Looking for more Support in Learning How to be a good High Probability Trader? If so, then premium Coaching is a great way of assessing how you trade and looking at aspects of how to improve overall as a Trader.

One on One coaching consists of helping the trader by providing personal and individual assistance and focusing on their specific needs to help them improve as a trader. Aspects covered in this type of support service include looking at how a trader is trading currently which includes objective assessment of errors they maybe making and suggesting ways in which they can avoid making such mistakes and hence improve their results and performance.

How Coaching Works :

Each coaching session is now done through Skype Screen Share options so ensuring that you have a good internet connection is important and making sure also that you have the latest Skype version which allows this function as well.

Also, it is recommended that all those having an interest in One on One Coaching that get access to the existing Forex Training before hand from the website. This is important as it will provide a solid basis of understanding High Probability Trading before hand.  The minimum training recommended before starting any Coaching process / program with me being The Engulfing Trader and The 5 Day Trend Training Series.

Let me know your interest in future One on One Coaching by Adding your Name and Email above. This will build my interest list for how many people are interested in this type of training at the website and will give you also email updates for when One on One Coaching is available in the future as well.

Availability: Currently Unavailable

( Be aware, usual when this service is unavailable it is when coaching is already happening, sometimes it can also be because of other projects. This notice however can change at anytime )


One on One Coaching – $150 Dollars per 1 hour Online Session
One on One Coaching – $280 Dollars per 2 hour Online Session

( Quality Skype Access Needed as part of getting access. )

Timon Weller

Please Note: If getting access to the Forex Coaching Service in future when available, be aware also that there is no refund policy on this premium service.