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The Engulfing Trader

the engulfing trader training series packageThe key training series here at Forex Reviews focused on identifying high probability zones in the Forex Market and how to trade these important zones with candlestick price action. Strategy taught in this comprehensive series is the same methodology that Timon Weller ( Professional Trader and Authority on Trading Price Action ) uses on a regular basis to trade the Forex Market, plus what is gone over in the training covers the same core training strategy process that has been taught in the past in professional coaching. Series includes money management, book guide and over three hours of easy going teaching process.

Learning Curve – 35 to 75 days – Recommended core training for learning high probability trading and getting started in training here at the website.

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The 5 Day Trend Training Series

the 5 day trend training seriesAnother important component in Forex Training that is essential to traders is understanding how a trend moves in the overall Forex Market. In this series Timon Weller covers just that, how to look and identify beginning of trends, how to identify continuation of a trend, where to enter with minimal risk, when to know when a trend is ending and how to build confidence in holding a position long term as well. In his approach he focuses in on looking at trends from the micro perspective all the way up to the major perspective with what Timon refers to as micro trends and major trends. Over three hours of core video training that will help a trader learn and identify exactly what trend a market is in and know with confidence where to look for potential high probability opportunities based on that trend. Series also includes questions and answers for each day or part of the training.

Learning Curve – 30 to 75 days – Recommended as Second Training Series after The Engulfing Trader

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The Candlestick Training Series

the candlestick training seriesIn The Candlestick Training Series I lead a trader through the diverse world of Candlesticks and how to determine what each candlestick represents and means. Aspects covered include determining potential transition points in the market, who has control by looking at the candles and how to determine when to take action. Step by step I lead the viewer through the process of this large training series and by the end of the training series a trader will be equipped with a much better understanding of what exactly a candle is saying, where to determine indecision points and decision points and how to identify a high probability trade setup at a important area in the market. Also, within this training series I am very excited to share a very powerful and important component in trading and that is how to determine potential reward and how to utilize this very important process in your trading.

Learning Curve – 45 to 75 days – Recommended to all traders.

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The Fibonacci Retracement Training Series

the fibonacci retracement training seriesOne of the most powerful tools that a trader can use when a market is trending is the Fibonacci Retracement Tool, however do you know how to use it correctly? In this video training Timon Weller reveals a key method of lining up major confluences on a Forex Chart and using the Fibonacci Retracement Tool in order to identify a high probability trading area in the market. Training includes looking at what sort of trending market is suitable for this tool and also building up a case for entry. Also revealed in the series is a trading method Timon refers to as the Fib 5618 Trade. Over 2 hours of core training included in the series plus questions and answers. By the end of the series a trader will confidently know how to use the Fibonacci Retracement Tool in a trending market in order to identify extremely high probability trading opportunities.

Learning Curve – 30 to 45 days – Recommended Optional Training for those wanting to use the Fibonacci Retracement tool in their trading

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