risking less than 2% per signal risk. I recommend that traders find a comfortable level below this risk amount and adjust position to suit your risk tolerance. For a article on adjusting position size click here.

What exactly is Price Action Trading?

Yeah good question, price action is the reaction to what price is doing on the chart, it consists of many aspects. For a video on this topic visit here.

What is High Probability Forex Trading?

High Probability Forex Trading is trading in a way that puts odds in a traders favour, this includes lining up multiple confluences in the market, evidence and other factors. One of the aspects which I include in the definition of high probability trading is making sure potential reward on every potential setup that is considered in the market is more than the risk. For a video on this topic visit here.

The Forex Training at the website teaches High Probability trading methodologies of trading the market.

What is the Weekly Forex Review?

The Weekly Forex Review is a regular video post that I release nearly every week at the website which covers analysis of certain markets that week. Aspects highlighted in the review include highlighting important trading areas on certain markets that I am looking at that week, management point areas and targets. To checkout the latest reviews and previous reviews visit here.

What is Bullish or Bearish Evidence? ( Weekly Review Question )

Evidence such as what I refer to in the weekly reviews as Bullish evidence or Bearish evidence is an aspect I go over in detail in the Forex Training at the website such as in The Engulfing Trader, The 5 Day Trend Training Series and The Candlestick Training Series. It includes aspects such as aligning candlesticks ( engulfing, pin bars, railroads, etc ), structure retests, trend evidence and retracement confluences at an important area in the market.

Evaluating both Evidence and Risk to Reward when a market tests a trading zone helps a trader decide whether to consider a potential opportunity in the market or not.

How can I get updates such as the Weekly Forex Review?

Thanks for the interest in getting email updates, you can subscribe to email updates such as the Weekly Forex Review updates, Midweek Forex Review updates and other Price Action trading related topics by visiting here. The option to get email updates is also on the bottom of every article on the website as well. Another option for getting updates is by subscribing to the YouTube Channel as well. Of course, those that subscribe to email updates at the website get access to more videos and important updates than those on YouTube, so subscribing to both if you do not want to miss out on any important updates at the website is preferred.

When you refer to evidence on the Daily Chart in the reviews does that mean I have to be looking for evidence on that time frame in that area?

Yeah good question, when I highlight important areas in the review on the Daily Chart or another time frame a trader can be looking for aligning evidence and potential opportunities in this area on the Daily, 4 hour, 1 hour or whatever time frame suits them as a trader.