EURGBP Getting Close to Testing the 0.8758 Zone Area

A quick update of EURGBP highlighting that this market is getting close to testing a potential bullish area and what I am looking at on this market on the daily and 4 hour time frame. This zone was an area on this market that I highlighted in the recent review as a potential bullish evidence area.

The 0.8758 zone area which is mentioned in the below review is an area on this market that has acted as strong support multiple times in the past on this market.

Above – Update of EURGBP which is getting close to testing an important bullish evidence area that has acted as strong support multiple times in the past on this market.

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  1. Dennis Jones says:

    Hi Timon, thanks for the heads up. I went long yesterday at a higher level and endured a bit of a drawdown, holding on now for it to continue up :-). I really enjoy your updates, thank you so much!

  2. Hi Timon thanks for midweek update these are really helpful.
    cheers mate

  3. David O'Meara says:

    Thank you for the update on this market.
    I will keep a close watch.

  4. Sudheer.S says:

    Thank you Tim for the updates. Well appreciate your support.

  5. Thanx Timon!
    I’m thinking maybe a trendline break to the upside and then perhaps a re-test of the trendline break and then up?? I’ll be watching and I sure wish you could send out more head’s up….. Thanx again!


  6. Geraldine says:

    Hi Timon, thanks for that will be watching closely. Much appreciated.

  7. frank nilson says:

    Hi Timon, thanks for the update. it is appreciated. Have a great trading week.

  8. jayantilal patel says:

    Hi Timon,
    Thank you Timon for the updates. We appreciate your support.

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