Eye Off Trends and Structure – Price Action Traders Mindset Part 3

In part 2 of this series we went over where to place stops, where to go for price targets and where to lock in. If you have not watched part 1 or 2 you should seriously think about going back and watching and reading on that before beginning here. This is part 3.

eyeing off trends

In this episode of Price Action Traders Mindset I go over looking at structure and following structure in the Forex market. This is one of the most important aspects to follow when trend trading. In the video I try to reveal how to eye off these moves with the eye and how you as a trader can do the same.

Topics covered include eyeing off the trend and structure high or low breaks and where to get in on that trend on pullbacks. To the untrained eyes this can almost appear invisible, so learning to identify these areas is a crucial part of traders mindset.

Not to mention, also training that part of the mind to see opportunities within TRENDS.. Look, see, react.. Trader instinct..

In part 4 of the Price Action Traders Mindset I will go over the battle of psychology and how as a trader you can overcome it. Psychology can literally destroy your trading account so learning to keep your cool, follow your rules is important.. How do I Know, well I will be teaching in this episode from personal experience. Psychology or fear can literally be your worst enemy in this business. In order to get this part as soon as it is available make sure to subscribe to get as soon as it is available.

Thanks for watching, if you have any questions or comments on this topic of trend trading then please comment here on the subject… Also before you go, hit the like buttons to the left, that way I know you appreciate my efforts. Happy trading…

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  1. Great vid, Tim. When you do your psychology vid, I hope you address how to overcome the bane of so many of us – holding losers and selling winners.

    • Yes, will go over many elements including holding losing positions.. This is a big weakness in many traders and there is a reason many of us do it as well.. Will go over this in detail, to do with following the plan and sticking to it..

  2. Thanks for another PHAT video Timon.

    There are certain points that i look for entries like 0:04:55, 0:19:45 (several giant bear candles at this point start indicate the direction change, then it starts looking clean again)
    i would stop taking trades after points like 0:09:45 (2 big candles neutralizes direction and the swing is very extended up) overall this timeframe looks very messy for me and i would not expect to get in to major trend swings. I would take 1:2 rr trades or simply go look for entries on higher timeframe. This is so boring but at the same time very exciting to watch ROFL… wow look at that point 0:45:03 is the golden spot to start entering sell i think!

    I have made list of questions to you Timon

    1# do you have specific trading rules for your entries or exits or is it discretionary?
    2# do you ever take entries from lower timeframes than daily and hold them for weeks or months or about +300-2000 pips?
    3# do you know what is your approximate Risk to reward per trade?
    4# what kind of music you like or listen while trading/analyzing charts? (just a random question i can think of)

    I plan to save and invest most of my money with personal and zulutrading and deposit some for my homesavings account just to keep that account alive. I am new to Zulutrade but i am very interested to go with it.

    Needless to say obvious that you have great skills at technical analysis, Thanks again for this vid.

    • Your welcome… Answers:

      1. Every trade is different really, however I mostly use price action engulfing candles for entry.. I look for multiple confluences before entry.. Eg structure, pattern, fib, etc..
      2. Yes, I am adaptable to all time frames other than below the 15 minute.. Not for any big reason just because I am seeking better opportunities.. I even trade the weekly.. With weekly I can get commonly as much as 600 pips, on EURAUD sometimes 1000.. 500 is common on weekly though, but at the same time bigger stop loss on those trades.. BE happen sometimes too.. weekly and daily trades can be held for weeks.. 15 minute to 1 hour trades usually just for day trading.. set target, set stops.. structure to structure or trend based trading methods..
      3. My risk is usually half my reward or the same.. Eg I will risk on one trade, 20 pips to make 30.. Depends on trade though completely.. The chart tells me how much i can get from that trade so i go with what the chart says, one cannot force the market to exactly as we want.. Occasionally 1:1 or in some circumstances risk reward does not apply such as when risk is 40 pips but i get a gain of say 300+ pips, I guess you could say good risk reward in that case..
      4. lol… nice one.. I like 80′s music mainly.. When it comes to trading I do like relaxing music..

      Happy trading..

  3. Tim, just wanted to say thanks for all the great vids. They’re all no nonsense simple to follow and effective for us beginners. It’s a real credit to you mate keeping the passion alive and removing all the hype by keeping to simple price action.
    I’ve spent thousands on training and I can say I’ve gotten more structure and learning a from your videos that’s anywhere else.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work

  4. Sometimes the way price reacts around structure gives a mixed signal. I am curious on how you would evaluate this one. On the attached pic, I have a shot of EURUSD on both the weekly and daily close from Friday. I love engulfing candles after price runs a few days and hits weekly structure as in the EURUSD daily move. But looking to the left, it has already reached old structure and even bounced there a tad. Perhaps counter trend as well. Looking at the weekly, it is a double top and decent pinbar, but wrong color and closed higher for the week. Me, I think I will just look for another trade.

    • Yeah I agree, not 100% perfect yet but still looking good on daily, you have two options here, leave alone or focus on pullback counter trend trading as the pair is starting to show weakness around the 1.36 area which is daily highs.. 1.34 is is next key support down on daily.. If you look at the USDCHF you will see on weekly a nice bullish pin bar, perfect pin bar if you ask me, this can signify seeing as it is the opposing pair of the EURUSD more bearish move. USDCHF could be the trade of the week overall..

      I go over this as well in my recent weekly outlook finished today for this week here.

      Happy Trading..

  5. ok these are all great answers.. I will just stick to weekly and daily charts only and maybe when i start trading for living then i look for sharp entries on 4hr charts to hold and maybe practice daytrading from 1hr to 15min charts too..

  6. exellent video timon you are a great educater,keep it up.i cant find a list of your videos on the home page?cheers

    • Hey Jim,
      Thanks for the comment.. Basically nearly every post on this website has its own video through out the site so I could not include them all in one place. If you want to see a complete list of topics so far click here.

  7. Do you have a rule as to when you set the stop to break even?

    • Hey Linda,
      Yeah I do, this is a big topic that i go over in detail in my upcoming product and a very common question as well.. Basically put, every trade is different in forex and the Breakeven amount should be equal to the amount of candle signal risk to entry however it totally also depends on time frame and pair as well. As an example below the 15 minute chart break even is not even needed and is optional.


  8. Hi Timon

    Great series of videos and good simple effective methodology’s you have and the way you explain everything, I am waiting for your new DVD to be release but does it contain any info on candlestick pattern recognition and if not can you point me in the right direction as when price hits support or resistance and the next candle forms I would like to know what the next candle means so that I have the heads up weather to take the trade of if I should just sit back and wait, thus giving me more of an advantage through pattern recognition?

    Also we use the FXCM.co.uk platform to enter/exit trades and I find that the commission level can be anything up to 3 pips on entry, putting us in to a negative position immediately, can you recommend a trading platform with lower commission levels in the UK?

    Best regards

    Keep up the superb work.


    • Hey Mark,
      The series is focused on the candlestick pattern, the Engulfing Candle at specific price points on the chart, so yeah it has a lot on candlestick patterns. Price Action based strategy. However it is not just a strategy, also training. When you are referring to pattern recognition do you mean showing how to recognize the right candles, if so then yes it covers that in detail. A whole more than an hour and a half of the training series goes over identifying the signal.

      With brokers in the UK, at the moment I recommend Hotforex for spreads, here is a video on them and review. Other than them when it comes to spreads and the UK I would say Oanda, however there spreads lately have not been as good as Hotforex.

      Eg. Hotforex spread for EURUSD is commonly 0.4 pips. However bare in mind these guys do have a commission as well on trades depending on account you open. Account with no commission spreads are just over 1 pip on majors. So spreads in the end up on average being just over a pip on majors such as EURUSD, however this is better than 3 pips.

      Regards and happy trading,

  9. Regarding Oanda, they use a midnight close on their daily candle as opposed to a 5pm New York close. Do you think this matters?

  10. Michael Meng says:

    Hi Timon,Could you please tell me in this video the chart you tested from when to when, because I want to do it again just see the if I grasp it or not.


  11. Great vid Timon. You are one of the most insightful guys i know on this subject. Shame I cant get on your mailing list, bloody hotmail.

    • Hey Dean,
      Its a problem worldwide with everyone sending to Hotmail, Hotmail is just not a good service at all. On the forums even recognized brands are being filtered out. Best solution is to open a free Gmail account or Yahoo account and use them instead. Never had a problem with them ever. Another example is my older Sister has a Hotmail account and I cannot even send her an email. Something seriously wrong with there email service, especially in the last year or so.


  12. Hi Timon,
    Thanks for this really great video. I use Zig Zag indicator in my chart to see where to mark up the pullback areas. Have you any opinion on using this.

  13. Awesome video Timon, I am really enjoying your price action series. Looking forward to your next one on the battle of psychology.
    Cheers Brian

  14. Dana Andrews says:

    Again a very informative video. Thank you for keeping it real. Nice to see how a real trader thinks and what to look for.

  15. Hi, The best explanation of price analysis that I have ever seen.Thank you so much.

  16. Great video, thanks for all the work you do, its really helped me great develop as a Trader, last few trades where winners. Just building a case with trend, structure, price action at the zone and Fibonacci to confirm. Looking forward to part 4. Trading is becoming fun again. You say you have a book coming out, Looking forward to seeing it and I would love to have it in my library. Marvin

    • Your welcome Marvin, yeah the book ( The Price Action Traders Handbook ) is in the making, a long term project that one. Either will be one big book or two smaller books, still putting it all together.

      Thanks for the interest in the upcoming book and have a great rest of the day.. 🙂

  17. Vincent foo says:

    thanks a million,learn alot from the video. good presentation and u explainedvery well indeed.
    looking forward to have more of such lesson from you .
    thank you


  18. Hi Timon;
    many many thanks , mate.
    Cheers, Reza

  19. Mshelia says:

    Great video Tim, its beautiful. I will very much love if you’ll do a piece on the opening of the London session ( London break out ) pls.

  20. Thank you, Timon… you make trading so basic and simple that for the first time in my trading career I feel confident in my decions and I am getting excellent results from applying your ideas–

  21. John McAlister says:

    Like heaps.

  22. Thanks again for a great webinar Fantastic work. Keep them coming.

  23. Hi Timon, just Great hope u continue posting, will have to look again at this Trend Trading Video but it really seems to make a lot of sense…..
    by the way since following u my trades have increased from 20 – 40 pips to 100 – 200 pips & last week I had a 500 Pip trade, so Thanks….

    Very Best Regards

    Jerry Clark

  24. Thanks for your Analysis on the H1 Chart. Not everyone has Time to Trade this Time Frame .
    Could ya , show some M5 and M1 Analysis and Scope Out the Key Areas to Trade It.

  25. Great vid, and I think it answered a question I had about usdchf where it looks like price has broken structure and has comeback to retest it and so we would only be looking for continuation bullish evidence.

  26. Great vid Timon, you are very generous with all of your knowledge sharing, I really appreciate it!

  27. Hi Timon, Thanks for another great video, as someone who has been trying to trade indicators for years with no success at all you have my full attention in learning nothing but pure price action.

  28. Ryan Young says:

    Hi Timon,

    Great video and trending explanations.

    Thanks again

  29. Timon,
    once more
    thank you very very much
    for your teaching
    Best regards

  30. Thanks Timon for taking the time to try and help, I have learned a lot from watching your videos and I am having success using the engulfing candlestick trading.

  31. Monica Nikopoulos says:

    Thank you for the series price action traders mindset series…..I’m on part 3 now…..keep them coming, Timon!!
    You’re doing an awesome job and I’m understanding it. My trading is getting better and better thanks to YOU!!

  32. James Gardiner says:

    Hi Timon, I’ve already registered and bought a full set of training videos which I’m finding really easy to understand and have just started putting into action. Can you tell me where I can access the traders mindset series please.


    • Thanks for getting access to the Forex Training and for the feedback.
      I assume that you are asking where part one of the Price Action Traders Mindset Series is, it is located here – https://www.forexreviews.info/how-to-create-the-traders-mindset-part-one/

      • James Chappell says:

        Hey Timon-
        I trade the stock market here in the US. I liked your video alot; very well done- thanks. In eyeballing many of the better moves in the stock market it appears less choppy (pulling back to support often) it seems than the forex market. I’m curious about how one would best deal with high powered breakouts from structure that pull back very very little as they make these very strong/longer moves. If one leaves them alone and “waits” for the pullback it often never happens until a hugely profitable run-up has already taken place. In other words there are many positions in the “stock” market that take off for several days at a time on very high volume that don’t wait for anyone to get on board:) Thanks…

  33. Les Pearse says:

    Hi Tim thanks for the great video on structure very informative everything seems so much clearer.

  34. Thank you so much for the video ! Love the series you posted !

  35. nafees ahmad says:

    Love the content, very insightful and helpful. I was just wondering the time frame you were using, was that the 1H, do you mark your support and resistance from that time frame or the 4H or Daily ?
    Kind regards

  36. I enjoy the series very much, very informative. Keep up the great job.

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