Forex Flashback – Best Forex Trends and Moves of 2013

Well, we are now in 2014 and what a year 2013 was in the Forex Market. Full of many massive potential trades, trends and moves. In the video below I go over 2013 in detail, you could call it a bit of a flashback of what 2013 gave us as traders as well. While many of these trends have been moving strongly for quite a while now, many still offer trend continuation opportunities for 2014.

In a nutshell 2013 gave a year of many strong trends, many potential profit moves, one pair in focus which I go over in detail is the amazing uptrend in the GBPAUD over 2013 ( image below ). Wow, it was a strong move with little retrace at all as seen in the video as well.

Above Video – Let’s take a expanded look into what exactly happened over 2013. ( Flashback )

gbpaud weekly uptrend 2013

Above – GBPAUD uptrend over the course of 2013. Impressive moves and gain seen in the image.

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Happy Trading all and Welcome to 2014.

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