Free Premium Webinar for those that Purchased The Engulfing Trader

Exciting news for all those that have purchased The Engulfing Trader Series, you will as a bonus to you all have access to a premium upcoming Webinar that will be available in late January sometime. I will announce the exact date in early January for those that want access.

In this Webinar you will be able to ask any questions you may have on the strategy, so in the meantime digest the strategy and jot down any questions you may have.

This will be great for all those that are reasonably new to trading as well or those that just want to go over the strategy again.

If you have not purchased The Engulfing Trader just yet, however you want access to the premium Webinar training then what you will need to do is purchase the premium series product by the 10th of January in order to get access to this valuable bonus. To find out more or to purchase now click here.

Watch the video above to get the update on the upcoming January bonus.

upcoming webinar with timon weller

– Webinar access will be hosted by Timon Weller, Google Hangouts and Youtube Live.

Hope to see you all there..

About Timon Weller

Timon Weller is the professional Writer and Trader behind the blog Forex Reviews. Timon Weller is also a professional Teacher of Price Action Trading and creator of the popular Training Series teaching people how to trade Price Action effectively called The Engulfing Trader. For other Forex Training available here at Forex Reviews click here.

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  1. Many thanks for the info on the engulfing Trader Tim, I’m new to Forex and find your teaching extremely practical, logical and plays with all the stuff I have learned so far on my trading journey. I have just won my first big trade in GBP/CAD using your system so big ups brother.

  2. Thanks Timon i have totally scrapped the indicators after watching the course and your fantastic site ,really want to thank you for helping all the newbies who have been burnt by marketeers,cant wait for your webinars ,keep up the good work and thanks again

  3. Danny Colson says:

    Hi Timon, will you have the webinar recorded for people like me who seem to never be able to get on a live webinar, I’m a truck driver. By the way, Your Engulfing Trader is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Danny,
      Yeah, that is fine on the recording for those that miss it.. Looking at two options for the Webinar in late January at the moment, both of which say it will be recorded, so should be no problem. I will doing some testing with the options next month to get familiar with the application and will also send a video link email to everyone that cannot make it as well after the session.

      Thanks for the awesome feedback.. 😉

  4. Dear you didn’t answer my question yet have you explained about how to draw trend lines in your course.

  5. Thanks Timon this great i look forward to it.

    Merry Xmas

  6. Hey Timon. Love your Engulfing Trader course and your method of teaching. Good work, well done.

    I also tried signing up to your newsletter a couple of weeks ago but don’t seem to be receiving your emails (not even in the junk folder). Can you confirm my email address is in your DB?

    Merry Christmas.

  7. Hi Timon,
    I’m a bit confused about the difference between the Engulfing Trader Series and the upcoming January 2014 release of a premium series. Would you please explain the difference as I have not been able to find any clarification about that on your site.

    Best regards,

    • Hey Paul,
      Thanks for the comment.. The premium series is The Engulfing Trader series, I just managed to release a bit earlier than expected. I was expecting to have it done at first by January but got it out and available by December 10th.

      In late January there will be a premium webinar access for all those that purchased the series. The Webinar being a bonus.

      Let me know if you have any other questions..

      Regards and Have a nice Christmas break..

  8. Hi Timon,
    I trust you had a very nice Christmas and deservedly so…. I just have a relatively simple question. When a price passes through a zone and closes beyond that zone; do we then wait for a pullback to the zone (and price action at this zone) before we take the trade; or can we also look to your Fibonacci setup to then place the trade at the 50% retracement level. What method has proven to work most effectively for you in the past. Not sure whether this was covered in a past video. Thank you in advance. James. PS: Happy New Year…

    • Hey James,
      Good question and happy upcoming new year.. Always best to wait for price action back below / above zone depending on direction the zone is suggesting. Eg. In a resistance situation looking for a break back below. However this also depends on what time frame you are trading as well. I would not use fibs at these zones at all, better to use them only in trending situation once a bias is established only. These zones are where fibs should be ignored. Once bias is established and a trend starts ( eg. Break above or break below ), then you can use that tool to join in on that trend.

      In future when I get the premium training membership side of the site active, I will go over in detail on the charts in videos showing different grades to view each reaction at each zone. Eg, A grade reaction ( best ), B grade reaction ( okay ) and C grade reaction ( ignore ).

      The premium member access part of this website is planned sometime in February.


  9. Hi Timon, love your insights, I have been trading for a few years with some success and like most, gave it all back and some. I have recently closed my account with a broker for reasons that when you watch your trades being closed out well below your S/L price and the price never reaches the set price then it is time to close the account. I don’t understand how they get away with it. Anyway my question is simple, I am in Adelaide, Australia. Can you recommend a broker, I am not interested in which one gives incentives or bonuses, I just want one that I can trust. I know that we should not blame the broker for our trading not being as successful as we dream it could be but then it would be nice to know there is a level playing field. Again I have been a member for a little while and have purchased the Engulfing trader and watched it a couple of times, I intend to not trade until the start of February, so if you can make any suggestions then that would be appreciated. Keep up the great work with your weekly blogs, they are very well done and easy to follow, I am learning something new every week.

    • Hey Rod,
      What you want to look for in a broker when you are selecting one is –

      1. True Straight Through Processing – Be careful of this term as some brokers trick by having straight through processing to a dealing desk.
      2. True No Dealing Desk

      The reason I emphasis the word true is the market has changed over the years and some brokers market STP but are not true STP, they are just STP to a dealing desk.
      As you are in Australia, the ones I would recommend you check out are Gomarketsaus or Synergyfx or Hotforex.

      Links to these can be found in the preferred brokers section.

      Both are no dealing desks and STP.


  10. David Ajayi says:

    Hello, when are you going to have another webinar for those who purchased after Jan 10th?

    Thanks, David

    • Hey David,
      The promo was extended to the 20th and everyone was given an invitation for the 25th event. The 1st of February event was just a backup for if the first event filled which it did not. However in future there will be many more Webinars. Stay subscribed to my email or to my Youtube channel to get updates of this.

      Regards and Have a Nice Weekend..

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