Forex Parable – You Cannot Be Right All the Time, But You Can Be Right Most of the Time..

A simple parable in Forex to follow is as follows below, you cannot be right all the time, but you can be right most of the time. This is a powerful statement if you look behind its meaning, it means mostly traders are correct however it is how you manage your trades that are correct in comparison to the trades that are not correct. In another way it is like the saying hold onto your winners and let your losers go early.

This once again comes down to the principles of Price Action and learning to let go when wrong and learning to also lock in and hold when right.

forex parable

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  1. I would be very happy to be RIGHT most of the time in Forex…Thanks for the Parable. It helps to put Forex Trading into perspective. Accept Losses as they will be few when trading PRICE ACTION. To Our Success!

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