engulfing trader package

The Engulfing Trader

The Engulfing Trader Video series is a premium training series that reveals the same core trading strategy Timon Weller uses on a regular basis to take profit from the Forex Market. Not only that, it is also the same strategy Timon teaches and uses in professional coaching.  Overall a complete training series.

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Preferred Forex Brokers

preferred brokers

Choosing the right broker is one of the most important tasks as a trader. If chosen one could end up paying exuberant spreads or paying fees where that is not needed. In this section I will go over how to chooses the right broker depending on what level you are on as a trader, ranging from beginner traders to intermediate traders to advanced traders. Every broker has been hand selected based on experience and testimonies and feedback. I will and I emphasis, will not add  dodgy brokers to this list. If a broker is added to this list, it is because of due research and experience with that broker. Also every year this list will be updated so stay tuned on any updates in case of broker changes.

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Recommended Forex and Stock Trading Books

recommended forex books

In this section I go over all the recommended books one could read in order to become a better all round trader. These are also books that I have read as well most of are focused more so on price action to improve the overall art of this skill.

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Recommended Forex Tools

forex tools

Tools are an important aspect of trading the Forex, they help the trader pick the best setups better and they allow the trader to perform better overall. Without tools many tools can be left in the dark without knowing where to go. As price action traders some of our most important tools include, good laptop, good trading platform such as MT4 and a nice clean clean trading environment. Other tools include EAs for setting BE on trades and alarms to know when to start looking at the chart.

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Other Forex Products

other forex products

This section will be for all those other products out there including t shirts, hats, cups, motivational posters, you name it, even different types of trading desks. If it relates to Forex paraphernalia, then it could be in this section.

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