cTrader vs Other Trading Platforms – Why Traders Should Choose cTrader?

A common question I have been asked at the website over the years, is what trading platform I use trade the Forex Market? This is a great question, as not all trading platforms are equal.

My answer to this question is cTrader which I use with a broker named ICMarkets, while I do use MT4 for analysis, such as in the regular Forex Reviews, the main trading platform I rely on for my trading is cTrader.

Why this platform? Well, because cTrader is a platform that cannot be manipulated by brokers, in fact, it was designed to benefit traders. Some of those benefits include inbuilt trade management features ( Breakeven, Multiple Partial Profit levels or Future Trailing Stop ), transparency, no requotes, execution speed ( for entering the market or exiting ) and reliability.

Some of these important benefits such as no requotes and faster execution speed can be the difference between a profit and a loss in the market.

Above – Video going over the difference between cTrader vs most other trading platforms and why a trader should consider using cTrader.

ctrader trading platform