Eat Sleep Trade Forex T Shirt

When it comes to Forex it is often that many of us do not think of clothing.. Am I right? Well here is a shirt I thought that I would share. Now, imagine this, relaxing after a hard week in Forex, unwinding by the pool or resort or even just chilling on a holiday. What would be better than to share your passion on a shirt. Well this one may be for you. It shares some basic passions about Forex without being too over the top with the wording.

If you have bought this shirt before, then feel free to comment your thoughts on the overall design and strength.

forex t shirt

T Shirt by Cafepress made in a variety colors with the words “Eat. Sleep. Trade Forex.”  Very cool made to suit the color that you like. Great as a gift for all those new to trading or for your own purchase.  Available in many sizes as well.

9 Colors to choose from.

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  1. Pretty cool T-shirt, maybe it should read EAT
    FOREX REVIEWS..?????

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