Etoro Forex Broker Introduction Video

If you are unsure of what Etoro is, the videos below will give a good start to understanding how there platform runs. For a quick rundown in words, Etoro is one of the largest social Forex Brokers in the world with some of the lowest spreads online and with rollover or swap fees. Overall to me Etoro is one of the best and most unique platform. They have made trading fun, unique and more easy for beginners.

Etoro Introduction Video

More to Etoro than just another broker, they provide a new form of Forex Trading all together..

Etoro also comes with a feature that allows a trader to make even more money, in fact if you are new to trading you don’t even have to trade to make money from Forex. Instead you can simply copy some professional traders in your copytrader account ( account created after signup for free to Etoro ) and watch your earnings rise. ( Please note however that when you copy another trader always choose one that has high win and gain ratio. )

Copy Trader on Etoro Makes it More Easy Introduction Video

Copy a Trader, Set, Forget and Lean Back..

Another added feature for newbies to Etoro is that they offer up to $10000 dollar bonus for new traders to the platform. This will not only etoro reviewboost your success rate but also give you a good added start. For more information on Etoro such as reviews.

If you are using Etoro as well why don’t you comment your thoughts on the features such as copytrader, the platform and also rate it as well. Let us know what you think.

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